Thursday, April 23, 2009


I guess that's all my 2nd semester life in second college.
By here,would love to thanks to all my frens who gave me a wonderful life there and celebrating my birthday(the celebration not going to post it up here).
This blog will end with this song.BY2-我知道

Malam Anugerah Tuanku Bahiyah (MATB2)

lol.. i guess this is the post where i'm gonna upload the most number of photos.. haha.. sorry for updating late the blog coz recently quite busy, and it's not exam week. because now don't have mood to study, so just update my blog abit.
mostly is from EE course 1st year and 2nd year. got 1 3rd year there

This is the MATB2 which held at Mariott Hotel Puchong on 3rd of April. This is an annual event for our college named Malam Anugerah Tuanku Bahiyah. This event is run by a group of 1st year students lead by some second year students. During that day, alot of prizes will awarded to secholian.This year theme is Celestial Radiance Terrestrial Expectation.

That day, since i'm one of the performer, so I took the early bus(9am) to the hotel and start prepare and everything. Since the hotel is quite near my home, and i ddnt bring back my dress to hostel, so i decide to go back home after rehearsal and ready up everything in the hotel and after that drive back to the hotel with my dress~~ haha..
haha..this is the vvip table. all sit serious. but too bad our clothes doesnt suit the table..look like jia hao yue yuan.. haha..

once we reach there, we get to our ball room. after that, we start photo shooting everywhere. all split up to take photo as a memorable moment for us. wan ting, li hong, hui ying and me walk all around the hotel to snap photo.. then we get back to the ball room and train our chinese dance. about 12.30pm, i went back home wif hui ying.
Took our photo at this super big toilet and super big mirrorNear their pub, there's a pool..wan ting act yeng againwan ting look like the titanic kate wisley~ wahaha..Li Hong and Wan Ting. The building behind is Mariott HotelI never expect I will act this stupid pose. haha..I'm Playing her darling camera in the toilet~Accidentally capture this.. haha.. she look like a ghost walking towards meSnapping nostalgic photo outside the hotel.. haha...One of the fountain.. Li Hong, Wan ting and Hui YingThis car is quite popular.. i guess everyone took with it on that night, and we just manage to take with it on day time.It's Grand Prix Formula 1 week.. The hotel decorate with this. Suddenly remind me that time i duty at the Pitt Stop.. the car sound.. haha..

after taking lunch n bath in my house, then we rush back to the hotel coz the committe suddenly dunno y change the rehearsal time to earlier,aih.. luckily we manage to arrive before our turn, but that's irritating when being urge by ppl... haha after all done, all the committe and performer went to the hotel room which book by our college to prepare themselve.. bathing, changing, make up.. lol.. you cant imagine how long they took to prepare themselve. haha..

4 of us after dressing up! hui ying, me, wan ting, li hong

so that night, after i "finish myself", then get down to the ball room and find my seat. then start photo shooting aso.. and then the ceremony begun. aih.. become a performer not easy arr.. after eat 2 or 3 meals, then we hav 2 go change our costume to standby behind the stage..
Prettiessssssss~~~The red guy is so yeng.. ahaha..he is jian wei or wei jian, i 4got..My table-mate except li hong. haha.. i'm only girl there when i found my seat.. so pai seh.. shin yuan working tat time..The medic student except the 2nd and 3rd babe.

that day our chinese dance not bad, i'm so nervous that time! but luckily i remember all the step, once the dance is over! phew~~~ relax~ happy! haha.. i guess my nightmare over now! haha.. no need to sleep at 3 am again! haha..
After finish dancing, photo shooting with my roommate and others..We are so proud to take photo with this Prof. He's our Big Boss in College. Rarely can see him

then, we faster rush to the changing room to change back our dress and get back to our seat to eat.. haha.. so funny that day, u cant imagine it.. it's too funny.. the changing room is not near the ball room, we actually walk a distance to the changing room, and we did pass by a pub which have a lot mat salleh there.. i guess they sure feel very funny coz see us walk to and fro lots of time.. haha..after the event end, everyone start photo shooting again.. haha..

My roommate, me, Jia hui, Siew yee, cherry(she din wear dress coz she's one of the important committee)This is the GACC 13 committee members.This botak guy is one of the performer for festival seni tarian cina.that night, he's the director of this projectSecond Year Electrical EngineersThis picture is cute!Li Hong with ur final year senior Han Seng, a brilliant guythe two guy is final year seniors. Han Seng and Bok JaeThe guy is my final buddy, abang Ho, her gf xue ning-teach us dance that nightmy coursemate: Shin Yuan, and twins yan xian and yan hui..Took on the stage.

after finish, i drive back home alone.. quite nice to drive on d way, coz i drive quite fast again.. (because no car at midnight) :)

*finally update this event.. haha.. got to study.. wish me best of luck on my study~

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tarian Cina for MATB2 - THE LAST FAN DANCE

MATB 2 = Malam Anugerah Tuanku Bahiyah is one of the big event in my college.

i remember that day when li hong ask me to join the performance team coz they lack of ppl, and i rejected for certain reason. but that night when i juz get back from my home, they seems very desperate to find ppl to join the tarian cina for the matb2 performance, so, i've been force to join because of 'friend'. and tat day start, i have to think another plan for that day transport and make up.. b4 this, i edi keep thinking and finally decide my schedule and plan on that day, because of this, everything have to be changed. it sucks!
our ending post at bilik tarian

that night(sunday night) we start our very 1st day training. we don't how to dance n what song to dance, and they co-o say we have to dance it on that week friday(our MATB2 day).i was quite shock coz why these ppl dun ask our college representative for tarian cina(they won 1st rnner up during festival seni competition) to perform, instead they ask us these lousy kids to dance? why they always want to make ppl's life harder only happy 1 arr??

finally, they found 6 victim to join this performance. Li Hong, Yan Xian, Hui Ying, Wan Rou, Wei Wei, and me. because lack of time, finally they decide to copy and edit abit the chinese dance performed by KMPh last year during their cny celebration.

starting from sunday night, i everyday almost sleep on 3am+ till 8am to attend class. after attend d class, i hav to study for the digital system exam on thursday. besides, i have alot report and assignment to be rushed too.. one day, i cant tahan n lost control to hold my tears anymore(so pai seh). that time i start blaming myself, why i want to help my friend by sacrificing all my enjoyable time?

on wednesday or turesday, the co-o say 1 2 rehearsal, so we juz like a slave who waiting for this ppl call up for the rehearsal. after performing, ppl start to comment and we start to b angry. why? while they comment, have they think about how difficult for 6 of us who dunno anything about dance to start train a performance out? did they arrange a real teacher to teach us?wtf.. n when we 1 2 go train our dance wif mirror at bilik tarian, we all gonna fight wif the tarian india for the bilik tarian because they say they need mirror too.. omg..i dunno how this ppl think. i really disappointed with some1 who tell me tarian india need the bilik and ask us go DU stage train. haha.. lol.. that tarian india had been trained since GACC, they already noe d step n while rehearsal, ppl can see how neat r they, but why we r d one who need it the most cant get it?'s too funny for me to work with this ppl coz i understand, if u r popular, u can get whatever u 1. there's no justice and understandable condition. after that, lucky xue ning volunteer to help us see and edit our performance, and there we finally train all our steps.

during this week, i really suffer with study problem(as i'm not very smart)and have to get another plan on that day(have to think how should i drive there since i have to take bus early to there), hav to think who is going to set my hair n makeup and so on... yet i cant sleep early every night.. my sleeping time always around 12 or b4 12am, but now change to 3am, n my body to weak to adapt it.. suffer suffer...

i couldnt say is totally suffer, coz actually when we train, it's quite fun because of li hong.. aha...she always act break dance there.. and then do some action or other action.. haha.. so funny! and some of our formation need hui ying walk faster, than we ask her drive faster, dun drive kancil.. n bla bla.. haha..

on thursday,i decide to curi tulang, so i went out outing wif my roommate whole day(on the previous article). after coming back, they told me they had postpone the rehearsal time. and dunno wth is going on and suddenly canceled.. we like a slave, waiting call to ask us go for rehearsal. why i describe i'm like a slave? coz i have my own planning actually. they didnt mention a proper time, it's hard for me to plan my stuff well.. who they think i'm? a person juz keep on standby to wait for their call?cant they have a better planning and let us know so that we can arrange ourself??still we train till quite late...

that day we get our costume.. aih.. long story for costume.. but still happy at d end..
ending post at the mariott hotel ball room stage

friday morning, we get our stuff and take our early bus to Mariott Hotel which is nearby my house on 9am. so tiring.. that hotel is very nice! and will be describe the MATB2 on next article.. stay tune.. haha..
training on the stage

after performing on the stage, actually i found it's worth for me to sacrifice everything for this performance. don't know why.. mayb mind had been opened and relieved coz every nightmare had been ended.. haha.. is a memorable things in my life..

Monday, April 6, 2009

A day with my roommate

That day is 02-Apr-2009, after class i went back to room. actually i decide not to accompany siew yee back to her house since i has many homework n dance training(will be discuss on the next article)...but since EM(some of the performer) have class in the afternoon, so i decide to teman my this fussy roommate back to her home.

it's so difficult to get back to her house. first, i have to walk around 15-20 minutes to get to a bus stop, then take bus to arrive some place n wait for her cousin and mum to fetch us... haha.. that's my 1st time to see her family member since she already met my sis, bro-in-law, bro n my niece n nephew.. hehe..

so, the very 1st thing we do is to fill up our stomach 1st! that time is about 12.30pm. according to her mum, those stall who sell bak kut teh(4get to tell ya, siew yee home is klang, famous wif bak kut teh) usually sold out all nice pork and nice things.. if we go 2 eat now, sure left lousy stuff.. haha.. but still, after they keep criticizing lots of stall, eventually they decide go to a stall(i don;t know what name edi)..

her mum treat us eat. we ate bak kut teh kering style, normal bak kut teh. both style i ate b4, but dunno y found that theirs is more tasty! in compare to kajang one, i found that their bak kut teh actually hav more ingredient than soup! ours always has lots soup than ingredienr.. moreover, i found that their bak kut teh has lesser MSG, coz i dun feel very thirsty after eating it. and actually i feel very envy coz her mum told me they usually eat bak kut teh atleast twice a week!! Kering style bak kut teh
Normal style bak kut teh

yummy~~ then we go back to siew yee house and wait for his bro. the purpose we come back here is to took siew yee's car back to hostel coz her gang want to use it during MATB2. while waiting, siew yee's mum complaint about siew yee room.. haha.. what a mess.. really beh ta han... make me eye sore only.. i should hav expect her room will look like how since in our hostel also like that.. >.< style="text-align: center;">the fried chicken and yao yao bing(really delicious!)

evening, after jia hui back from class(around 4++) then siew yee say go to watch movie since we got car... haha.. then i say ok lo(though i quite worry will clash wif the dancing training).. then we decide watch the new release movie = Shinjuku Incident acted by Jackie Chan.

The most funny part is here!! haha.. while we get in d cinema, siew yee sit beside a ah pek.. 1stly, that ah pek complaint to siew yee about the hp light coz siew yee play hp. he said that the light reflect his eyes n bla bla bla.. after that, when the movie just start few minutes ago, this guy laugh sooooooo loud!!! and some part of the movie not funny, the guy still laugh very loud. d whole movie(around 2hours) fill wif tat ah pek sound and he aso like to talk 2 hisself.. wakakakakka... poor siew yee sit beside him.. haha...after came out, siew yee keep complaint liao.. wakaka...
Jia Hui, Siew Yee and me. Took it while eating at Oasis Midvalley

after that, siew yee clain that want to eat something better to make her happier.. at last we eat at oasis. she order her favourite food and i order thai foor(mango chicken chop rice).. quite delicious..

then, i get back to hostel and start to train my dance.. tiring yet funny day!

the next day morning, we 3 ppl(jia hui, siew yee and me)get up around 5.00am to go eat "curry wan tan mee". very famous in c park pasar pagi.. though very difficult to get up, but i think it's worth coz the mee is really super! poor me, about 8.30am hav 2 rush to matb2 preparation..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A St0rY ThAt I LoVe To ShArE

this article doesnt concerned with UM. It just a story that i found on the newspaper, and i think it's quite true. just want to share it with you all..


p/s: mayb u think this isn’t right, if u think it deeply, u might find out it’s a truth.don’t always think that the 1 who cry r more pity, in fact the most pity is the 1 who may not cry