Monday, December 26, 2011

Shogun Japanese Buffet at 1 Utama

On October, went to have buffet dinner at Shogun, 1 Utama.
Eat till bloated! I always tell myself not to eat buffet because it's not worth. I rather eat quality than quantity. But, still.. hehehe... Boss want makan, then makan looo
The main reason we dine in at shogun is because of the cod fish! This cod fish is very very delicious but usually sell very expensive. So, in here.. kekeke.. we keep take cod fish makan.. and also others.. ^^

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goku Ramen At Midvalley Megamall

Went to try this Goku Ramen on last month. I always wanted to try because I feel that the environment is nice and the price is average.

So, that day we went in and try it and I would, This is GOOD! I recommend to my sister, and she doesn't like it though.

but if u ask will i come again? i say yea!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Look Up Point September Coursemate Birthday Celebration

Went to look up point with all my coursemates on end of September. I think this is the first time lots of car driving there together. It's fun though.

We were there to celebrate Ah bu, Kwan Yuan and Hong Yann birthday.

The staff in the Restaurant seems like very keen on birthday celebration. They play birthday song while bringing the cake out~ and .. haha.. i forgotten.. :P
birthday boy

this shape look like a heart shape!


my fellow coursemates, we call them gods



i like this picture.. but the two bottle of ketchup really.. XXX


Saloma Restaurant International Buffet

Last month went to Saloma Restaurant located right beside Zouk Club.
Went there to have buffet.
This buffet is a little special because this place is actually mainly for tourist. Because during the dinner buffet, they will have a lot live performance on the stage. A lot culture dances: Malay, Chinese, India and some bumiputera. For Malay dance, there are many types because they have different culture from different states. I must say, I really enjoy all the performance. All so nice.

However, I felt that the food is just ok for me. Nothing special except for the kebab. We can choose to put any ingredient in our kebab which I like very much. It's like a Taco.. hehe..

Though it's an international buffet, but I found that Asean food is more than western food. Eat till very very full here.. Enjoyable. However, if you ask if I will come again, I say no. hehehe.. The price is suitable for foreigner, not for us. But if you like culture dance, you should come!

New York Deli @ 1 Utama

Recently too busy to update my blog.
Last month went to 1 Utama and thought to give a try on this New York Deli.
There are varieties of food ranging  Asia, Western and so on.. *can't recall it back*
Price is a little expensive if not mistaken. The do sell fore breakfast meal, lunch, dinner and supper and off course snack and drinks too..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weisbbrau @ Pavilion Relaxzz

Busy busy busy life. I always wonder how can our senior finish their final year senang senang there while I'm still stress out with all the assignment, mid sem test and thesis?

Maybe I'm too lazy and always watch drama and movie. Feel like my final year life is boring because my hobby is sleep? XD So not youthful! And my mind keep stress out all the time because things keep happened in a bad way and so difficult for me to voice out. 

I miss the time hanging out with my fellow Kajang friends and University friend but it seems like just hardly get a time to enjoy with them. My mind full with thesis and assignment. So helpless.

So, decide to go out at a random decision. Knowing that the only transport that I have in PJ is called Eric. Hahaha... so I ask him out to Pavilion. Plan to watch movie but the movies are mostly selling fast status. So decide to go shopping. 

So I bought some lingerie at La Senza and apply for their membership. Then we went to have dinner at Weisbbrau - a German Bistro & Bar.

Spaetzli with Cheese Topping
I ordered a German Spaetzli with Cheese Topping. It's my first time to have German cuisine. This Spaetzli is some kind of german noodle and it look like a scramble egg. I like it very much!

And Eric order BBQ Pork Neck with Garlic Mash and Daily Vege.
It's better than mine! The pork taste sweet and delicious and the mash potato is very nice too.

I was planning to get a glass of alcohol drinks too. But from previous experience, I guess I just have to order some smoothie while he order a pint of Hoegarden. argh.. 
BBQ Pork Neck
After few hours of fairy tale, then back to reality and continue my work. Thank you Eric for giving a beautiful night out. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary ^__^

Happy Anniversary for both of us.
It's our first time to celebrate it. Though I have no idea what will we become in future, I wish we could achieve our dreams together^^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Recently I have spent alot but not for shopping. For things like girl stuff again and renew passport. Spent atleast RM 700 (exclude rental and my daily meals).

Feel so bad that no one could understand my feeling. For few times, my tears almost drop because I couldn't do anything to fix it. I have no income. I don't get money from my mum anymore since I have scholarship.

And now, after spending that much, I don't know how to get more input for myself except to get money from my mother. However, I feel ashame to ask money from her again. So, I didn't ask her for money and keep thinking how to pay my sisters' debt.

Now, I don't even dare to go out with friends for supper or dinner or any entertainment (movie, sing k, etc) because I really run out of money now. Next year, I will still need few thousand to prepare for my trip.

Sigh.. Money never get enough to be used and I'm so lazy to go out work as well. I could only live in sobber now.

Stress, tension, despair, unpleasant and laziness live in me now. 
Duh.. wish to buy new things to cheer myself again.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

锦选香港特极点心 Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong DIM SUM

Recently we found a place to eat some real good dim sum. Heard Eric said, this restaurant is rank top 5 in Malaysia. We try their Damansara Jaya outlet and their very first outlet which is at Kuchai Lama.

So far, we have dine in for 3 times there. I think we will still continue visit them i future because their dim sum is really fresh and delicious. That day Eric went there early morning with family, 11am, and they need to take number to wait for 1 or 2 hours. I guess this Restaurant really famous around the neighbourhood

Tasty Lo-mai-kai RM4.50
 This lo mai kai is nice. You can try it.
Siu-Mai RM4
 This awesome siu-mai. I decide that everytime when dine in, both of us must order two unit because tak cukup makan! Too tasty! I like to chew the prawn in there because it's very springy and tasty! very fresh! It become fantastic when eat with their black sauces(sweet)
Bamboo Fungus Shrimp Dumpling RM4.50
 This is not bad also. Eric quite love it.
Steamed Beancurd RM4
 This is normal for me.
Har Gaw RM4.50
 Dim sum must eat har gaw siu mai. I found that both also very nice in this shop. Har Gaw skin wont be too thick and easy to eat.
Steamed fish balls RM4
 Very fresh and Qing Tian.
Sharkfin Dumpling RM4
 I found this quite normal if compare with siu mai. But Eric said nice.

Fried Yam Pastry RM4
 I'm not quite a fans of yam. Eric love it.
Fried Salad Shrimp RM4.50
 This is very very nice also! must try. It's not crispy type fried, but very nice to chew. And off course, the taste also nice!
Golden BUn (Liu Sha Bao) RM3.60
 Many dim sum shop also have liu sha bao. But theirs liu sha bao very tasty.
Mixed rice roll RM4.50
 This chee cheong fun is normal, but i like to eat the vege instead. haha.. Their vege quite nice, like those in big restaurant.

Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
 Look like har gaw, but it's not har gaw. Because what it taste already. haha
Scallop shrimp dumpling RM4.50
 A lot tastier than the Dragon - i  located at SS2 (in my previous post).

Sticky Rice Lotus Leaf RM4

 There are few I want to try but always sold out. Hope in my next visit, I can eat those! If you like to know more about this Restaurant, you can google it, I guess they have alot review from food blogger. Also, you may login to their website at

Thanks Eric for introducing me this awesome dim sup restaurant! ^^