Friday, October 23, 2009

this morning just receive my parcel from POS LAJU
my new earphone SoundMagic PL30
Abit disappointed when try it
not that good as i expected
after all, i still prefer to use my Sony back

what am i going to do for this extra set?
maybe use to backup
money wasted :(
going to buy SONY NWZ-E443...
hope i wont regret

Study Week

Finally all presentations, classes, assignment, tutorial, reports n bla bla bla are overed!
say BYE BYE to them!!!
and WELCOME my exam paper =.=


this few days really lucky somebody can help me all d time when i'm trouble.
maybe most of my friends will think i'm a bad girl
i couldn't explain anymore
just let them think whoever i am la..
however, i still wish they don't simply judge me
because you don't know one word can hurt me alot
and you don't know what happened behind


Good Luck! hope i manage to study everything.. though impossible

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silent Night

Silent Night
Peaceful Night
Wonderful Night

with a Sorrow Mind

sweet dream Jen

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

argh.. recently really very very busy!
hardly can free my mind to complaint n shout out

in this week, i langsung have no time to finish my homework
not even to do revision..
aiks aiks aiks..
pik chik...
need to complete 3 or 4 assignments
need to train my badminton
need to work part time

yet i spent 4-5 hours for post mortem..
everything just doesnt go right to me
help me......