Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kampachi Japenese Cuisine @ Pavilion - Joyeux Anniversaire Mon Cher Eric

Yeay! It's Eric's Birthday and I told him that his birthday is equal to my birthday! hahaha..
So, he let me choose to dine in at Angus Steak House / Jogoya / Kampachi.
Well, I don;t like steak, and Japanese buffet, so I choose Kampachi. We dine in here before. The price is way too expensive, but their food really tasty! So we decide to dine in once again!
Kampachi is going to expand to Johor Premium Outlet!

Looking at the menu really scary, cause one piece of sushi need cost atleast RM12 and the max would me RM48. OK... See what we ordered:
On the left is Unagi Avocado Temaki (My favourite), RM12 and right side is Soft Shell Crab Temaki(His favourite), RM14
When we dine in Japanese restaurant, we usually order this two temaki! I should said, this temaki is really nice! Their rice, seaweed and the other mixture really nice~

Soft Kani Maki (Soft shell crab), RM48
In the menu, we thought this is a small portion. Who know, when it is served, we were shocked of the size! quite big! But it's very very tasty! Cause of the soft shell crab. It's crispy and mix with others make it doesn't feel oily yet tasty!
Sanma Shio (is a kind of fish) RM32
I don't know why Eric love eating fish. Whenever we dine in at any Japanese restaurant, he sure order a plate of fish (usually cod fish, salmon) and now we tried this different fih. Personally I don't like fish. But since he ordered, I just makan la~ This fish doesn't smell fishy and it give a little lemon taste and very very fresh taste. Fresh in terms of not oily, and other frying taste. Just a fresh taste there.
Tokubetsu Bento, RM65
This bento set is a little expensive. But inside,there are two fried chicken (very tasty), one piece kampachi sushi (the yellow sushi with chinese writing), a piece of cod fish, mee soba, tempura, and fruits. Cod fish is our favourite!

And their green tea cost RM4 each cup (refillable). I think we ordered too much cause before the Tokubetsu bento is served, I already fill full!

Before we dine in here, Eric bought me a pair of shoes. I have been looking this type of shoes for like three months. And finally, I have one now!
My Fiorucci~
Then we went to Putrajaya to eat our birthday cake. Also my favourite cake - Durian Cake~ hehehe..

Our birthday cake!
Haha... It's his birthday though.. Too bad we have run out of time to get his birthday present, otherwise it's would be a perfect night.

Ok. That's it. Happy Birthday Eric! May your wish come true~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ferrari 458 Spider

Saw someone sharing this in Facebook.
I guess it will be a rare chance to see I'm driving a Ferrari. hahaha.. Just let me imagine and dream awhile~~ hehehe..