Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Legendary Brother - RIP

He leaves us on 24 of November 2013, morning around 10am without saying goodbye.

I never thought this would happen in my life where my bro will pass away before we get old age like 70+ years old. Receiving every friend’s condolences, I can only reply back Thanks. I have totally mood-less to say anything or think anything. I really can’t accept this fact.

Though he lives in Kuantan and always outstation, that doesn’t reduces our pain of losing him that day. We console ourselves that this time he went to somewhere far for his work, but the feeling of missing pieces still there.

Nothing much to say as the pain in me can’t be described. I have one week+ having insomnia as I hope to see him during midnight, my heart feel pain and tight for weeks, my heart pumping so fast and loud where I have no idea how to ease the pain.

The moment we receive the news and the moment to enter the forensic room, will never forget in my life. He is a good guy who doesn’t deserve this.

Yesterday I dream about you in the after world. Thanks for bringing me to roam your world. I’m happy for you as you are still a strong man who can easily adapt changes. I hope you can find me oftenly as I really miss you.

May Your Soul RIP MY Dear brother – Lee Soon Han

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pu Yu Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

I told Eric that we always dine-in the same food. So I search and found this Pu Yu Restaurant and it has good rating from alot bloggers. So we decided to go and try.

Some people would said this is a hidden precious in old klang road. I said, it's really hidden! If not google more about the location, I guess I wont find the location of this Restaurant.

Hidden in a small valley. This is their main entrance
So, we ordered a few of their special dish as recommend by boss

Boneless chicken ball. Taste good with the sauce.Chicken are fried to very crispy. Sauce wont be very spicy .

I like the most. It's called "Chao Bak Guo" I think this should be their signature dish

Their home-made tofu. Very crispy in outter part and soft in inside. Love it!

I dislike this though is one of their special too. It's "Chao Shu Fen". To me it's very oily and the taste don't  really goes well with the Shu Fen. Kou Gan not good.
The exact location of this stall is near the entrance of the school in old klang road, don't follow the "Pu Yu Restaurant" location which found in your Google Maps

The total of this meal cost about RM33+

Late Valentine Celebration @ Ah Yat Abalone, Life Center

Finally we have time to celebrate our Valentine Day. Instead of 14 of Feb, we celebrated it in 2nd of March.
Though, before that, he has gave me a box of Godiva as one of the present for my Valentine.

I remember I have taste the Godiva Truffe in USA and it taste really good. So he bought me Godiva Truffe as my Valentine gift. I still think USA that flavour better, just that I couldn't remember what's the name of the flavour that time, so, he pick up each of every flavour that available for me. but still couldn't find it.

Back to topic. That night I didnt know what are we going to have and so he brought me to Ah Yat Abalone. As I dislike western food, so, our Valentine will not be celebrating in Western food restaurant, but either chinese or japanese. This year we choose Chinese cuisine.
So I ask him to order for me as I am quite lazy to pick. So he ordered a set for me which is more expensive than his.
The writing means they already served.

For RM268 set, they have this:
This first dish is one piece of abalone and some Hoi Zhit. Like the abalone.

This is my favourite which called "Buddha-Jump-wall". This dish is very famous at Nilai. But if compare with that, I prefer this one because they put in really alot Hao Liao and the soup taste is very gou wei! their shark fin is the real big one, big scallop, one whole piece of abalone, big yu piao, big mushroom. The mushroom tast nice. in fact, i like the whole bowl alot!

For this set, it has a duck feet but i don't enjoy it. taste like chicken feet. besides, there's a quarter of a big abalone and a big mushroom. This quarter abalone is quite big.. At this moment, I have already starting feel full, so I ask Eric help me to finish some.
Their Dai Zi very big and tasty! Different from those that we have in usual day. Love it!

Last our family have a whole lobster which cook with noodle. That time was my first time to have a real lobster in my life and i thought it taste really good because their meat is chewy and special. As for this, I like the way they cook. Taste is much better than the one i had last time. Moreover the meat of the lobster is chewy~


This one taste awesome as I have never try this flavour before. It's cod fish fried with salted egg york and at the bottom of the fish served with egg white. It taste awesomely good and the meat very fresh!


Usually I dislike this He Yet Fan, but this one i can eat a few spoon because the rice is full with the leave smell. Moreover, they put alot ingredient inside such as crab meat, prawn, mushroom and some others.
It's Bird Nest + Xin Ren Cha. I like bird nest but not Xin Ren Cha, which make me feel this combination is weird. But Eric like both, So he help me to finish it.

Normal fruits but more juicy n sweet one. :)

Overall, I really love this set!
As for Eric set:
First dish

When I see this, I thought.. why look so funny??? Fine dining of chinese cuisine? haha.. It has a piece of roasted pig + "special chicken wing". How special? See below

Boneless chicken wing. Inside is not only chicken. It's a mixture of roasted chicken skin + Nuo Mi + chicken meat +.. don't know what else

Shark fin + Tao Geh (Bean Sprout)
In his set, he can choose either shark fin / buddha-jump-wall. So he choose to try shark fin and he regreted after tasting my buddha jump wall. However, this shark fin is very big. Unlike the usual one that we have in restaurant which hardly can find the fin. This one come with a plate of bean sprout. When he added in, i don't like the taste, but he like it.

His set come with a plate which look like mine but without the duck feet. I gave him my duck feet as that time I feel very full
This dish is Crab meat + egg

Don't look down on this vege. Vege taste sweet and served with the sauce which made from chicken soup. I like the sauce or soup.

Ah yat fried rice

Xin Ren Cha
His set come with normal xin ren cha. 

The total bill of it is around RM515+.. Yea, it's definitely a crazy meal, but I would said it's worth than I dine-in in a fine dining restaurant which we had on last few years.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Malaysia General Election 2013 Around The Corner

I wish to voice this out for very long time, just that I havent get the time to write it all down.

Why would I want to vote for BN or MCA if compare to Lim Guan Eng DAP party?

Yea, I'm not into politician and I have no interest at all to speak about it. But Malaysian is going to have general election soon and every party leader trying to do all the bullshit to gain vote from us.

To me, vote to which party is a simple decision. Let me put this picture out:

Why would CSL will be chosen as MCA party leader when he has affair out there? Is it there is no other person who can lead MCA anymore? I simply felt ashamed to have this kind of people as my leader. If this kind of people can be dishonest to his own lover and family, what can you expect him to be honest to all the Malaysian here? He is a dirty man with dirty works. Other than that, this CSL seems like a very low educate when he speak in public. Impolite like samseng. If compare to Lim Guan Eng, that's in fact incomparable.

BN, when resident in KL having water crisis problem, what did you do to help out except that publishing out in newspaper that you all can solve the problem if you all are the one who rule Selangor? If you all put residents as priority, you all should give suggestion to solve the problem instead of telling the whole world that BN has the solution. You guys are so selfish. Do you guys dare to say during your time, we have never been to any water crisis problem?

We all chinese know, whenever you study in chinese school, the first thing you need to do is donate to our school. Because we always know we are so unlucky and unable to get help from the government to build and renovate our school. Should we put the blame on MCA who all the time rule on this country? what have you guys done to protects our right? We all also know, JPA scholarship is easily given out to chinese only during the general election period. other than that, it will be super hard to receive this award.

 Seeing how first class I am in this country though I'm born in this country and yet being said as foreigner by some weird uncle and call us back to china. This is the treat that I get from this country. Though, I'm not tired living in Malaysia because I have no other choices. Even if I emigrate to other country, I'm still a second class citizen. Sad to know, there is no country that can treat us as first class citizen.

To the local newspaper TS, stop reporting all fake news out, you guys should just change your name to "BN Fans" instead. 

I'm done talking. Again, I'm not a politician and I have no interest in Politic. I only know who should be my leader. An honest man to family, and a educated person. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Perak 1 Day Trip (Ji Le Dong, Mee Rebus Ramli, Zui Wo Steamboat, Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun) - Part 2

My stomach is very full that time, so we go to Kek Lok Thong (Ji Le Dong) for sight visiting. I remember last time my coursemate brought us there. But that time, for don’t know what reason, we didn’t walk the big garden located behind the cave. So, this time, I took this opportunity to visit the garden.
Kek Look Tong entrance

The Big Garden behind the cave


17 of November --> My Anniversary with Eric
1989 ---> My birth year

After for some time, we rest at there because our stomach is still full.

Then we head to the famous Mee Rebus Ramli. I have never eat mee rebus before. But one of my auditee told me  that Mee Rebus Ramli is very famous in Ipoh, so I decide to google and give it a try.

We ordered a Mee Rebus Special and also Laksa special. The Laksa is really bad and I don’t like it at all. It’s not very hot and not very sour. But still I found that a lot people ordering that. I guess Malay love this kind of Laksa.
Mee Rebus Special

Laksa Special

For Mee Rebus, it is really nice! The taste is strong and it wouldn’t be very spicy.

Our stomach is stretched a little bit more bigger. Then we head to Bidor. The journey is long, so I watch One Piece on my iPad while Eric driving. Hahahaa.. I am so evil to him. :P

Can’t remember how long the drive is, but when get to Bidor, we stop by and buy some fruits. Bidor’s fruit is very nice. I remember last time my friends treat us eat some guava and it is so tasty. So, I bought some Guava and Mango though the price seems to be quite expensive.

That time our stomach is not that full, so decide to try the Drunken Steamboat (Zui Wo) which located in between Bidor and Teluk Intant. The specific location is at Kampung Coldstream. We thought we could order small portion like one person or two person portions. Who know the boss told us that the smallest is RM50. I was stunt and don’t know what to do. RM50 must be a big portion and sure we can’t finish that. So, Eric said just order la, if can’t finish then just leave it la. Sob..feel sorry to African.. >.<
Drunken Steamboat

This steamboat is very special because the soup they use is something like Chinese Herb. I like the taste and the sweetness of the soup is acceptable. It’s not really some steamboat that you will get Drunk. The prawn is fresh. I wish to eat this very much though I’m the kind who hates to eat steamboat. That’s because the soup make all the ingredient taste good.
Prawn, Squid, Dumpling

Fish ball, chicken, Yu Biao

Meatball, Pig Stomach and Squid

Mee Hun

Then lastly, we went to Teluk Intan for my most favorite food, Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun. That’s the best Chee Cheong Fun! Lots of people will come and da bao a lot like 10 packets or 20 packets. Too bad in Selangor does not has this. Else I guess I will eat them every day. Their Chee Cheong Fun has increased to RM4.00 per packet. This is a MUST EAT thing in the world.
Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun

Then we meet Li Hong. Luckily she’s in her house. Manage to meet her after separated from our USA trip. After all, we head back to Kajang.

Li Hong and Me
The whole trip is full of food, and I don’t feel hungry at all till the next day. Hahaha..
Happy 2nd anniversary :)

Perak 1 day Trip ( Fu Shan Dim Sum, Ipoh Sam Poh Thong, Tau Fu Fa, Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken) - Part 1

17 November 2012 is my second anniversary with Eric

We have celebrate earlier on 15 November at Damansara Vin Restaurant and bar

On 17 November, we finally have our one day trip to Perak. This state is not really strange for me because I went there before. Our journey started from Selangor to Ipoh -à Bidor -à Teluk Intan. And back to Selangor.

Early morning, we take about 3 hours’ drive to reach Ipoh Fu Shan Dim Sum Restaurant. This place is very famous in Ipoh and I can see the crowd is really scary. But luckily we manage to get a seat after waiting for few minutes.

So, my duty is sitting on the chair and waits Eric to get dim sum for us. This is because they practice self-service style, therefore one of us needs to go and take dim sum and another have to get a table.
This one is the best among all. Crispy and tasty

Not so nice. Just So-so. Jin Xuan Restaurant is much better than this. Eric regret to take two of this because we love xiu mai, but didn't their xiu mai is not tasty

so-so fish ball, but feel like not fresh

This one still ok

I didnt eat this cause I dont like lian rong pao

This chee cheong fun quite nice. Should try!

The bun is very soft. Inside consist of a small portion of yam. Overall is good!

Shuang Pi Nai, not smooth and not tasty

Qian Chen Gao (Layered cake) quite nice

The green thing is bun, not cabbage. Very soft bun and it taste special, must try this!

In conclusion, I felt that Fu Shan Dim Sum has variety of Dim Sum, but their taste is so-so only. I would still prefer Jin Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant. But, Jin Xuan is slightly expensive than Fu Shan.

We incredibly finish 10 plates of Dim Sum and I felt so full!

So we drive to Sam Poh Tong for sight visiting. I came to this temple before. So I just walk around and enjoy the scenery. The scenery in Sam Poh Tong is really nice. There’s a pond which look like a mini China. So we just took some silly photo there and then decide to go eat again.
nice scenery

New member of Journey to The West


Our next food station would be the Tau Fu Fa in Ipoh Town which is near the Lou Wong Beansprout Chicken Restaurant. I like this Tau Fu Fa because their Tau Fu is very smooth and tasty. But this time, I don’t feel it as tasty as before anymore, still it is better than those I have had before.  Moreover, they didn’t have the choice to choose either white sugar or black sugar with the Tau Fu Fa. They only have white sugar there.
tau fu fa and soya cincau

After eating that, then we have our lunch at Lou Wong Ipoh Beansprout Chicken. Again, I feel slight disappointing because their Hor Fun( Soup Kuey Teow ) not as smooth as before and also the chicken. Not sure is it because we order chicken breast meat or what, but the chicken really not as nice as I have eaten before.
taugeh nice

chicken breast meat

hor fun soup