Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Perak 1 Day Trip (Ji Le Dong, Mee Rebus Ramli, Zui Wo Steamboat, Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun) - Part 2

My stomach is very full that time, so we go to Kek Lok Thong (Ji Le Dong) for sight visiting. I remember last time my coursemate brought us there. But that time, for don’t know what reason, we didn’t walk the big garden located behind the cave. So, this time, I took this opportunity to visit the garden.
Kek Look Tong entrance

The Big Garden behind the cave


17 of November --> My Anniversary with Eric
1989 ---> My birth year

After for some time, we rest at there because our stomach is still full.

Then we head to the famous Mee Rebus Ramli. I have never eat mee rebus before. But one of my auditee told me  that Mee Rebus Ramli is very famous in Ipoh, so I decide to google and give it a try.

We ordered a Mee Rebus Special and also Laksa special. The Laksa is really bad and I don’t like it at all. It’s not very hot and not very sour. But still I found that a lot people ordering that. I guess Malay love this kind of Laksa.
Mee Rebus Special

Laksa Special

For Mee Rebus, it is really nice! The taste is strong and it wouldn’t be very spicy.

Our stomach is stretched a little bit more bigger. Then we head to Bidor. The journey is long, so I watch One Piece on my iPad while Eric driving. Hahahaa.. I am so evil to him. :P

Can’t remember how long the drive is, but when get to Bidor, we stop by and buy some fruits. Bidor’s fruit is very nice. I remember last time my friends treat us eat some guava and it is so tasty. So, I bought some Guava and Mango though the price seems to be quite expensive.

That time our stomach is not that full, so decide to try the Drunken Steamboat (Zui Wo) which located in between Bidor and Teluk Intant. The specific location is at Kampung Coldstream. We thought we could order small portion like one person or two person portions. Who know the boss told us that the smallest is RM50. I was stunt and don’t know what to do. RM50 must be a big portion and sure we can’t finish that. So, Eric said just order la, if can’t finish then just leave it la. Sob..feel sorry to African.. >.<
Drunken Steamboat

This steamboat is very special because the soup they use is something like Chinese Herb. I like the taste and the sweetness of the soup is acceptable. It’s not really some steamboat that you will get Drunk. The prawn is fresh. I wish to eat this very much though I’m the kind who hates to eat steamboat. That’s because the soup make all the ingredient taste good.
Prawn, Squid, Dumpling

Fish ball, chicken, Yu Biao

Meatball, Pig Stomach and Squid

Mee Hun

Then lastly, we went to Teluk Intan for my most favorite food, Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun. That’s the best Chee Cheong Fun! Lots of people will come and da bao a lot like 10 packets or 20 packets. Too bad in Selangor does not has this. Else I guess I will eat them every day. Their Chee Cheong Fun has increased to RM4.00 per packet. This is a MUST EAT thing in the world.
Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun

Then we meet Li Hong. Luckily she’s in her house. Manage to meet her after separated from our USA trip. After all, we head back to Kajang.

Li Hong and Me
The whole trip is full of food, and I don’t feel hungry at all till the next day. Hahaha..
Happy 2nd anniversary :)

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