Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stubborn kid

Undeniable, I'm a very stubborn kids.
I wish I won't be a stubborn kid, but yes, I am.

This illness always make me hard to move on and make me heart wrench.
I wish someone could support and understand me..
I don't know what I really want..

I think I'm lost

Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Time Get Myself Drunk

already two days passed after get myself drunk. I'm still lying on my bed because fever and headache. moreover while body feel weak to walk n sit. so keep on sleep only.

well, Friday after exam, my stomach still not good and then decide to put my fren aeroplane n rest in room. them after that follow Eric to go dinner at bangsar village. then went to pavilion to get some drink. I told him I wanted to try and get myself drunk, so, we found a pub at the pavilion street there and ordered a jug of heineken and a cup of mallacen Whisky. forbidden Eric to drunk since he has to drive, i drank all the Whisky and whole jug(minus one glass for him).

after that, my face turn abit red but i still get myself to toilet slowly. while drinking, I keep talk nonsense n pour out all my woes to him. but tat fella keep play my iPod touch because he want to break my ninja fruit record. haha.. then after footing the bill, he fetch me back to hostel.

hmm.. I was little drunk there though my mind still conscious. it just that I have to walk little slow. this is because when if I turn my head, I know I would just fall to that direction. so, to avoid this embarrassment, I walk slowly n steadily.

the next day early morning, my stomach become uneasy again(recently keep feeling uneasy) n then my head was like being hammered by thousand of hammer! I never taste this pain before and it's really shit! I can't lie on my bed because when I lie down, my head will be very painful

so, the whole day I took 4 panadol but still headache. however, the pain is much more relieved if compare to
morning. and I aso find myself Qi very big jiu mo from my stomach to by buttock. very ugly... scare let my family c it Coz I didn't let them know I was drunk on the other day

this morning, feel cold n hot again. so, take some breakfast and take another two panadol n sleep again. and now, I'm so so so much boring because I can't do anything except
lying on my bed n play iPod touch. even play too long time, my eyes will pain n I have to sleep again

the aftermath of being drunk is really sucks! I swear I won't touch it again

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Complicated again???!!

omg..i cant believe i start miss him..
somehow really wish to go out with him again. >.<
But, I still scare..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


since holiday started, I keep staying at home to play my game flyff. this I because there is an event running. n o manage to earn alot penya( currency or the game ). n guess what, I almost have 1 billion penya!! hahaha.. initially I have about 150m.. but now, one week effort make me have a billion penya! gosh.. make me almost forget about my study! :(

tml the event going to end soon. hopefully flyff won't have a new event again.. else.. I can't resist myself from the temptation again.. >.<

sorry to my frens if I didn't reply u all in SMS or msn or Facebook chat on time. I know if I play game, I can't chat with u all much n soon u all will feel boring chatting with me( I know this happen all d time coz many ppl complain edi.. hehe). so this time I just turn off my msn n fb. :P

I will on back again if I stop the game! wish me luck!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

KOSE Nature & Co Workshop

Just back from the workshop which held at West Room4 of Boulevard Hotel.
The room is not big and consist of 5 big tables. However, each table only seated by 4-5 ppl.
First time went to this workshop. My sis and I were abit late when arive there, luckily havent start.
Then when we arrive, we register at counter and receive our door gift.
Then we went into the room and saw alot products on each table.

a pack of door gift. each of us have one of this

Then the workshop start. The leng lui introduce us about their products and share their knowledge about taking care about whole body from hair to toe.

First, we tried their hair care products. Their hair care products theme is honey. the shampoo, hair mist, treatment and body soap(but it's in liquid foam). all honey flavour. We won't wash our hair there, so just tried their hair mist, After spray, really can feel my hair become more smooth. Feel like want to buy it, but the price is RM45.90 for about 200ml in Watson.. >.<

After that, she start introduce fase part. She said in a correct way to take k our face, we need 5 products, which is cleanser,wash,lotion,moisturizer and finally sun block.
while she introduce, there will be one leng lui guide at each one table. the one guide my table quite leng lui ler.. hehe..

but now if we want to do extra care, we need 7 products, the 5 fundamental and other is mask and essence. so.. they let us tried all their products. since we join the very 1st session, all the products on the table are very new. so we follow their methos land learn clean, wash, mask,lotion,essence, moisturizer, and finally sun block. lol.. the mask part most funny. too bad didnt snap the picture. many advise from them, but lazy to type out here.. keke.. most important is, mask cannot do too long time, because it will have the setback.

after using all that, i really feel that my face very comfort and clean. somehow feel like abit white edi(this is the effect before i apply the sun block), apply sun block edi lagi white. lol..

ok. after that, they let us use their two other products which is some kind for lotion or moisturizer for your skin especially when we always under air cond.

after that, they let us tried their lip balm too. a standard volume of lip balm but cost rm19+..:S

then we tried their hand cream too. the hand cream smell very nice. i should said, most of their products smell very nice. and the hand cream cost about rm22+ if not mistaken..

after apply everything, then workshop end. so.. balik rumah and unpack my goodies.
after unpack

it contains rm10 voucher, 2 purity mask, manuals, and alot the lotion light.. they should give more mask!! hahaha.. i like the mask~

haha.. during the workshop time, really pai seh coz i didnt use any of those products for face before. don't said nature & co, what aso never tried.. while apply, aso dunno apply how much and how.. luckily got ppl guide. hehe.. really learn alot. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


yea.. after do a survey which earn rm40,
within few hours, i spend rm3.5k+
gosh.. really sam thong.. this year i really spend alot edi..
i guess, my life will be
no shopping, no nice food, stay at home game, stay at home movie, stay at home yum cha
or, work part time, part time part time part time

i'm such a big spender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by here, I officially announce that

Sunday, October 10, 2010

money $$££¥¥€€

money really never been enough for me!
recently seems like want to use alot money, maybe I should ask my parents start give me pocket money now. really very poor without pocket money.

I wanted to change handphone. have no idea which phone, just wanna change. my handphone going to 3 years old soon.

want to go shopping!!! want to buy alot cloths!! fedup with my cloths edi.. I wanna buy a jeans.. maybe levis again? but no money laaa..

wanna try contact lens.. although scare, but feel wanna give a try. wearing spec really not convenience. if wear, need spend money again..

want 3.2k!!! *pai seh to say the reason here*

awww.. when money will be enough for me???

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Trip - Third Day ( ipoh )

feel abit lazy to blog recently. hmm.. should continue with my family trip on third day tho.
early morning went to breakfast at the hotel while waiting my sis n bro in law sleep. breakfast not very much variety and I bored.

after that, went out to have breakfast. wanted to eat the hor fun but they haven't started. so, we decide wait while I go da bao the very famous dao Fu fa. rm1.70, very small portion but the queues is very long till the road. I really feel that in Ipoh, the food here is very kua zhang. all have to take a long queue else finish fast.
long queue at the road side to buy the soya drinks and the dao fu fa..

Dao fu fa. see the portion? expensive yet little

tried the dao Fu fa, n I think the queues  worth it. the most delicious dao Fu fa I have ever taste! very smooth! then my sis said want to go buy ka ya kok. but after queue, sold out. lol.. Ipoh food really kua zhang!

After finish eating the nga choi gai, a little girl approach our table and ask us to buy fruits. we bought everyone of us a pack. after that, we are curious why the little girl still stand there. haha.. she was looking at Joey because she playing ipod touch game. that game is about math. Little Joey still not good in math, then the little girl keep teach her play. so we start ask the girl how old is she. to be surprise, only 9 or 10 years old. at this young age come out sell fruit alone? isn't that very dangerous.. >.<
Left side is Joey, right side is the little girl

Teaching Joey play

she reluctantly leave our table went we leave. haha.. cute girl.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Trip - Second day (Ipoh)

wake up at 8am. parents woke up but sis n family still sleeping. then go out hav a walk n photo snapping around the hotel. then back to room, rest awhile n went to Penang town to take our breakfast. no idea what the area name, but my sis called it as Penang town. have their local food as breakfast. the special thing that I ate is their Chee Cheong Fun. why special! hmm.. their chee cheong fun only have the chee cheong fun without those Fu Zhuk or fishball or others. then it is served with their special sauce. very nice n I saw d stall has the ho chak sticker. I think the sauce is the rojak sauce.

early morning before this swimming pool being crowded again
adult swimming pool
my parents
from this place, u can see sun set in the evening.very nice
nice ^^
jonathan said this hair dryer is telephone. y? because the cable gua..

the chee cheong fun

then, we back to hotel again. actually the journey to and fro is not short. hard rock is quite far away from the city. when we back there, it's 12 pm and we start pack and leave the awesome hotel.. >.< since time is late, we didn't manage to eat at The Ship( a ship built western restaurant). we went to eat the char siew n some roasted pork. heard my sis said this shop very famous. when we r there, they sold out something, but I forget what is it. haha.. after that, we start our journey to Ipoh.
prepare to go back with the new bought trunki luggage
before say bye, let's take a photo~
One of the collection in Toy Museum.. "Hi i'm chucky, do you want to playyyyyy".. XD
toy museum with joker
toy museum with batman.. lol.. i love it

Monster INC is so cute!!
Shrek.. the little shreks very cute!

the famous roasted pork for lunch before get to ipoh

4 something arrive Ipoh. check in our hotel - Heritage Hotel. kinda disappointing because this hotel is old style hotel. the room is not fascinating and no swimming pool. all of us aso feel disappointed and miss Hard Rock alot! this hotel no plasma, no mini stereo, toilet so so. n the view is dull. most of all, no free wifi. =.= after took a rest, went to dinner at the 布先民众海鲜家. sis said last time her fren wedding dinner was held in here and she find that the food is very nice. so, we ate and feel quite special also. then went to Ipoh parade and I bought a shirt. then went to supper. plan to tried their hor fun and the chicken, but who know, sold out. the shop full house. check on other stall also. we all also no mood. so back hotel earlier and sleep
dinner at this restaurat

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family trip - Penang Hard Rock Hotel

early morning, we start our journey to go Penang. before that have our breakfast at Sri petaling. then off we go~~

a very long and tedious journey. it's been few years I didn't went to Penang. I guess since standard 6, I never enter this state. what I remember about Penang is a state that full of temple, that's why I have no interest to go here. but, today, everything change my mind.

after crossing the Penang bridge, there's alot big building which I guess is a bungalow or club house. very big. with my sis gps, we follow the direction to our hotel - Hard Rock hotel. FYI, there's a hard rock cafe at kl too. while we almost there, the area make me feel like hong kong. haha.. why? there's alot condominium and apartment! I can c it's very luxury! heard my bro in law said those condo one unit cost atleast one million. lol.. those condo is on the seaside. and we can c many hotel with their unique villa suite and condominium. really luxury! and nice.. I remember it really look like the hong kong some where at the sea side ( I forgotten that area name. just remember last time went there ), but off course hong kong there nicer( those ppl like Jackie chan stay there).

ok, I dunno am I sound over exciting and exaggerating every thing., finally arrive the hotel. once enter, we were amazed! the building very nice. interior design very modern n classic! outside the lobby is the swimming pool. alot ppl playing there. their swimming pool has alot children things. outside the swimming pool I their beach. got alot activities there such as horse riding, parasailing( u hold the parachute and the speed boat will fly u upthere like u r a kite, motorboat and so on..
The Hard Rock Hotel

Their kids swimming pool
the center there alot ang mo enjoy the sun ray instead of going to the beach behind of this pool

this area let ppl relax also. everything very nice
the center there divide into two part. one part is serve drinks and another part use to reception counter

very excited, faster went to our room and wow! the room is very nice too! we book two rooms. one is my sis and family and another is me n my parents.both room are connected. free Internet with their provided cable. I dunno how to say the feeling.. it make me feel like a kampung girl visit the city(not because of the room only, is the overall of the hotel)! hahaha.. took alot picture with my sis satio( because we didn't bring camera) and then change swimming suits and jump to the pool!! haha keep playing with niece n nephew.
me & parents room. two single bed

inside sis & family room. their linen and blanket have their own logo
their sofa in the room with their own logo also
this is part of their toilet. the two side of the big mirror can move in together.unique design!
part of the room to enjoy scenery view

joey and jonathan. before swimming
my sister with the bear barrick.

the most funniest thing happen is, Jonathan at first scare to play a slide(quite high for a 3 years old kid). since the guard said adult not allowed, so i try to persuade jonathan to slide alone. so, he manage to start to slide. the funny thing is when start slide, he suddenly
lie down n his head start change to front n leg behind. I was so scare he knock n cry on the slide. then until half of the slide, suddenly I saw his head appear. he sitting on the slide n stop there. maybe he scare, he try to move up while I keep asking him to slide down. his face was very blur n dunno what to do. so, with the guard permission, I slide down n meet him n slide down together with him., hahhah Jonathan jonathan, after sliding down, he tell me "xie yi, I want play the slide again.."hahaha.. poor Joey, didn't enjoy much when play water. whn we go swimming, usually Joey will shout n cry, n Jonathan keep crying don't want to leave the pool. hehe...

so, back to room took bath. there's a mini stereo that have iPod dock. so, pit my itouch to charge n listen music. rest awhile then go take our dinner. coincidentally my elder bro n family also went to Penang to celebrate Hari Raya. so, after dinner, we went to gurney plaza n meet them. this area very crowded. the plaza opposite is the sea. many ppl sitting there to enjoy the scenery.
noodle + crab. very tasty!also their famous food.
our dinner. snapped while we almost finish.. hehe.. is mian xian, but i dunno the full name. very nice n famous

opposite gurney plaza

after meeting eldest bro, then went to supper. seriously, the hawker stall is not as cheap as what the rumors. price more or less the same and the quality.. hmm.. we all agree kajang or kl better. hahaha.. Penang Lang gonna kill me..

after that went back hotel and family went to sleep while I go to the lobby, on msn and listen to their music. very relaxing. but after the music is off, can listen to the sea wave sound.. ^^
add their lobby the light is on the ceiling. very very nice! will change colour.

around 1am back to room n prepare to sleep comfortably..

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This morning, went to grocery with mum at the new opened Jalan Reko Econsave. Then when back to home, no.2 and family are going out, so I quickly jump down from the car and sit their car. It's Sunday!! hahaha.. and I don't have to back to hostel tonight because I still have 1 week holiday.. hehehe...

So, sis said bro-in-law wants to buy sunglasses. So we go to choose togather. Who know, at the end of the day, 3 sunglasses were bought. hahaha... because myself and sis cant resist to buy something. ^^ All the while I wanted to get a pair of sunglasses but due to short sighted problem, i always stop myself buying. But this time, i just buy it without second thought. Blur then blur la.. saje want pakai ma.. XD

This is my sun glasses. Guess brand.

sis bought a Guess too and brother-in-law bought a cheetah(polarize). well.. i guess girl will never go for polarize because usually they look ugly in design. haha..

look funny.. lol.. simply took a pic right after i bought it. XD