Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Trip - Second day (Ipoh)

wake up at 8am. parents woke up but sis n family still sleeping. then go out hav a walk n photo snapping around the hotel. then back to room, rest awhile n went to Penang town to take our breakfast. no idea what the area name, but my sis called it as Penang town. have their local food as breakfast. the special thing that I ate is their Chee Cheong Fun. why special! hmm.. their chee cheong fun only have the chee cheong fun without those Fu Zhuk or fishball or others. then it is served with their special sauce. very nice n I saw d stall has the ho chak sticker. I think the sauce is the rojak sauce.

early morning before this swimming pool being crowded again
adult swimming pool
my parents
from this place, u can see sun set in the evening.very nice
nice ^^
jonathan said this hair dryer is telephone. y? because the cable gua..

the chee cheong fun

then, we back to hotel again. actually the journey to and fro is not short. hard rock is quite far away from the city. when we back there, it's 12 pm and we start pack and leave the awesome hotel.. >.< since time is late, we didn't manage to eat at The Ship( a ship built western restaurant). we went to eat the char siew n some roasted pork. heard my sis said this shop very famous. when we r there, they sold out something, but I forget what is it. haha.. after that, we start our journey to Ipoh.
prepare to go back with the new bought trunki luggage
before say bye, let's take a photo~
One of the collection in Toy Museum.. "Hi i'm chucky, do you want to playyyyyy".. XD
toy museum with joker
toy museum with batman.. lol.. i love it

Monster INC is so cute!!
Shrek.. the little shreks very cute!

the famous roasted pork for lunch before get to ipoh

4 something arrive Ipoh. check in our hotel - Heritage Hotel. kinda disappointing because this hotel is old style hotel. the room is not fascinating and no swimming pool. all of us aso feel disappointed and miss Hard Rock alot! this hotel no plasma, no mini stereo, toilet so so. n the view is dull. most of all, no free wifi. =.= after took a rest, went to dinner at the 布先民众海鲜家. sis said last time her fren wedding dinner was held in here and she find that the food is very nice. so, we ate and feel quite special also. then went to Ipoh parade and I bought a shirt. then went to supper. plan to tried their hor fun and the chicken, but who know, sold out. the shop full house. check on other stall also. we all also no mood. so back hotel earlier and sleep
dinner at this restaurat

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