Friday, September 3, 2010

Mid Term Break - Great day!

Have my 2 weeks holiday starting from this sec!! hahahaha... today quite happy lo... not only because of holiday started, it's because went out to MV with mum and night time take motorbike with my friend go cheras.. lol..

I'm very happy because my mum come n pick me up from my hostel, and then went to midvalley with me. actually wanted to treat her eat San Francisco Steak House or Delicious or any nice food, but considering she more favour in chinese cuisine, so, decided to try The Zun Express which located at LG Garden. Don't know is it when happy, all lucky thing happen to you. I went to the Garden parking lot though the plate at the entrance there wrote FULL! when enter the parking lot, i can see many car going round and round inside. thought i will have difficult time to find parking. who know, so lucky, just awhile, found a car came out in front of me... hahaha... time save alot.. :P
then i keep intro mum to eat this and that.. just simply very happy and treat mum alot.. XD  it seems like this is a rare chance for me to go shopping with her considering her health and mood.

My noodle with bao yu sauce..NICE! Recommended

My gui ling gao+ ice cream !great!!they use ice cream instead of honey. cold n sweet. ^^

Mum with the special wanton mee and ba zhan + chicken herb soup     

my mum and me ^^ at The Zun Express

After back home, then online.. bad thing happen.. my edifier speaker spoilt di... arghhhhh... i cant listen my music with nice quality edi.. !!! ARGH!!!

then night time went pasar malam with my friend. he drove motorbike pass through the kajang cheras highway.. wakakka.. 80-90km/h speed.. really scare me!!!!!!! but syok! hahaha.. went to eat dao fu fa. and chit chat there... and then back home.. while on the way back, suddenly drizzle, then he speed up to 100km/h.. gosh.. it was soooo scary but exciting! XD

I Love Today!

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