Saturday, January 30, 2010


I remember when I was a kids, Thaipusam parade celebration is only during the night time and morning. But today, I can see Indian is start improving themselves.

Since the Indian temple is just few lot away from my house, I always get alerted for any Indian celebration. This year is much different! In front of my house, traffic had been jammed for 2 days! It makes me feel like not going out because I believe the town will be very jammed as well.

But I never blame them, because this is a very special day for them, on the other hand, I feel happy for them! I enjoy to see their street dancing and bringing a big things on their body. Their music is nice. Whenever they pass by my house, they will stop for awhile and then dance dance dance. After few minutes, they continue their journey to the temple. This year, it seems a lot more people carrying the things(I don't what does it called.Day time no that nice, but when at night, the things has light on it) if compare to previous year.
Very nice deco for this small valleyThe moon is very bright for the whole night

Until night time, I went to the Kajang small corner(between two temple(镇方寺and Xi Ya Miao)) for the CNY opening ceremony. With accompany is Dragon and Lion Dance performed by my secondary school(SMJK YU HUA KAJANG). Don't be surprise! YES! YU HUA HAS DRAGON DANCE NOW! hahaha... Other programs are 24 Season Drum which performed by Semenyih primary school and a tradition dance performed by Sg. Chua primary school. In Kajang, these 3 school are the popular chinese schools.Joey and Jonathan with the 4 Lion Dance
24 Season Drums performance
My follow my family member there to eat dinner as well at a stall in the Xi Ya Miao. It's been awhile for us to eat at there. I remember they are famous for their hand-made Hokkien Mee. I don't like Hokkien Mee but I love their Hokkien Mee~

While eating, the Dragon and Lion Dance with the accompanied of a lot YB and VIP(each of them have an obor on their hand) and some energetic chinese youths and adults went for the whole kajang town parade as the opening ceremony. So i carried my niece(10+KG) and keep run to follow the parade and let her see the lion and dragon dance.. My hand really want patah. Luckilt I did trained to walk fast at University(because my hostel and faculty berbukit-bukau), and enough stamina to carried her from the temple to Parkson there. Follow till half, feel like going to rain, so I decide to patah balik to continue eat. XD
YB and many VIP light up the Kong Ming Deng
After all the performances, the last want is the Kong Ming Deng(Big Tang Lung for chinese). They light up the lantern and the lantern will fly to the top of the sky. REALLY VERY NICE!
Kong Ming Deng Fly to the sky
cant capture very nice wif my phone camera, but it really very nice on the sky

Then back home and went to yum cha with friends. Decide to go Broga hill on next morning.

To be continue..

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mum n Jonathan's Birthday

This year, Amy decide to bring us go Jaya33 (PJ) restaurant to celebrate... that day (25 jan 2010), i was sooooo excited on the whole day, after finish all class, i cant do my homework and keep hoping time fly asap, coz they going to fetch me at 8pm.. :P
Cindy and Mum
so.. i dress up and went to the restaurant which named Oriental Pavilion or 大港城.. wow.. very very nice place(sorry, i didnt capture the environment, lazy).. even the menu aso very "nice"... hahaha... feel so weird that, in their menu, unlike normal restaurant.. hmm.. how to say ler.. it's like, when you want to order a meal, you have to say how many portion, coz they charge by counting the portion. for example, if you want to order Cod Fish, then each portion(means 1 person) is RM15, so, one family is about RM15x6.. hahaha.. and most of d meal cost about rm8-20+ per portion(i guess, juz roughly see d menu, i'm not the boss there, so my sis order)..there are some set. lol.. RM78 per person or RM100+ per person or RM7xx for 6 person.. even till RM1k++.. "faint"
so we have order Sup, Chicken, Cod Fish, Big Prawn, Fried Rice and Mee... just few thing already cost RM400+ swt.. no sharkfin aso..
As you have seen the picture above(i didnt capture all food), you can see center and right of the top, there's a very nice tea pot n cup. Guess what was that? hahaha...
Each of us was very surprise when they serve each of us a set of tea pot n cup(inside d cup hav a slice of ginger),then they help us pour d liquid from d tea pot to the cup.. n there, we know this is the sup.. hahahaha... inside the teapot contain the sup ingredient such as Yu Piao, Mushroom, Chicken and dunno what edi..

well.. this picture look not that good, because it was taken by my niece Joey.. She is soooo excited to capture our picture by herself.. and keep command us "quick.. go there sit and i take your photo" "Jonathan, go jia gong(grandpa) there and take photo wif Jia Gong"... lol.. beh tahan this monkey..

Jonathan Bday's cakehaha.. nola.. this is d cake for the Queen and UltramenMy sisters~ I'm youngest ok? somebody said Cindy is youngest.. gik sei me! :PJong's FamilyTwo monkeys that always make me go up and downAll look at cindy's camera, photo taken by Amy's SE Satio(12mp ler..)
poor Jonathan, always give me bully

Overall i very satisfied the meal. Not sure is sensitive or what, but we all agree that the food really tasty! the chicken is nice and sweet, the fish is always our favorite, the big prawn is very tasty(love to chew it, like chewing gum), sup is sweet(can feel not much ajinomoto),fried rice wont very dry but the Mee is normal.

Cake is very tasty too! Sis bought it from Pavilion Lavender shop.It's a fruit cake, even in the cream, they put some fruit too.. Very much diff if compare to eat cakes in hostel and dunno why they always buy chocolate cake(i don't like chocolate). but everytime when we celebrate birthday, sure left alot, since i'm going back hostel, i just bring it back and give to my roommate and coursemate eat. ^^

Really glad to have sister like Amy and Cindy, hope our family have more function like this.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


today really a bad day for me
because some "wolf" just happened to spoilt my day

duh.. as my title said, it's like d pretty will rules d world
if u look tough n not pretty
nobody will side u
but if u look pretty and weak
every guys will volunteer to help u

very very mad about this..

please guys, open your eye as big as you can and look clearly
u do not know hooooooooow bad is a girl though she's pretty
u hav no idea what's inside her mind
you only want to adore them because you want to own them
and that's y we the ugly group will kena if we offended them
because you guys will just do your best to help them
n make this 人面兽心 pretties happy
screw you guys!

i'm helpless now..
this world is sooooo unfair..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

GACC Annual Dinner - Masquerade Mystique

This year, GACC annual which organize by GACC 13 MT, held at Boulevard Hotel, right beside Midvalley. This year I really enjoy the annual dinner. Really thanks to Li Hong and Hui Ying.. haha...The theme for this dinner is Masquerade Mystique, everyone compulsory to wear mask there.
tat day i really busy.. 11.15am back home, 1.15pm reach home, after makan n pack my things, then rush back hostel to meet my scholar company, n i just find out i forget bring back key and hp. when arrive, lucky b100 door is opened, coz i dun hav access card to get in my i borrow sook lin access card and cabut to faculty meet mr azman. really messy..after meeting mr. azaman is about 6pm, then cabut balik to prepare..
B4 going there, we snap some pictures in Midvalley. Nice DECO!!!

Door gift. Li Hong, Me, Hui Ying. Behind is our buffet dinner

we arrive there around 7.40 but party still not start yet. I' quite boring coz everyone busy taking picture, and i just lazy(and i don't know much ppl there).. so hui ying, li hong n me just walk around and survey the food(so tat when d buffet start, we know where to grab nice food 1st^^)

Our Dessert美女食神

Then hui ying and me go counter there take some mask n capture picture..

Hui Ying and me with the Mask

haha.. when the start, we 3 ppl keep on grab food until the whole table is food, lol.. we just like hungry ghost n makan makan makan.. keke.. dam siao.. after tat go walk around and take photo..there's a swimming pool outside of the restaurant..
Good evening ladies~
lucky li hong teman us sit, coz most of the GACC 14 MT sit 1 table

After taking photo, we back to our seat to play game - Guess Photo(those photo had been twist and turn, n we have to guess who or wat in d photo).. during the games, wai keat and "princess" kena played.. hahaha.. they are being asked to dance indian dance, but lastly we ask them post some lovely post.. hehehe.. comel! the whole night i didnt stop laughing during the game section cause my table-mate is dam gila funny, especially li hong.. she seems HIGH edi.. haha.. go to fight for mic, screaming, and talk alot funny things.. really happy wif her! XD envy she so brave! hahaha
During a game, this two fella kena main by li hong and others.. hahaha
Our table won a lot in the game.. got free 2 champagne!! hahaha.. thx to li hong, mei xian, da lung,jin wei, jun yan, jia xiang, rui hong.. they really funny! so glad to be same table wif these ppl! hahaha..
champagne opening ceremony

the last section is voting for the best mask among girls and boys. by seeing those candidates, we can conclude tat, guys is really 38 n gila.. too creative and let's look at d picture.. their masks are...
Top3 Best mask Guys category

and girls are just special.. actualy there r alot nice mask, but mayb every1 wearing alomst d same, this 3 juz special enough to be chosen as top 3
Top 3 Best mask Girls category
after finish, we (10 ppl: me,lh,hy,jy,tl,kumar,mf,mx,rh,)went for a lame night movie.. haha.. actually plan 2 back home, but too tired, so just back hostel sleep.


tiring weekend...
recently found that alot ppl around me start changing their status to NA
which make me quite envy
coz i'm abit fed up wif my single life

i really wish to move on
but i always c ur shadow appear in my vision
i know u just have totally forget me
and move on with my fren
which make me feel so sucks all d time
i doubt that hav u really love me b4?

no matter how strong is a theory
sometimes i just cant control my feeling n emotion
because those are uncontrollable

for my own sake
you did cruel things to me
but i still cant let go any moment wif u
n left "sorrow" and "pain"

as a fren
will u juz console me?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yum Cha Night

yum cha seems like a very common things for everyone now, however, i feel that this time, this yum cha is dam so fun! WHY??
- we all sit motors togather go 3rd college yumcha(main point is we all SIT MOTOR)
- gossip and chat alot! (ALOT)
- some super funny thing happened (hints MISS WT & HELMET XD)

that night after class(tutorial till 9pm), then we suddenly said very hungry and decided to go supper.. so, RF fetch HY, SL fetch Me, WT fetch LH... then we all broooooom to 3rd yum cha.. actually we wanted to chat till very late, but because recently there are Undi things in our university, so we have to back before 12am unless we bring card makan but we dont.

after reaching UM, we continue to gossip(coz we feel tak cukup lagi), and i dunno y we will continue our 2nd round at the Motor parking area there(hot and got nyamuk).. ahahhaha... and alot jokes n gossip.. really laugh till my stomache... XD.. memorable time...
LH telling us jokes sambil ketawaeach of us sitting on a motor and start talkinglaugh till stomach pain!

though have to sleep very late(2am), but it's worth.. hahaha...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sis New Laptop Sony Vaio

Today went to KLCC with sister to look for the Sony Vaio laptop. That day saw the promotion, so I inform my sis and after my recommendation, she decide to buy it.cant't believe that i actually using this sony vaio now.. gosh.. d keyboard is just so different for me.. hahaha.. soooo cute! and very glossy!
this light will shine. sooo nice
Sensor short cut key.. will shine too when you put your finger there

only weird thing is the pouch, they only left Red and White. So my sis choose the red colour. :)
she really got a good deal.. if i didnt have a laptop, i definitely will buy this...


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rhythm of the 21st Century

Went to KLCC to see this gallery
though i'm not tat kind of artistic people
since i only have 1 hour class on tuesday
so...juz drop by there and jalan jalan

amazing gallery.. quite love it
since we r not allow to bring camera in, so i juz snap the most grand artwork before the police(or patrol team) stop us. :)

by the way, quite happy because i manage to eat some dim sum at the Spring Garden restaurant. that time they doing 50% discount.. hahaha.. should have order more that time..


Sunday, January 3, 2010

First week for Semester 4

Grumble alot when back to hostel. lol.. this week really memorable.. everyday full of activity! hahaha.. love it!

so, monday night, went to pasar mlm wif ksy,cwt and klh... bought alot food.. wanted to buy more, but 1 diet!.. hahaha.. so, we been there from 6 to 9pm. then 9pm went to my captain meeting.. Badminton training list r out.. aih.. so lazy to become a captain.. i just want to be player la.. dun like ke po so many things la..

Tuesday: 1 hour class only, then went to 1UTAMA with my fellow of coursemates. more details can get from
very tired.. walk whole day till night time then went to CC meeting. till 11pm+ only rest

Wednesday: after morning class, decided to skip my afternoon class and go Klang wif psy, xn , sn eat my favorite bak kut teh. psy intro us to new bak kut teh shop which visited by the ah xian(a guy from d 8tv or aec program).. really dam nice.. yummy~ then went to jusco shopping while wait psy dye hair.. till evening back. then night time have badminton training. till 11pm+ only can rest.. tired jor

Thursday: New Year Eve.. no where to go. After class, go Midvalley with fellow of coursemate again. Went to have our last lunch of the year 2009.. XD.. went to Canton-I for lunch.. makan alot.. order Mian Xian wif WanTan and Xiao Long Bao(Highly recommended).. we are sooooo surprise when Rui Feng and Hong Yann decide to belanja us all makan.. haha.. THANKS ALOT TO THEM!! Night time boring.. didnt go for new year eve celebration

Friday: Went to Kuantan with family. before reach there, stop by at Gambang water park. seems a nice place to play, but hardly get ppl to come here play with me.. :(.. then went to Teluk chempedak

Saturday: still at Kuantan.. evening arrive kajang, then went to sis's bf's sis's birthday party. makan n chatting, then finally back to home at 9pm+.. mandi n on9!!! hehehe..

Sunday: went to sri hartamas and then lunch at Puchong Bak kut teh. then back home blog.. prepare to go back UM.. =(