Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nightmare Yet Luckiest Day

Yesterday was a totally nightmare and also luckiest day in my life.

Early morning when I woke up, I felt abit headache and after half an hour, I can't stand it anymore and so took panadol soluble from my housemate li hong and plan to skip class and rest in house.

This pain has been occurred quite often in this few weeks. I know Panadol can't save me, but i have no other medicine more. So just took it hope that it can relief my pain. Turn out, it's helpless towards my head pain and it make me sweat alot and very cold.

So, after waking up myself at 1pm, I walk out from our house and saw that our gate has been dismantel and put aside, the wooden door is opened too. I thought must be the gate is spoilt and that's why just now heard alot banging the gate sound. and then i saw the outside gate is open too. I thought, who forgot to close the door.. hmm.. without 2nd thought i continue to do my other stuff with my cold and weak body and headache. I thought if go out have a walk could help.

When i was out Yanny told me our house has been broken into by burglar! and there i start to think is it that happen when the gate get bang?

everything seems getting more logic if i stitch up all the blur blur puzzle while i was sleeping that time. first i heard wan thing open my door, i can sure is her because the way she open the door and also after the door close, i heard her motor bike start with very loud noise. and heard she close the gate after open the door.

then i heard alot our noise on our outside and inside gate. i thought is the guys (housemate) driving out and in. then i heard alot banging sound of our inside gate door. that time i thought maybe the gate is difficult to be locked. then i fall asleep again. and don't for how long, I heard another room door opening sound. this open door sound sound like some stranger because it is opened softly and close softly. i was awake awhile that time. and then i was too weak to turn myself to see who is it. (my face facing other side). i thought, maybe is kai xiang or hong hann or ah shun or any guy from my house want to find yanny or what.they seldom open our door, so maybe that y the door is open softly. And they close the door softly because i was sleeping.

after confirming is burglary, i really thanks god because i was sick that time, else if i saw is the burglar, they afraid i recognize them and kill me on the spot. I'm really lucky and grateful i was sick and escaped from this incident.

Night time, my head is super super pain and my body super weak till i found myself very difficult to move my body. wan thing gave me active fast panadol also cant relieve my pain. and so, my family fetch me back and see doctor. So, now i know i have migraine sickness. no wonder all d while when i headache, panadol always couldn't help me. Never thought myself could have migraine.

now i'm feeling better. really glad all the bad things has been passed.THANKS GOD! and i'm sorry for my housemate for their lost over their laptop. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Society Lesson

Today driving kembara to KL alone and drive around to do some errands.

While driving, suddenly has a lot of thought came to my mind.

First, feel happy that now I only need to spend rm1.90 to Pergi Balik Kajang-KL since part of toll has been demolish.

Then start thinking of some things that I learnt. Some bad experience.

I use to pour out my woes to friends that I trust and believe. I guess most ppl do that. But in real world, no one would keep your words as if theirs. Because one day, when A found another more treasurable B, A would sacrifice your secrets in exchange to be closer with B. There, my heart get wretch because I had been sacrificed.

Then, I start to think, why would I always ask certain ppl out though I know they always turn me down? That's because I really want to go out with them! If u r not invited and ppl tell u "I thought u r not free" or what crap of reason, its only some reason to make u feel better or maybe, in optimist mind, he/she really thought u r busy (I think optimist mind doesn't apply to first few invitation case).

Then back to home sweet home and met my brother, sisters, parents.. There my heart feel warm again. Furthermore, sister treat makan Asam Laksa, snogurt and starbucks.. Along with Joey, my mind back to peace.