Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last night in USA

It has been three months for me staying in the State. It's my first time to leave my home that far for such a long time. I thought I couldn't made it, and here I am! Finally I have overcome all the obstacles.

Today is my last night and I felt so sad about it. Three months time is not long nor short. I felt so sad I leave this place because I have to leave my wonderful friends far far away. I miss them a lot. 

Besides, I feel that I love to be staying alone in a place sometimes because I felt that I can get so much freedom. It doesn't mean I don't have much freedom in Malaysia, it's just that I have more freedom in here. I can do whatever I want and I don't have to inform or explain it.

However I really miss my family members especially my mum. I know she must be miss me a lot too.

This work and travel program let me learn a lot and I feel glad to have the chance to experience it. Learn a lot of things and also made a lot of friends. 

I'm coming back Malaysia. Wait for me!