Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunway + KLCC

Last week went to Sunway eat. Quite blur what to eat because not very familiar with Sunway. Then look for directory.. Most of the restaurant can be found in our frequent hang out place. So decide go to "Honeymoon" to eat our favourite dessert - durian pancake again. After eating around, I still feel that Honeymoon pancake is the best because their durian meat is nice and the batter is not that much. besides, the skin to wrap it up doesnt taste weird nor too thick.

[picture will be update on next article because.. hehe..]

After that, jalan jalan and continue look for our dinner. After eating dessert, already very full. So decide to pick "Simply Penang". Didnt order much, but I wont recommend this restaurant much because the lao ban liang look not friendly. Moreover, their food isn't that special. So-so only.
Some small snacks.

with their special sauce.
 Forgotten what's the name of the above dishes. It's special but wont tasty
Penang CCF
Their penang CCF also so-so only. I still prefer SS2 that penang ccf.

After that, someone said the night is still young, in fact it's already 10.30pm. haha.. so we decide go makan angin awhile and so, we stopped by at KLCC again. Night time we like to come here simply because the view is nice and there's an illegal parking which the police wont come and saman.(quite alot car stop by there)

saw the Apartment is there, so decide go drink drink. Again because monsieur Eric need to drive, so I have to drink all the Heineken and Whaler's Hawaii whiskey. The waitress of the Apartment is very friendly and nice. and he is so cute! hehe..
macam eat dadah

Somehow I feel like I start become an alcoholic. The feeling of being drunk is so nice. That night I was drunk till difficult to walk straight line. Head is so much heavy. But luckily the next day I didnt get headache. haha.. only that stupid Jiu Mo still follow me.. damn itchy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

French Week 20-27 March at Museum Negara

Along with this French Week which held around KL area, our French class has "un la tour de musee" , it's museum negara. well.. i never been there before, so decide to go there and ponteng our tuesday classes.

Morning arrive there around 11am. Then there are few "jolie francaise" there and ready to be our guide and explain some parts of the museum. we are divided into few groups. Each group consist of around 10 ppl. There's a group a student is major French courses. They can speak French with the francaise and also my lecturer.. so cool!
my group. and a girl, holding camera
our guide who explain the paddy things

guide that explain the flag. jolie!

guide that explain dunno what
guide that explain hang tuah
another leng lui
The objective of this excursion is to expose us to French language. Although we have no notion what they are talking most of the time, but I do enjoy because with friends. Very funny sometimes when we all look blur while the francaise explain things.
moment the guide explain. most of us dunno what is she saying, except Lulu
they want to replace the kerbau

Most of the time, we just say "bonjour".. "merci beaucoup".. "au revoir".. and my heart keep thinking "je ne sais pas".. ahahah..

then we go around photo shoot. They also prepared a big board for us to leave our signature there. We saw that some other university signature board is already there. and here's ours
rui rui san drawing his signature..
should have bring my new camera to snap picture.. >.<

Friday, March 25, 2011

Clubbing at Zouk

Last week after Power mid sem test, my coursemates organize to go clubbing at zouk. I didnt brought any cosmetic or dress to hostel, so borrowed from WT and LH. Thanks to them~

It's my first time to clubbing and I feel so shy to go dance in the dance floor. But Liow kor keep give us courage n teman us n show us how to dance. then man man follow the bit and dance. It's ladies night, so free drinks for ladies! hehe..

The whole night is really fun with the guys..
Quite enjoyable, in fact I wish to have another chance to go again.

Will never forget the gay guy & liow kor, sweet couple, silly qi ling, protective rui rui san, hy, hy, lh, wt, bf, hw.. ^^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gold Class & Sushi Tei (updated)

Last Saturday, went to dating with Eric at Midvalley. When we arrive there, I told him I want to watch movie cause we've been long time didnt watch edi. He said go The Garden watch. I thought we are going to the signature seats again, but who know he go and buy the gold class ticket. hmm.. We went to Gold Class at Pavilion before and I remember I told him that we will watch for once in our life only because the ticket is not worth the price. Although I feel happy to watch in GC class, but still feel it's a waste of money. Considering we seldom watch movie, so, I hold my trigger and go watch with him.

The lobby for both places gold class is very nice, but i will prefer Gardens nicer. FYI, GC seat is very comfortable as they provide a big single sofa which u can press the button and adjust the degree that you want to lie on it. Besides, they also provide blanket for u. between two sofa will have a table which let you put your food and drinks there. You don't have to queue and buy the drinks and snacks, when you enter the lobby, the staff will approach u and ask what you want to order, then when u get inside the hall, they will send to your table.

Our GC Ticket
The difference btw Pavilion and Gardens is that Gardens GC provide small pillow. And the seats between two is nearer.The movie that we watch is the battle of Los Angeles. quite nice.
In Gardens Golden Class Cinema

After finish watching it, both of us still feel very full. So decide to dine in Sushi Tei since the portion would not be big. okay. In short, I quite like this Sushi Tei if compare to Sushi King. Their food is very fresh and the rice is very nice too.
We ordered those that we cant eat in sushi king. Ikura, 2 for rm12.80. Price reasonable and same like Sushi Tomoi. But I will prefer sushi tomoi for Ikura. The next one i cant differentiate. one is Aburi Tai and the other is Aburi Butterfish. Not bad and it wont smell fishy!
Also, I ordered a Unagi Hand roll. They are variety of handroll. I quite like this because the unagi is served in hot! and their seaweed is much better than sushi king.  love this!
Hotate Misomayo
and this HOTATE MISOMAYO is the best that I have ever found! it's a big scallop with baked cheese and mayonise sauce in it and lemon juice(optional). Very delicious... If eating wont get me fat, i will drag eric to treat me eat this everyday. hahaha.. YOU SHOULD TRY THIS!

Then, we went to Putrajaya and back home

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunway Lagoon (part 2) - T-Bowl

so, after swimming, all starving edi. so, Amy intro us this toilet concept restaurant named T-Bowl. it's a very unique concept.

T-Bowl Rest
This shop got alot toilet stuff. Their menu come with a tooth brush. Then there's a long bath there. There's also alot of toilet bowl.
Jonathan assis sur la cuvette des toilettes
Amy et moi. cuvette des toilettes différentes
So, I saw quite alot ppl order their dessert. Maybe because the ice cream come with their toilet "bowl" and make it really like a shit in the toilet bowl. hehe.. but we didnt order that. it's disgusting. price is average. so, i just ordered their recommend ala carte, dunno what's d name.. some cheese baked things.

beau couple
dunno how much total, cause amy foot the bill.. hehehe.. but i would recommend their soup. very nice!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunway Lagoon (part 1)

Actually that Sunday we plan to go Genting to stay over 1 night. Due too fully booked( i think is because of school holidays), so we change our plan to Sunway Lagoon. My elder sis, Amy treat us go Sunway play.. Actually I'm quite lazy and sleepy that day and plan not to go, but early morning, Jonathan wake me up n ask me follow them go Sunway. Cant reject this cute fella invitation, so i wake Cindy up and ask mum to go along.
While Amy is buying ticket, we take a photo first
 So, after buying ticket (adult rm60, kids rm48), we go and change our swimming suit and start to play. My mum and cindy are not going to swim, so both of them just masuk n help us jaga barang. I guess they quite boring there.. hahaha..
Jonathan and Cindy
Jonathan very excited  

so, every time when we go swimming, Jonathan will be very happy and excited but not for Joey.. Even her feet can reach the bottom, she will still scream at there if u left her alone. Because no one teman me play slide, so Amy volunteer to play slides with me and my bro-in-law will bring this 2 kids to play kids slide and kids stuff. when i met them, I can see Jonathan keep smilling n laughing and this Joey keep screaming.. duh.. O.o
Jong's family
The steady kids - Jonathan
After swimming for about 1 or 2 hours only, then we go and take shower. After that, Cindy and I go and play Pirate Boat, and Train. Cindy is super duper funny when i ride with her. Why? OMG.. I still can remmeber when we played the Pirate boat. We sit facing each other at the middle. So, when the boat start swing( just a little angle), she start shouting there! and FYI, cindy pitch is very very high all the time.. The malay girls besides her keep laugh when she shout. and i see she laugh till tears rolling down there.. haha.. after the ride, amy and my mum said they can recognize that's my sis scream... LMAO
Leng Zai posting

Jeremy taking his pirate boat ride too.

Then when we ride the train, her voice can be so strong until the whole passenger of the roller coaster look back. (we sit at the last row). and the couple in front of us also laugh non stop there (including me).. lol.. hmm.. when i think back, i really havent ride roller coaster with my sister before.. gosh.. i should go genting with her next time.. hahaha..

Actually quite a waste of money because we went there at 12pm+, n come out 3pm.. lol..we also didnt fully utilize the facilities!but i dun care la since it's F.O.C. for me.. keke

so.. we head to pyramid and have our lunch.. to be continue

Thursday, March 10, 2011

VI Concept Restaurant & Bar | NJ Steak House | Tian Pin Ge Ge

Ok. This weekend we found alot nice food around Puchong, Wangsa Maju and SS2. What do I found.. hmm..

First is we went to 甜品哥哥at ss2, PJ. Eric and I always prefer to eat tong shui at 记得食 because that place always full and need to line up. This shows that their desert is better. However, that day I say want to try the Tian Pin Ge Ge(always very less ppl there). ok, the tong shui menu more or less like the tong sui is Sg.Long, but they have my favorite Durian Pancake! Awesome! Now not only "My Honeymoon" have this desert. haha..
The Durian Pan Cake
Next station is Wangsa Maju. We saw a ferarri park outside on the street.. so yeng lo!and there's also few sports car there. But I kinda don't like this place because alot cars here and they simply park it aside which make the road very small.. but their Wangsa Walk seems very big and nice to go shopping! should have go to try next time. Then we try Wangsa Maju NJ Steak House(not sure is it this name). Actually we plan to go try the 4 Happy Season House which the restaurant use the 4 season concept. Thought the environment should be nice to dine in, when we get there, the restaurant is closed with notice "close for renovation". We were like.. "WTF!! Came all the way just to tell me you r closed! SCREW YOU! I WILL NEVER COME!" But due to hungriness, we simply pick a steak house. That steak house is runned by malay and I think it's new because they dun have a proper menu yet, and the stuff there seems like all are family member. So I orderes Carbonara and Eric ordered Bolognese. I can say that the taste is really good! (it's true.. the cheese smell very cukup!)
With my carbonara, Camera not good.
Then lastly is this VI Concept Restaurant & Bar. I think this place is runned by alot rich ppl because I feel that there are few bosses there and outside of this place has few sport cars(very yeng!).. the concept on this VI Concept is all about ferrari/ sport cars.. inside there got a big model for ferrari, and all the seats are very special which i think need special order from factory. My camera picture is not so clear, would recommend to check here .. The price of the meal is quite expensive. but i think you should come for atleats once to see everything. The boss is quite friendly. And not to forgot, they use iPad to order food. awesome right?

their seat can adjust to how many degree as u like.. it's so comfort.
don't know how to rotate this pic. There's honk there, it wrote "Honk me!! our crew will serve you!!"
ok. this weekend going to end soon.. looking forward to my family trip~

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sushi Tomoi in SS2 (updated)

This weekend as usual, most of the night have dinner with Eric out there. On Monday night we have bak kut teh in Cheras as our dinner. On Tuesday, we went to Sushi Tomoi again which is located at SS2. This is the third time I had been there. First time is introducte by my brother. He told me this shop is run by japanese. You can taste the difference. So, the first time I enter, I kinda not comfort to eat because this sushi rest is a bit more expensive than other sushi shop. But my brother give me the guts to order by saying he treat. haha..

Now it's the second time for me to dine in with Eric. so, we try many things and most of them really very satisfying. I notice that their boss can't speak english very well. sometimes she trying to give us advice, but i don't get what she mean. Curious why she give us advise? haha.. cause we order alot that time. and we decide to eat our hand roll at the end of the meal. While we eating the others sushi n udon mee, she approach us and ask us to eat the handroll first with reason it need to be eaten fresh while they just got it rolled.

We both love this restaurant and we couldn't find any better out there. 

The above sushi is my favourite which is first recommended by my brother. I don't know what's it's name. When you chew it, the juice in the little ball will splash in your mouth. Very tasty. I tasted this in Sakae and Zanmai before, but seriously, this one more nice. It cost RM7.90 for 1 piece and RM12.90 for two pieces. Everytime go sushi tomoi, I will order this
Part of our order on last time

See the picture above, the big bowl is the udon, red colour container is bulgogi if not mistaken. the right side thing is very very tasty! I don't know what's the name of it, but the draw it quite big in the menu, so i guess this 1 is recommended by the restaurant itself. If u dine in there, be sure u try this! u will find something very funny with this, cant show it from the picture.

2nd visit. With their udon mee

Price: mostly around rm80-100+ for 2 persons