Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunway Lagoon (part 1)

Actually that Sunday we plan to go Genting to stay over 1 night. Due too fully booked( i think is because of school holidays), so we change our plan to Sunway Lagoon. My elder sis, Amy treat us go Sunway play.. Actually I'm quite lazy and sleepy that day and plan not to go, but early morning, Jonathan wake me up n ask me follow them go Sunway. Cant reject this cute fella invitation, so i wake Cindy up and ask mum to go along.
While Amy is buying ticket, we take a photo first
 So, after buying ticket (adult rm60, kids rm48), we go and change our swimming suit and start to play. My mum and cindy are not going to swim, so both of them just masuk n help us jaga barang. I guess they quite boring there.. hahaha..
Jonathan and Cindy
Jonathan very excited  

so, every time when we go swimming, Jonathan will be very happy and excited but not for Joey.. Even her feet can reach the bottom, she will still scream at there if u left her alone. Because no one teman me play slide, so Amy volunteer to play slides with me and my bro-in-law will bring this 2 kids to play kids slide and kids stuff. when i met them, I can see Jonathan keep smilling n laughing and this Joey keep screaming.. duh.. O.o
Jong's family
The steady kids - Jonathan
After swimming for about 1 or 2 hours only, then we go and take shower. After that, Cindy and I go and play Pirate Boat, and Train. Cindy is super duper funny when i ride with her. Why? OMG.. I still can remmeber when we played the Pirate boat. We sit facing each other at the middle. So, when the boat start swing( just a little angle), she start shouting there! and FYI, cindy pitch is very very high all the time.. The malay girls besides her keep laugh when she shout. and i see she laugh till tears rolling down there.. haha.. after the ride, amy and my mum said they can recognize that's my sis scream... LMAO
Leng Zai posting

Jeremy taking his pirate boat ride too.

Then when we ride the train, her voice can be so strong until the whole passenger of the roller coaster look back. (we sit at the last row). and the couple in front of us also laugh non stop there (including me).. lol.. hmm.. when i think back, i really havent ride roller coaster with my sister before.. gosh.. i should go genting with her next time.. hahaha..

Actually quite a waste of money because we went there at 12pm+, n come out 3pm.. lol..we also didnt fully utilize the facilities!but i dun care la since it's F.O.C. for me.. keke

so.. we head to pyramid and have our lunch.. to be continue

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