Saturday, March 26, 2011

French Week 20-27 March at Museum Negara

Along with this French Week which held around KL area, our French class has "un la tour de musee" , it's museum negara. well.. i never been there before, so decide to go there and ponteng our tuesday classes.

Morning arrive there around 11am. Then there are few "jolie francaise" there and ready to be our guide and explain some parts of the museum. we are divided into few groups. Each group consist of around 10 ppl. There's a group a student is major French courses. They can speak French with the francaise and also my lecturer.. so cool!
my group. and a girl, holding camera
our guide who explain the paddy things

guide that explain the flag. jolie!

guide that explain dunno what
guide that explain hang tuah
another leng lui
The objective of this excursion is to expose us to French language. Although we have no notion what they are talking most of the time, but I do enjoy because with friends. Very funny sometimes when we all look blur while the francaise explain things.
moment the guide explain. most of us dunno what is she saying, except Lulu
they want to replace the kerbau

Most of the time, we just say "bonjour".. "merci beaucoup".. "au revoir".. and my heart keep thinking "je ne sais pas".. ahahah..

then we go around photo shoot. They also prepared a big board for us to leave our signature there. We saw that some other university signature board is already there. and here's ours
rui rui san drawing his signature..
should have bring my new camera to snap picture.. >.<

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