Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunway Lagoon (part 2) - T-Bowl

so, after swimming, all starving edi. so, Amy intro us this toilet concept restaurant named T-Bowl. it's a very unique concept.

T-Bowl Rest
This shop got alot toilet stuff. Their menu come with a tooth brush. Then there's a long bath there. There's also alot of toilet bowl.
Jonathan assis sur la cuvette des toilettes
Amy et moi. cuvette des toilettes différentes
So, I saw quite alot ppl order their dessert. Maybe because the ice cream come with their toilet "bowl" and make it really like a shit in the toilet bowl. hehe.. but we didnt order that. it's disgusting. price is average. so, i just ordered their recommend ala carte, dunno what's d name.. some cheese baked things.

beau couple
dunno how much total, cause amy foot the bill.. hehehe.. but i would recommend their soup. very nice!

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