Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Trip to Melaka Wonderland and Melaka

We went to Melaka again!
This time, our main purpose is to go their new build waterland. Melaka Waterland. The area of this waterland is quite big. Not much slide if compare to Sunway Lagoon. However, most of their slide is very very fun if compare to Sunway Lagoon. Most of the slides in Melaka Waterland doesnt exist in Sunway Lagoon. Moreover, their entrance ticket not that expensive.
Entrance of Melaka Wonderland

Fake wave and alot of slides behind this

Get ready! ROAR~~

Yea, he is tall enough now.. can play most of the slides.. 

There's water ball (people run in the ball while the ball floating on the water), fake beach, kid's slides and also adult water slides. 
Adult slides, there's a slides named Pendulum. The slides is very very steep and we have to get same weight people to sit on the front and back of the tube. My sister and I were very afraid to try at first, but lastly, i force my sister sit with me no matter how. The steepness is about 95 degree and it's very high. Scare the hell of us!
Another one is called Tornado. This slides also require the same as Pendulum. So the kids can't play though they are higher than 3ft. Tornado is something special that I havent play it before.

The best thing about this theme park is that not much long queue for all the games. Most of the slides that we played doesn't take long queue or no queue at all. So we can play repetitively till we exhausted.
water ball

Jonathan playing his water gun. Behind has alot slides. 

more slides info can refer to HERE

We played till exhausted and then continue our journey to Melaka town. Check-in at a hotel near jongker street and take a rest. Most of us are exhausted though. So went to have some dessert at Uncle Keong Eight Treasure Ice and some junk food across the jongker street. We found that there's a aunty selling the "suan pan zi" which is a hakka cuisine. Very tasty and nice!
Then we continue to have our dinner at Restaurant Sin Yin Hoe. Ordered Cod Fish! yeah! I love Cod Fish. The way they cook is abit different with hotel. And luckily the fish is fresh. Otherwise it would be a waste. Then dad order Oh Jian. And then we order some other famous dishes of the restaurant.

At night went to Jongker street. Walk to the street and the riverside. and saw some guy doing performance on the street to sell their chinese herb. 
The master inviting a angmo to performace his martial arts
After having some junk food, then went back to hotel.

The next day morning, mum went out to look for breakfast. There's a dim sum restaurant beside the hotel. Mum went to da bao some back to hotel. Surprisingly cheap! She ordered 6 plates of dim sum which including siew mai, fish ball or fish cake, char siew pau, 3 layer pork bun and those only cost RM9.80.

After that, we go out to eat breakfast at a stall near the street. Then we took trishaw and went to some sightseeing and visit the Maritime museum. Last time everyone of us took this trishaw and this time, the kids said want try again, so, all of us took it again~
Sis and the kids

Joey and I


After that, we went to have the Melaka famous Chicken Rice Ball as our lunch. No doubt, this time, the one we dine in is really much better than the previous one. Previously, we tried the one in the middle of jongker street, it's very very expensive and not that tasty. This time, we try another one which located at the end of the jongker street near the bridge.

My bro-in-law took the long queue while we all rest and pack our stuff in the hotel. When almost his turn, he called us and there we walk there sit down and eat. hahaha.. so nice and kind of my BIL. XD

Long queue. 

This time we dine in this.
Obviously this shop doesnt has much publisher but still the queue is very very long! They only sell Hainanese chicken and no vege. Seriously love this one! Then we went to eat Melaka Baba cendol~ yea, their Melaka Gula is really very nice. Sweet and tasty!

What I hate the most about Melaka is that the weather always very very hot! I have no idea why every time I go to this place, it's always hot and sunny!

Extremely full and tired, we continue our journey back to Kajang. Awesome trip~ ^^

Friday, June 22, 2012

Complete Degree of Electrical Engineering in University Malaya

Finally I have finish my degree of Electrical Engineering which took me 4 years to complete.

Throughout this 4 years, I learnt alot not only about academic but also some soft skill. I learn the fundamental skill to meet and social with people. Though sometimes really disappointed with my failure on certain issues, but I have learnt from my mistake. I'm glad I have met some awesome friends during this 4 years too. 

The ending of something means the beginning of the new thing. Here comes the end of my University life. Hope for the best for my future journey and success in my life.

Not all of us. There are some still missing. >.<


Part of our memory

Part of the crazy night
Part of the night out

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ReUnion - Besties

After graduating from secondary school, we all have been separated and busy with our stuff. We were so close with each other on those days. Almost every school holiday, class time, recess time, tuition time and outing, we were together. 

It's so hard for us to gather again because everyone of us have different time going back to Kajang. But now, finally we are here togather!

Good old memories flash back in my mind where we always sing, ponteng class, overcome obstacles. Those are really precious moment which colour my life in secondary school.

We work as a team, we as first aider in St. John KSS, fought so hard to National level for twice.. hahaha.. Those are really Proud and Happy moment. 

Today, we meet again!