Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Legendary Brother - RIP

He leaves us on 24 of November 2013, morning around 10am without saying goodbye.

I never thought this would happen in my life where my bro will pass away before we get old age like 70+ years old. Receiving every friend’s condolences, I can only reply back Thanks. I have totally mood-less to say anything or think anything. I really can’t accept this fact.

Though he lives in Kuantan and always outstation, that doesn’t reduces our pain of losing him that day. We console ourselves that this time he went to somewhere far for his work, but the feeling of missing pieces still there.

Nothing much to say as the pain in me can’t be described. I have one week+ having insomnia as I hope to see him during midnight, my heart feel pain and tight for weeks, my heart pumping so fast and loud where I have no idea how to ease the pain.

The moment we receive the news and the moment to enter the forensic room, will never forget in my life. He is a good guy who doesn’t deserve this.

Yesterday I dream about you in the after world. Thanks for bringing me to roam your world. I’m happy for you as you are still a strong man who can easily adapt changes. I hope you can find me oftenly as I really miss you.

May Your Soul RIP MY Dear brother – Lee Soon Han