Thursday, July 30, 2009

buddy line yum cha

tonight is the first day i have a budy line yum cha after 1 year passed... this is because during my first year, none of my buddy 1 suggest to have buddy yum cha.. so lame la my final year buddy...

so happy tonight is d first time have yum cha section wif my buddy line.. though it's only at 3rd college.. hahaha...

n so happy for sitting motorcycle though i scare... n juz now almost knock by a lame car... lucky my final year buddy drive slow tat time(coz i ask him to drive slow since i scare motor)... XD.. actually quite fun ride motor le.. too bad i dunno how 2 ride.. :P

looking forward more...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


after talking, i feel much better now, atleast somebody agree with my point..

i dun feel homwsick today.. weird huh... mayb too many homework to do... n i so lazy to do it!

maybe after the talk, i feel better.. something make me feel comfort...

i just wish that i could enjoy to the max in my uni life, sick of those gossip n discrimination! i want to explore out there with friends!!! hahahahahhah....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pik Chik

This week i won't going back home.. i should have stop thinking of my family..

somehow, i dunno why i have this determination.. to prove i'm somebody tat's not home sick? i'm a independent person? hahaha...

nonsense.. wat i think is, it's ur lose for not going back to join with your family member.. i always think my family b4 frens. but somehow, i feel like some ppl thought they have d mind tat they love family, but they are showing they more concern their fren instead of frens

action speak louder than word.. hope your parents will feel proud to have u as thier child

Monday, July 27, 2009

Senior Freshie Night

Senior Freshies Night organize by the freshie(1st year secholian) finally ended..

tonight though i have lots complaints especially my table( coz my table is at d corner n i cant c the stage since there's a pillar in front of me.. wtf)..but still enjoy d moment..

something inspire me.. haha.. i dun mean to condemn ppl, but somehow, i feel somebody can use the time to work more efficient than wat i have done..y? haha... i think this issue is too sensitive for me discuss wif any ppl here..

i juz hope someday these ppl will understand how badly they have done, dun always think of how grate u are, coz u will never improved.. ppl, pls think critically!!! tat's y UM is having a course named Critical Thinking!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

UM new policy

juz received a email that circulating among the student of UM about our new car policy

they are so many complaint about the new policy.. and the authority juz gave some nonsense excuse.. haha.. nobody love it..

hopefully someday there will some mogok case happened so that the authority could fix the problem asap, cause it really a lot of trouble for those who staying outside.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

moody night

hmm... dunno y i cant easily adapt in a new environment..

today still very moody mood.. mum n bro aso text n call me up.. make me so miss them... aih.. juz fews days didnt stay in house, yet a;ready start miss my family

recently feel myself very bad.. seems like i'm d worse ppl.. whenever i enter this hostel, i feel the failure surround me.. i cant communicate, ppl feel disappointed to me, i feel they are weird, i dun agree how they work, that's too many complaint from me n to me.. gosh.. i really wish to hide in the virtual world, my fb world n my home.. those places let me feel some1 willing to chat wif me, let me feel i'm not tat worse actually...

2 more days to go home, but i really homesick now.. i wish somebody was there for me, but.... who else will be my true fren here to accompany me?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lonely dog

recently very lazy to upload photo to update the activities in college...

it's my 2nd day staying in second college(coz i'm d "appealing batch")...

when i'm back, everyone seems busy with their project n interview things.. haha.. though i'm a senior now, but i think many of them dun recognize me coz i didnt attend the CC meeting with all the juniors..

feel like myself very passive, my coursemate all very busy with the interview n project things, sometimes always make me feel very lonely.. so usually i will find ppl sms n hang out...

however, i find out that this act will hurt ppl... i'm a selfish one? omg.. it's really terrible for me now.. i dun have much fren in 2nd college, yet i'm forbidden to hang out wif someone that i think i close with... life is really sucks har?

i hav 2 adapt myself wif the new environment, but, i getting over humble till i dun hav d guts to communicate with the juniors... i wanna run away from all d difficulties..

i'm a coward pathetic lonely dog..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blog Revive- Sem 3 started

Today is my first day get back to 2nd RC again.. hmm..

2 months holiday juz over, and now i have to get back to my study life..

just enter the college.. everything strange, see many strange faces.. all newbie.. hehe..
then Li Hong, Yen Nee, Hui Ying and me go attack Sook Lin room while I just arrived there.. lol.. chat alot and gossip alot.. laugh till i feel sleepy n hot! haha..
tonight gonna sleep without air cond~~~

i guess, busy life going to start again~

p/s: dam connection.. cant u let us connect more faster?