Monday, July 27, 2009

Senior Freshie Night

Senior Freshies Night organize by the freshie(1st year secholian) finally ended..

tonight though i have lots complaints especially my table( coz my table is at d corner n i cant c the stage since there's a pillar in front of me.. wtf)..but still enjoy d moment..

something inspire me.. haha.. i dun mean to condemn ppl, but somehow, i feel somebody can use the time to work more efficient than wat i have done..y? haha... i think this issue is too sensitive for me discuss wif any ppl here..

i juz hope someday these ppl will understand how badly they have done, dun always think of how grate u are, coz u will never improved.. ppl, pls think critically!!! tat's y UM is having a course named Critical Thinking!

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