Monday, January 26, 2009

Ang Pao Festival at 8th College (21/01/2009)

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!Chinese New Year is coming soon (if not wrong is on next week). Today(21/01/2009), I heard my course mate said that 2nd CC will be going to organize a small trip to 8th college for their ang pao festival. She said senior might be preparing a bus for us to 8th college. So, after APK class, Sook Lin, Hui Ying and me decide to go. When we go to lobby, we were shock because there is no one else there. And finally Rong Qing( the organizer show up), ask us to wait for the others. Finally, he manage to ask about 14-18 people. The next surprise is these amounts of people have to squeeze into a small van which prepare by the 8th college! Haha… that’s not a big deal la. Because we just need to squeeze for about 5 minutes in order to reach 8th.

After arriving this peaceful and harmony college, we go and collect our door gift, an big angpao with a booklet inside it and a special Bookmark, then we take a sit.

SL, HY and me haven’t sit yet then decide want to discover this college. On our way, we bump to an 8th college member who volunteers to guide us to their expo (about Chinese new year and some games there). There, we play some puzzle and memory game and win some candy. There also have a special things: we may take an mandarin orange and write our name and contact number and leave it in a box. Then, if someone took “our orange”, they have to send a sms to them. ”sound like match making”. Hehe..

After snapping few photos, we are invited to take a sit at their Dewan Makan to enjoy the performance. Quite interesting except for the drama which I have no notion what they trying to do(because they speak not clear). They are fireman(eat fire), lion dance, modern dance, Chinese dance (ribbon and Shan Zi), and Chinese Yoyo(扯铃) . Their performance really nice! And they did show a short multimedia about their committee and preparation. WOW! Theirs really much nicer than the 1 I saw in 2nd ! Really impressing! Furthermore, there is also a competition. Each group have to eat as much mandarin orange as possible within 3 minutes in order to win. SL and me straight away feel regret for not joining this competition when they ask the audience come to the stage. Haha..

At the end of the show, they prepare refreshment for us. Besides, there’s a 财神爷giving out ang pow section too. Off course inside the ang pow doesn’t have $$, only small paper or discount voucher. After that, we take our real UM shuttle bus back to our 2nd college.

Don't look down this van.. there are 14 ppl inside it. lolSiew Yee challenging the memory gameGong Xi Fa Cai to all~One of the performance - Lion DanceOur UM shuttle bus! we conquer it! haha..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

mY NeW WatcH Esprit!

Yesterday I saw an watch which look very attractive while shopping with my sis at The Mines. After back home, suddenly I have a very big feel to own that watch. Since it very costly, and probably my mum will unhappy if i buy it, i thought that just a dream for me. But suddenly i remember back! Last year I won a LG mobile phone from a website! and so i quickly ask my brother help me sell it. and i manage to get a real good price! so, this evening, my brother brought my sis and me go leisure mall to look for other watches as well..
finally, i decide to buy this! I wouldn't say this watch is very expensive(RM3xx) for some people, but it will be my very expensive items! haha.. so happy! lucky my parents didnt scold me, because the money is not from my pocket money, is i get it from a competition. haha.. cheerz

My Esprit Watchon my hand! haha...

Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 NeW YeaR Eve

This year new year eve, actually i plan to go home sleep only, but since my course mate so excited to come my house spend new year eve for me, so i made a small planning for them

1stly, i ask my secondary friend(siew) how to go to look up point. after find out the way, then i keep thinking where should i bring them???
finally, i remember they love kajang satay(which kajang chinese rarely eat de), so i decide to bring them taste Kajang most popular food - Kajang Satay at Haji Samuri(at kajang library building).

because there's limit place for me to fetch them with my kembara, i only manage to ask 3-4 people come to my house. At the end, Li Hong, Hui Ying, Shin Yuan and Sook Lin are the chosen to enjoy my "half night trip". After they have their dinner at d.u., they take ktm to reach kajang, then i fetch them back my home to unload their stuff.then bring them go there very funny lo! because that's d place we have our "kuah wong yi hao"(sook lin) and "kuah wong er hao"(shin yuan) because they can eat the satay kuah plainly without anything.. like drink soup.. haha.. then we also snap some photo. very funny lo! lucky no friend there, cause kajang people take photo in kajang sound very crazy la.. haha..

after that, since there's time before 12pm, i brought them to Connaught Pasar Malam(the longest night market in malaysia).. The place very crowded, and we also saw a secholian there (Shi Ni). Not sure they like this pasar malam anot, but lucky i manage let them taste the "臭豆腐" which not as 臭as last time edi.and also let them taste the japanese food(dunno wat name edi).because the night market too long, and we walk till 11.30pm. that time i know we already run out of time to go look up point to enjoy the countdown atmosphere.

but no matter how, i think it's a good try to bring them enjoy the scene. on the way, it's very traffic we park about 500m away from the look up point and walk there, snapping some photo n enjoy the scene there.thought can yum cha at there, but that day gasoline only sell set meal, didn;t sell any drinks.. don't know whether they enjoy anot, but i really happy cause manage to bring them there though we already miss d firework section.. haha..

after that, back to my home, n they start enjoying some movies and reading b4 go to bed. haha..
hope i have bring a memorable day for them~ cheerzz~Welcome to Sate Kajang at HJ Samuri~
Sook Lin, Shin Yuan, Li Hong, Hui Ying, Me
See?They really love Satay!! haha..

"Kuah Wong Yi Hao" (Finish a full bowl of kuah)"Kuah Wong Er Hao"
Our Dai Ka Jie~~ at Hj Samuri
This two "sau mang mang" de..
Look Up Point Scene
yeah! We made it to here!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


GACC - Grand Asian Chess Challenge is a big project from our second college. It is a international chess competition for all undergraduate students.This competition held on December 2008.

Me - a small potato stay under tournament department.

I remember that day after finish my SUKMUM chess competition( My team get 1ST RUNNER UP - YAHOOOOOOOO!), then I faster rush this reunion night at Hai Luo Restaurant at JAYA ONE. Before reach there, Jia Hui help me set hair and Siew Yee help me make up. That day, Cherry and me is the only one make up. haha..

There's alot x-senior attend this reunion night. i think the oldest is 2004/2005. haha.. all come back eat n chit chat.Some of the senior quite liang moi and liang zai too..
Hai Luo restaurant that night closed bacuse we already book the whole restaurant. A very ood environment place for yum cha. That night, we have our buffet 1st, then lucky draw, then free and easy(song dedication section), then lucky draw, then choose the person we most admire, then lucky draw and free dance. a simple yet fun night. I'm lucky to take the chance to attend this night!

That night Chee Ling act really funny by dancing the Chicken Dance. And what make me real happy is i manage to get the lucky draw! A packet of A4 paper.. haha..Sau Ching get a photo album and Li Hong get a penguin pencil holderGACC seniors

2nd year GACC director..
Door gift for everyone - a rose..
Li Hong playing piano.. (acting only.. wahaha..)
1st Tournament Department Junior.. My Crew..
Sau Ching, Mei Ling, Wan Rou, Hui Ying
Concentrate on d stage!
haha.. my lucky draw prize!

UM eXspO Penyelidikan Rekacipta Inovasi 2009

There's an expo last week. The expo is more about the final year or lecturer research exhibition from science course. It is held from 13 Jan 2009 till 15 Jan 2009 at DTC UM.

I remember that day we seems free, so Shin Yuan, Li Hong and Me decide to go take a look on the 1st day. That time not really crowded yet. We saw alot professor level people there. And some secondary school on their booth showing their invented stuff. Impressing because they only secondary but created lots stuff. bravo!

We just have a look around and snap some photo there. After that, we rush back to our next classhaha.. Welcome to Research Eye On UM
Me and Shin Yuan. The aquarium has lots small prawn. cute!Cheers~ Free INDOcafe outside DTC. Hehe..Li Hong - Shin YuanMe - Li Hong : EE senior hasil kerja! gorgeous. so pai seh when we take photo..coz many ppl looking at us. hahaThis is Uni Malaya Team design at World Solar Challenge 2009.Solar Car.

NeW anD X-rOOmMate

"E307" is my current new room. Previously, this room stay by 3 people only. Since there are reconstruction for some building in my college, now they squeeze us 4 people in a room. Quite pack inside.. urghh..

Cherry - My block C roommate staying with me in this new room. We quite miss our block C room because there's only two person in a room. hehe..
Siew Yee - GACC marketing director. Very geng in make up. 2nd year senior
Jia Hui - GACC miscellaneous director, Very geng in set hair. 2nd year senior

It's a bit weird for me to stay under 1 roof with a senior.Hope in this coming new semester, our relation will be enhanced.

Me, Siew Yee, Jia Hui, Cherry

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My "2nd Home"

2nd CC graduation artwork(to congratz x secholian)
Here's my blog for my second semester in University Malaya. I'm staying in second college. Wonderful yet a busy place. But now i'm no longer staying in Block C. Now I have shifted to Block E 3rd floor.
Second Resident College(2nd RC) @ Kolej Tuanku Bahiyah, @nd oldest college in UM..
The is the scenery taken from the corridor between Block C and Block B.
Since my current room can't online, i can only try my best to post the latest news asap! hehe..