Thursday, January 22, 2009


GACC - Grand Asian Chess Challenge is a big project from our second college. It is a international chess competition for all undergraduate students.This competition held on December 2008.

Me - a small potato stay under tournament department.

I remember that day after finish my SUKMUM chess competition( My team get 1ST RUNNER UP - YAHOOOOOOOO!), then I faster rush this reunion night at Hai Luo Restaurant at JAYA ONE. Before reach there, Jia Hui help me set hair and Siew Yee help me make up. That day, Cherry and me is the only one make up. haha..

There's alot x-senior attend this reunion night. i think the oldest is 2004/2005. haha.. all come back eat n chit chat.Some of the senior quite liang moi and liang zai too..
Hai Luo restaurant that night closed bacuse we already book the whole restaurant. A very ood environment place for yum cha. That night, we have our buffet 1st, then lucky draw, then free and easy(song dedication section), then lucky draw, then choose the person we most admire, then lucky draw and free dance. a simple yet fun night. I'm lucky to take the chance to attend this night!

That night Chee Ling act really funny by dancing the Chicken Dance. And what make me real happy is i manage to get the lucky draw! A packet of A4 paper.. haha..Sau Ching get a photo album and Li Hong get a penguin pencil holderGACC seniors

2nd year GACC director..
Door gift for everyone - a rose..
Li Hong playing piano.. (acting only.. wahaha..)
1st Tournament Department Junior.. My Crew..
Sau Ching, Mei Ling, Wan Rou, Hui Ying
Concentrate on d stage!
haha.. my lucky draw prize!

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