Thursday, January 22, 2009

UM eXspO Penyelidikan Rekacipta Inovasi 2009

There's an expo last week. The expo is more about the final year or lecturer research exhibition from science course. It is held from 13 Jan 2009 till 15 Jan 2009 at DTC UM.

I remember that day we seems free, so Shin Yuan, Li Hong and Me decide to go take a look on the 1st day. That time not really crowded yet. We saw alot professor level people there. And some secondary school on their booth showing their invented stuff. Impressing because they only secondary but created lots stuff. bravo!

We just have a look around and snap some photo there. After that, we rush back to our next classhaha.. Welcome to Research Eye On UM
Me and Shin Yuan. The aquarium has lots small prawn. cute!Cheers~ Free INDOcafe outside DTC. Hehe..Li Hong - Shin YuanMe - Li Hong : EE senior hasil kerja! gorgeous. so pai seh when we take photo..coz many ppl looking at us. hahaThis is Uni Malaya Team design at World Solar Challenge 2009.Solar Car.

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