Monday, January 26, 2009

Ang Pao Festival at 8th College (21/01/2009)

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!Chinese New Year is coming soon (if not wrong is on next week). Today(21/01/2009), I heard my course mate said that 2nd CC will be going to organize a small trip to 8th college for their ang pao festival. She said senior might be preparing a bus for us to 8th college. So, after APK class, Sook Lin, Hui Ying and me decide to go. When we go to lobby, we were shock because there is no one else there. And finally Rong Qing( the organizer show up), ask us to wait for the others. Finally, he manage to ask about 14-18 people. The next surprise is these amounts of people have to squeeze into a small van which prepare by the 8th college! Haha… that’s not a big deal la. Because we just need to squeeze for about 5 minutes in order to reach 8th.

After arriving this peaceful and harmony college, we go and collect our door gift, an big angpao with a booklet inside it and a special Bookmark, then we take a sit.

SL, HY and me haven’t sit yet then decide want to discover this college. On our way, we bump to an 8th college member who volunteers to guide us to their expo (about Chinese new year and some games there). There, we play some puzzle and memory game and win some candy. There also have a special things: we may take an mandarin orange and write our name and contact number and leave it in a box. Then, if someone took “our orange”, they have to send a sms to them. ”sound like match making”. Hehe..

After snapping few photos, we are invited to take a sit at their Dewan Makan to enjoy the performance. Quite interesting except for the drama which I have no notion what they trying to do(because they speak not clear). They are fireman(eat fire), lion dance, modern dance, Chinese dance (ribbon and Shan Zi), and Chinese Yoyo(扯铃) . Their performance really nice! And they did show a short multimedia about their committee and preparation. WOW! Theirs really much nicer than the 1 I saw in 2nd ! Really impressing! Furthermore, there is also a competition. Each group have to eat as much mandarin orange as possible within 3 minutes in order to win. SL and me straight away feel regret for not joining this competition when they ask the audience come to the stage. Haha..

At the end of the show, they prepare refreshment for us. Besides, there’s a 财神爷giving out ang pow section too. Off course inside the ang pow doesn’t have $$, only small paper or discount voucher. After that, we take our real UM shuttle bus back to our 2nd college.

Don't look down this van.. there are 14 ppl inside it. lolSiew Yee challenging the memory gameGong Xi Fa Cai to all~One of the performance - Lion DanceOur UM shuttle bus! we conquer it! haha..

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