Saturday, January 24, 2009

mY NeW WatcH Esprit!

Yesterday I saw an watch which look very attractive while shopping with my sis at The Mines. After back home, suddenly I have a very big feel to own that watch. Since it very costly, and probably my mum will unhappy if i buy it, i thought that just a dream for me. But suddenly i remember back! Last year I won a LG mobile phone from a website! and so i quickly ask my brother help me sell it. and i manage to get a real good price! so, this evening, my brother brought my sis and me go leisure mall to look for other watches as well..
finally, i decide to buy this! I wouldn't say this watch is very expensive(RM3xx) for some people, but it will be my very expensive items! haha.. so happy! lucky my parents didnt scold me, because the money is not from my pocket money, is i get it from a competition. haha.. cheerz

My Esprit Watchon my hand! haha...


  1. Found you babe! wuhoo, ade new watch ni! Aha, nice anyway. Linked you up in my bloggie yop!

    Happy CNY
    Take care
    All the best
    Have a superb great days