Sunday, February 28, 2010


haha.. just feel very boring.. so play with the camera and edit photo, and here is it.. keke

not perfect enough.. :(

Friday, February 26, 2010

Chu 1 CNY

kinda late to update my new year celebration.. let start with the Nian 30 Wan(cny eve). that night went to ah ma house makan with all relatives.. very crowded and lucky there are two houses combined, else, i think cant fit all of us there. keep play with the kids, and some of my cousin nieces grown up, time really flies, now they are secondary edi and one of them graduate from form 5.
sis and me while eating tuan yuan fan

after that night, back home and online till 1am.. the fire cracker sound around the neighborhood played continuously. and it make a very good atmosphere! love it.. hehe

early morning chu1, was woke up by my nephews. then "xin nian kuai le ba,xin nian kuai le kor, xin nian kuai le ma..." hahaha.. then faster change to new clothes and be ready to go ah ma house again.

like usual, after eating breakfast there, then chit chatting until afternoon, then we will go visit dad's friends. This ppl is very famous in kajang and cheras, a very rich guy. His house is 3 big houses combined into 1. and off course, ang pow there aso big abit.. hehe..his house very comfortable and we always happy to go there.
our family and dad's friend family

after that, back home take a nap(coz yesterday watch supernatural till quite late until abit headache). about evening time, lion dance came to my house, change my clothes then start video record and enjoy the show~ nephews so scare with the lion dance, but wants to touch d lion dance pulak.. and the lion dance fool wif him by chasing him till he keep scream.. hahaa..too bad Joey and Jonathan is not there with us, i bet they sure love it!
the two lions dance that came to my house.. ^^

night time stay at home with supernatural again.. XD

Wednesday, February 17, 2010






现在,我真的不知我能付出什么来让她高兴了。我能怎样?除了每个礼拜回家看她,吃她煮的,逗逗她,对她撒娇 ,陪她宵夜,带她出去走走。。我也做不到其他了。我明白解铃还须系铃人,我不是那位系铃人,唯有做这些来让她高兴。可是,岁月慢慢地把她的健康夺走了,她变得不想出去了,我要怎样让她快乐些?我真的真的很想让她快乐些!真的很想!我怎样绞尽脑汁,都买不到健康给她。。要怎样!!!!! Y_Y




Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Broga Hill

hmm.. i think it's been few weeks ago i been to broga hill with my friends yen hoong, sek cheng and win shen. This plan come out after we yum cha at McD that day.

early morning, sek cheng fetch yen hoong and me go 2gather, win shen drive himself. we shoot off at 6am, then reach there about 6.30am, but on the journey, yh suddenly 1 do "big business" so we went to the temple and find toilet. (d temple is much deep inside of the broga hill).
Yen Hoong.. We almost reach the topthree of us posing emo

after that we start climb up around 7am, that time sky start abit bright
it's hard to climb up d hill, really tiring.. i guess i use about half an hour to climb up. lucky that day is sunday, alot ppl there and 4 of us just follow people and climb up(we don't knwo the way to d hill)..
4 of us

reach at the top, the view is very nice, everything seems perfect except too much ppl there. everyone busying get the best pose and angle to take photo.. busying doing funny pose.. basically, there are 3 top hill, since yen hoong and me reach the top 1st, we take some photo and then go to the 2nd hill. we notice d 3rd hill is tooo difficult and dangerous, and we really exhausted.. so we decide not to go too far..

captured a guy.. don't know why he standing there alone with the camera, but i thought this picture is nice

the wind on the top there very very strong and cooling. lucky when we reach the top there, it won't feel hot and the sun just about to rise. haha.. guess we lucky, don;t have to wake up tat early to watch it rise,, :P
after taking photo, then we cabut balik(i miss my home.. haha..)..
cabut balik loooo........

very nice place except it cause my knees very pain. my knees start pain few years ago while i play badminton. normal day walking doesnt make any problem, only playing badminton and other sports make my knees pain.. quite worry about it..
Photoshop myself

Hope my coursemate faster get a time to go there too~


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Electrical Engineer Reunion at Green View Restaurant

it's our couse annual dinner. this year is organized by our batch. they said 3rd year suggest to go this restaurant which is located at ss2. hmm.. went here eat wif family once, quite expensive but they have alot special food here.. the most i remember is the watermelon+chicken.. haha.. weird..

Early birds
but this time, came with coursemate, though the food is so-so, but i still satisfied! my coursemates and i feel not worth because they order some normal meal only but cost rm23 per person. i guess we not even order their special meal, so, it;s kinda waste of money because we didnt taste the specialty here.
Door Gift
ok. so start from.. we went there quite early, Ju Yao fetch me, hui ying, hao ren(only gal for 1st year batch) and li hong. then we received our door gift from Shin Yuan hand made. a small fan made wif ang pow packet. :)
9 EE Girlss.. twins look pretty
after all arrive, then we start our eating.. as usual, we 9 girls + hao ren sit a table. and we girls are not usual girl, all grab food fast coz most of us are hungry status(the eating start on 8pm+), but lucky sook lin and me consume some food at Dewan Makan before we go there. haha..
3rd year + 2nd year + 1st year EE girlss
Li hong is trying to fool sook lin. she quickly turn d food away from sook lin when d food juz pass her position..
our first meal
then we have yum seng section among ur own batch mate.. then combine yum seng section with all coursemates.. and d restaurant is full of our noise.. hahaha.. then alot photo shooting section.. then everything end..Yuuuum Seng3rd year seniors

the bad thing is final year senior didnt join us.. haha.. hope everyone has a great and prosperity new year!


Lou Sang #2 at Sri Serdang (Fook Hing Restaurant)

Hmm.. that day Sunday already lou sang for once. now, here's the 2nd lou sang. it's on wednesday night. After my lab session, then went back home and wait for lou sang. before that, went to shopping and bought a pair of high heel.
This time, treat by my 2nd sis's bf at sri serdang. that place is a small place, but alot of ppl went there to eat(the traffic quite jam there since d road is small, and many big car there).the restaurant we went to is called Fook Hing Rest(beside a famous steamboat).
the restaurant is already full house. decoration is nice.. i love it!
I didn't capture much photo here because my sis's bf's mum and sis joining us, kinda pai seh to capture all the meal. so i just capture our main dish which is LOBSTER!!haha..this is the first time i eat lobster, really thanks to my sis's bf Mr. Ka Wai.. wakaka..
this lobster cost rm498..look small in picture, but actually quite big

besides this, we also eat abalone, big crab, lou sang,and some other which i forget already.. they order too much la.. XD.. but i love the abalone and big crab.. very nice ler.. XD

the lobster is very nice! really very tasty. it is cooked wif noodle. one lobster, we 10 adults here also cant finish it. yet we still have to makan d crab(alot there)..

when makan there, somebody brought some puppy along, and joey and jonathan sooo excited! haha.. they even brough a chair to somewhere near d dog owner there and sit and look the dog. XD..
my plate.. haha.. dun think i eat very few, i eat alot, but really cannot take more crab tho crab is my favourite

well.. this meal cost about RM800+.. this year i really lucky to have a great meal for twice in a week... XD gonna fat fat liao!



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lou Sang #1 at Jaya Palace, PJ

This year Lou Sang really surprising, currently i have lou for two times. both also very very enjoying and surprise! haha..

The first one is at Jaya Palace at PJ on Sunday(7 Feb 2010) with my family. My sis and bro-in-law treat us. Why they choose this place? hmm.. not quite sure, i guess it's convenient to send me back after the dinner(cause i back to hostel every sunday night :( )

When arrive this place, i thought it would be like the normal dine in, but who knows, inside of this restaurant is very nice! Nice deco and very good environment. When we arrive, there's only 2 table left. All the private room and normal table full. By that time, I thought this place wouldn't be very expensive because it seems like a very common place to let family enjoy their dinner.
These are the private rooms with the Dynasty name (qing Chao, Ming Chao..)Me & Leng Lui

let skip all the bla bla bla n back to lou sang. First meal is Lou Sang. I remember every year also lou many times de, don't know this year need lou how many times again. at first, the waitress open up some ingredient such as honey and salmon and other, then pour in d lou sang. Every single ingredient do represent a meaning and the waitress will said out. for example, when she pour d honey, she will said "大家甜甜蜜蜜"..and alots la.. haha.. i remember got something health, wealth, handsome and leng lui.. wakakaka... well, i guess d lou sang expensive is because of these meaningful words. after finish pouring all the ingredients, then it's our time to stand up and LOU!!! hahaha.. Since most of my family members are english or malay edu, usually i'm d one who speak alot those 4 word peribahasa(about new year) during lou sang. XD
My First Lou Sang sooo yeng.. you also can notice their turn food things very special also

Other meals including scallop fried with some weird things, Scallop soup, roasted pigglet(dam love it), chicken+ sea cucumber, fried rice, dessert(very nice!). All the pictures can be seen through my facebook. too lazy to upload here. XD
One of my favourite! Yum Yum!

In this restaurant, the environment and atmosphere very elegent and nice. There's a place has alot aquarium with alot lobsters and big crab and some weird fish. haha.. then i brough my niece and nephew to play the lobster. Lobster are really huge until their misai fly out from d aquarium top there. to make my niece and nephew kagum with me, i force myself go pull d lobster misai and pull it half out from d water surface.. wakakaka.. so dam scare..
Cute dessert. Inside got many ingredients

Well.. with this meal without Yu Chee(shark fin soup or lobster or crab), it cost RM800++.. lol.. no bull shit. this is real! lol.. really give this Palace chop we all already.. hahaha.. last week baru get chop.. this week kena chop again... :P but it's a good try!

Happy CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of you! ^^

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chinese New Year Cleberation

before i update my broga trip, let see this..
Today once i wake up, terus get all d ang pow(my house have alot) and start to cut n lipat some pattern.. usually my family not that artistic, we seldom do this kind of things, but i just suddenly very bersemangat to do it.. haha.. so, since we have no idea how 2 do those lantern arr.. fish arr.. or what cha what cha arr.. then i google to look for info
finally, i manage to do some gorgeous work out.. hahahah..

some of my family member have nothing to do, so they come and join me. since my mum very weak, she just give some advise n opinion, and also teach d maid do the sewing things.. XD
last year i've downloaded the whole my astro cny album, so i play d song n sambil do.. love d atmosphere.. XD

my sis doing a normal lantern that i taught them last year
since my niece n nephew's kindergarten teacher ask them brought some ang pow deco on monday, so i help them do some simple fish n super simple lantern for them. if u noticed, d above picture, there's a lantern actually clip wrongly(my sis do it wrongly), so we decide let them bring tat lantern to kindergarten as well. :P dun1 bazir ma.. hehehe
my PeacockS!HUAT ARR~

this is the peacock that i tried to learn for this year.. but seems not as nice as i seen in internet.. :P.. wanna make more as like represent every family members, but feel not nice, so do two cukup. :P

and lastly.. my new,amazing and gorgeous artwork that i work out.. that make me feel most proud and everyone also said nice.......jiang jiang jiang jiang!!!
My very first lantern ball!

wel.. this lantern ball.. i remember when i'm in primary school, teacher ask us to do some cny ang pow deco and pass up as seni marks. since my family all aso dunno how 2 do, i just chin chai buat some n pass up(my seni memang teruk all d time). then i remember i saw my friend brought this ball n pass up. that time i really impressed wif it! so i quickly ask my fren teach me, but he say "very easy 1.. like tat like tat like tat".. clueless.. dunno what he said, he dun1 demo aso.. until yesterday night, i saw the picture showing this ball.. without tutorial, i tried to do it by looking the sample only.. gosh.. i'm so happy i've finally know how 2 make this lantern ball! haha.. love it! muacks!

my sis said she 1(want to give her bf), so i make 4 unit lantern ball(very tiring), 2 for me, 2 for her.. haha.. our ang pow paper really dam nice la.. but luckily cukup to do, 1 lantern ball need about 30 unit angpow packets..

my elder sis in charge taking care d kids, mum help to give opinion, and we also drag the maid to help us sew d thread so that we can hang on d ceiling. she always tell us she pandai jahit, but when ask her do this, wat also my mum n sis keep tease her lo.. XD.. oh ya.. one thing i just find out about my maid.. she know how to sing chinese song! Penny - Ni Yao De Ai.. lol.. when my computer play tat song, she sing along ler.. quite shock when heard she sing.. coz d sound she sing soooooo accurate...

and after about 4-5 hours.. my artwork is here~4 unit lantern balls, 2 peacocks, lantern, flower, fish.. XD

happy..although my eyes very tired, but overall very satisfied. i need to practise this tradition every year coz it let all family members stay together ,play and also create a harmony atmosphere. appreciate this moment and wish my mum's health has improvement..