Saturday, February 13, 2010

Electrical Engineer Reunion at Green View Restaurant

it's our couse annual dinner. this year is organized by our batch. they said 3rd year suggest to go this restaurant which is located at ss2. hmm.. went here eat wif family once, quite expensive but they have alot special food here.. the most i remember is the watermelon+chicken.. haha.. weird..

Early birds
but this time, came with coursemate, though the food is so-so, but i still satisfied! my coursemates and i feel not worth because they order some normal meal only but cost rm23 per person. i guess we not even order their special meal, so, it;s kinda waste of money because we didnt taste the specialty here.
Door Gift
ok. so start from.. we went there quite early, Ju Yao fetch me, hui ying, hao ren(only gal for 1st year batch) and li hong. then we received our door gift from Shin Yuan hand made. a small fan made wif ang pow packet. :)
9 EE Girlss.. twins look pretty
after all arrive, then we start our eating.. as usual, we 9 girls + hao ren sit a table. and we girls are not usual girl, all grab food fast coz most of us are hungry status(the eating start on 8pm+), but lucky sook lin and me consume some food at Dewan Makan before we go there. haha..
3rd year + 2nd year + 1st year EE girlss
Li hong is trying to fool sook lin. she quickly turn d food away from sook lin when d food juz pass her position..
our first meal
then we have yum seng section among ur own batch mate.. then combine yum seng section with all coursemates.. and d restaurant is full of our noise.. hahaha.. then alot photo shooting section.. then everything end..Yuuuum Seng3rd year seniors

the bad thing is final year senior didnt join us.. haha.. hope everyone has a great and prosperity new year!


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