Saturday, August 28, 2010

the great old days

Miss this moment

freezing the precious moment

family photo

Family Trip to Avilion Hotel, Port Dickson

When Cindy Degree Graduate
Holiday trip

Healthy days

Back to HOME

on last weekend, i spent it at my hostel because of my family things. And today, i finally back to home after 2 weeks time staying out from the home.

Home  has warmed my heart again. seriously. I can feel it. Whenever I'm outside, I don't feel Love from anyone in my life. I thought it might be because I'm still single and nobody love me, but when i think deeply, I actually cant find a real love from my friends.

I feel very depress about this and i don't know why i will feel like this. Am i really desperate for it? i never thought i could feel so bad. It happened when i lost my love from my family gradually. Why do I say so? hmm.. I'm the youngest in the family, always get alot loves from anyone since i was born. whenever i feel pissed, ppl always come and humor me. But now, all my loves one have their life partner edi. besides, my mum start weak and i cant feel her spirit whenever i back home now. i feel very bad. i wish to go home, but the feeling of being is different edi. all of them busy with their things. no.2 with family, no.3 with jesus, no.4 with bf. and me? who am i going to be with? ..... tear rolling out....

so, i think of friends. ppl ask me, do u have a real good friends that you can talk with? maybe there is, but not around me. my uni friends? sorry, i feel that they not that like me anymore. feeling being left out all d time and information never get updated. I become more sensitive after staying alone in a new hostel. no one is caring me here and no one i could really talk and hang out with. When the blue day come, i dunno what can i do and how to deal with it. it's such a pathetic life.

so, friday is selangor public holiday, sis come n pick me up and went to midvalley shopping. have lunch with here and she treat me eat. i start pouring all my woe to her, and almost my tears drop out at the restaurant. argh.. i guess when ppl get older, tears always very easy fall? or did i really very sad n down recently?

listening my edifier speaker.. i feel very warm sitting in my room with aircond. This morning went to watch movie with my sister on her treat. very enjoyable and lovely. she told me this month she spend almost 2k on those girl stuff. off course, those branded cloths, cosmetic, hair mask products, hand cream , bra.. lol.. i really shocked when she told me she spend rm400+ for 3 bra. XD
to reward myself, i bought a better slipper since i need to walk alot from the new hostel to my faculty. thanks to my god mum giving me money to spend. i'm a lazy kids to go work. XD

aih.. i really scare back to hostel again, back to a place that i was not recognize and being hated. feel really scare and stress. not the homework, but my relationship with family and friends. I know i should have try my best to adept the change,but i cant. One day, my family will left me alone in this world. I really afraid this day will come.. but i wont regret anything.. because all this while, i have been sacrifice alot and appreciating the moment with my family. i know one day something will change, but what can i do now is to appreciate the time being with them before time take away love from me.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend at Hostel

most of my friends know that I rarely spent my weekdays at hostel. This week I quite wish to stay tho.
every1 ask me y? hmm.. I don't think I want to say it out here.

so.. on friday, went ice skating with my coursemates. with the promotion, RM5 per entry. I wanted to learn "chan bing" but still not success yet. then we have our dinner at a korean restaurant. wanted to order glass noodle that i taste in sydney/melbourne, but too bad, dun hav it, so ordered kimchi bulgogi rice
chung wang, rui feng,kuan yuan

me & yan xian

saturday very boring, early morning start watch the hk drama "a pillow case of mystery II"..
very down.. because too free and too boring and keep think this and that.
coincidentally, no one is online, and i cant find anyone to chat with.
so, i start think of the reason I'm not going back this weekend..start feel my situation getting worse..
and i started feel abandoned.
feel that my life is very pathetic..
in this kind of situation, no one can accompany me and talk to me..
so, my feeling took a plummet
n started to recall somebody again. i wish to sms him, but i not dare to take any action.

so, night time went out yum cha. continue mabuk myself with drama.

spending weekend time at hostel , in certain way make me feel good, but in some way bad.
aih... i wish i could do something to solve the problem

Sunday, August 15, 2010


today somehow, i feel like this weekend not to go home.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


we see things in different perspective. that decide whether we able to communicate with each other. that's what i keep thinking after yum cha with a senior. I guess we always have a different perspective.

when we have the same thought, we can mix very well and laugh togather. sometimes when ppl want to get close with somebody, they purposely change their perspective just to mix along with the other party. therefor, it's hard to tell if this is the ppl that you looking for?

I should remember what I ought to remember.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Lovely sister Master Graduation DAy!!

haha.. last time put my sis degree convocation, this time sick also have to attend her master convocation! and, on that day, i really sick pulak!! =.=... so, drag my weakbody to the convocation.

On that day, it is very funny and i bet my sister sure very very happy! why?
hmm.. let's start with this story,
the night before convocation, she n her bf(ka wai) went to somewhere till very late and ka wai stay over9 at my home, i think he's drunk.the next morning 6am, my sis n parents prepare to go  for the convocation ceremony while ka wai back home continue sleep(according to him). then me, eric, amy & family went there at 11.45pm as they will come out around that time. since i was sick, i slept untill 11am, lucky didntover time.

so... after parking somewhere abit far from their dewan, then we walk towards dewan there. while walking there, i saw someone holding alot alot balloon and i thought someone is selling the balloon there. suddenly that person facing us and i c it clearly. "OMFG!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOO YENG!!" ka wai with his 2 friends, he holding alot balloon there and going to find my sis and my sister didnt know she bring this much of balloon. haha.. i keep laughing non stop while searching my sister.
this much of balloon
after found her and parents, have some photo shooting there. body very weak, so, took few pictures then sit somewhere and rest coz feel abit dizzy edi. alot ppl keep looking at my sister as the balloon really attractive! hahaha.. sis receive alot flower n gift.really jealous of her got such funny bf.. XD
my family

after that back home and know something from mum. according to ka wai, he bought the machine that pump helim into the balloon for rm850, and this early morning, with the help of his two friend, they start pump and tide it 2gather. lol. this is so insane.. my sis keep say he very waste money because she rather use rm850 to buy burberry wallet or bla bla bla.. XD.. what to do, this is ka wai.. always make ppl surprise with those funny action.. XD

so, dinner, we went to fish village (semenyih) eat with ka wai's mum n sis n my family.. yummy... though i'm sick, but still got appetite eat. haha.. eat alot tilll bloated. XD
The lovely couple
My Beloved sister - Cindy

1st college and 2nd college

hm... i didnt know that 2nd college cc is that famous!!! lol.. i guess 2nd cc sure very proud with this. but. hmm.. let me finish my story

well, since i staying here, always sit with stranger during meal time. met 1st year to final year student. when i told them i was transfer from 2nd college to 1st college, most of them will ask me why and ask me compare the food btw this 2 college. lol.. almost can hafal what am i going to say edi.

but this is not the point that i 1 2 emphasize. hmm.. how am i going to start..
ok.. this few days i happened to chat with alot 1st year juniors during meal time. when they know i come from 2nd, they wont ask me compare the food, but they will tell me "2nd cc very strict1 wor"... and "if u 1 2 stay at 2nd, u need to be active in cc" and some sensitive thing which i dun1 2 mention here. well.. i'm very surprise as they only came here study for about 1 month, but they already understand how 2nd college work! lol.. i didnt know that until in 2nd year. LOL... i'm so slow la..

and some senior also know that 2nd college cc got many "dark side".. lol.. surprisingly, 1st college really understand 2nd college and i dun have to tell any story to them.

well, to those who still 1 2 stay in 2nd, all u need to do is be active in CC by ***** and **** *****, then u can stay safe and sound. GOOD LUCK
want to know what those word, ask me in personally. XD