Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend at Hostel

most of my friends know that I rarely spent my weekdays at hostel. This week I quite wish to stay tho.
every1 ask me y? hmm.. I don't think I want to say it out here.

so.. on friday, went ice skating with my coursemates. with the promotion, RM5 per entry. I wanted to learn "chan bing" but still not success yet. then we have our dinner at a korean restaurant. wanted to order glass noodle that i taste in sydney/melbourne, but too bad, dun hav it, so ordered kimchi bulgogi rice
chung wang, rui feng,kuan yuan

me & yan xian

saturday very boring, early morning start watch the hk drama "a pillow case of mystery II"..
very down.. because too free and too boring and keep think this and that.
coincidentally, no one is online, and i cant find anyone to chat with.
so, i start think of the reason I'm not going back this weekend..start feel my situation getting worse..
and i started feel abandoned.
feel that my life is very pathetic..
in this kind of situation, no one can accompany me and talk to me..
so, my feeling took a plummet
n started to recall somebody again. i wish to sms him, but i not dare to take any action.

so, night time went out yum cha. continue mabuk myself with drama.

spending weekend time at hostel , in certain way make me feel good, but in some way bad.
aih... i wish i could do something to solve the problem

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