Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Lovely sister Master Graduation DAy!!

haha.. last time put my sis degree convocation, this time sick also have to attend her master convocation! and, on that day, i really sick pulak!! =.=... so, drag my weakbody to the convocation.

On that day, it is very funny and i bet my sister sure very very happy! why?
hmm.. let's start with this story,
the night before convocation, she n her bf(ka wai) went to somewhere till very late and ka wai stay over9 at my home, i think he's drunk.the next morning 6am, my sis n parents prepare to go  for the convocation ceremony while ka wai back home continue sleep(according to him). then me, eric, amy & family went there at 11.45pm as they will come out around that time. since i was sick, i slept untill 11am, lucky didntover time.

so... after parking somewhere abit far from their dewan, then we walk towards dewan there. while walking there, i saw someone holding alot alot balloon and i thought someone is selling the balloon there. suddenly that person facing us and i c it clearly. "OMFG!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOO YENG!!" ka wai with his 2 friends, he holding alot balloon there and going to find my sis and my sister didnt know she bring this much of balloon. haha.. i keep laughing non stop while searching my sister.
this much of balloon
after found her and parents, have some photo shooting there. body very weak, so, took few pictures then sit somewhere and rest coz feel abit dizzy edi. alot ppl keep looking at my sister as the balloon really attractive! hahaha.. sis receive alot flower n gift.really jealous of her got such funny bf.. XD
my family

after that back home and know something from mum. according to ka wai, he bought the machine that pump helim into the balloon for rm850, and this early morning, with the help of his two friend, they start pump and tide it 2gather. lol. this is so insane.. my sis keep say he very waste money because she rather use rm850 to buy burberry wallet or bla bla bla.. XD.. what to do, this is ka wai.. always make ppl surprise with those funny action.. XD

so, dinner, we went to fish village (semenyih) eat with ka wai's mum n sis n my family.. yummy... though i'm sick, but still got appetite eat. haha.. eat alot tilll bloated. XD
The lovely couple
My Beloved sister - Cindy

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