Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Study Week

Well, this study week seems like a busy week for me because I need to be maid + nanny due to mum is sick (back from Bali) and the day care center off for the whole week till school reopen

I was really frustrated because I hate being nanny and maid. Everyday wake up early wash cloths, cook for them , help them bath, answering unlimited calls to check on JJ condition, feed them.. N lots of tedious chaos.

This time really not enough time for me to study and yet I still addicted to iPad games.

During the time, Bose is the best solution for me to chill n relax myself. Nowadays keep listening to Sarah Brightman (Symphony) and Josh Groban album. For both of this album, I downloaded them in .flac version because I want the best sound play by my Bose! They really make me want to buy a ticket and listen live in orchestra. 

I remembered when I was standard 6, I had joined chinese orchestra and they brought us to Istana Budaya to enjoy a orchestra preformance. My teacher is one of the Er Hu player there. Yea, last time I learned Er-Hu.. hehe..

Wondering if I could enjoy another orchestra live performance again