Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sorry For My Rudeness, But I couldn't Resist

When I close my eyes, I couldn't resist my self to scold out loud these whores and bastard! Who r u to judge me u fucking lame ass hole! too boring then go n fuck urself.. dont be so itchy fart there! I really feel a shamed to know such a ppl like you. so moron and barbaric! inner part of you are damn horrible n horny. go get yourself fucked if you feel lonely!

You wasted your parents money to study and learn what is called manner. End up you still like a kids and pretend and adults. Come on, don't sia sui human being la.. don't pollute our society with you psycho mental problem. what you need now is a psycho doctor or a fucker to fuck you. dam it! YOU ARE SO BTC AND SHAME ON YOU!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hard Time

These few days were very tough for me. I might purposely caught in accident hoping myself won't be conscious to sustain the pain in my heart again. Luckily there are few closer friends and my sisters came to support me. I really appreciate their support as I really need it right now.

Facing alot harsh word from FB, I can only deal it with my weep. As I heard the song Westlife - I Cry, I told myself, I cannot cry out in front of people.
" I cry silently, I cry inside of me, I cry hopelessly"

However, in one night, I couldn't hold my tears back more and I cried out loud in front of my sister. Yea, it was hurt. Too hurt. So the other day, she spend her time with me and bought a A|X spaghetti to me. I really happy. Not because of the gift, is because I feel she still care about me. She sacrifice her time to date with her bf and accompany me when I'm in sorrow. That day shopping, we swipe over RM1K+ for only 3 pieces cloths + a normal handbag.

I would like to thanks to my friends who approach me and try to cheer me up in this critical time. Without your support, I might end up in worse condition. I know most of you are busy, yet you all take the time to chat, understand and support me. Thanks a million of time.

To avoid hurting myself again, I can only stay away from FB, stay away from the people who put salt in to my wound. They really hurt me and make me phobia to on computer already. I gonna sacrifice my empire as well. Meanwhile I will make myself as busy as I can be to stop giving myself heart ache.

May God Bless Me

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bad Day

Theoretically, I couldn't see it,
But I think God want me to view it.
View something shameful that I've been accused to.

Every nerve ending in my body is electrified by hatred. But no matter how angry I am now, I know no one could protect me anymore.
Be strong is the only thing I could said.