Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sorry For My Rudeness, But I couldn't Resist

When I close my eyes, I couldn't resist my self to scold out loud these whores and bastard! Who r u to judge me u fucking lame ass hole! too boring then go n fuck urself.. dont be so itchy fart there! I really feel a shamed to know such a ppl like you. so moron and barbaric! inner part of you are damn horrible n horny. go get yourself fucked if you feel lonely!

You wasted your parents money to study and learn what is called manner. End up you still like a kids and pretend and adults. Come on, don't sia sui human being la.. don't pollute our society with you psycho mental problem. what you need now is a psycho doctor or a fucker to fuck you. dam it! YOU ARE SO BTC AND SHAME ON YOU!

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