Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is not food blog

Some of my friends thought I'm going to make a food blog. But I'm not. I just updating my recent activities and I don't intend to create a food blog. Recently won't be updating cause feel lazy already..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dragon One Dim Sum SS2

Dragon One which is located around famous Murni ss2 that row of shop lot. Their dim sum wont as expensive as Ding Tai Fung those, but still a little expensive. Order alot and found out that they have Durian Pancake too!
Durian Pancake
 For their durian pancake, I would said that their durian meat is more tasty than Honeymoon(maybe they buy from ss2 durian stall... keke) but the portion between the durian flesh and the "cream" isn't good. The cream is too much edi. After eating this, I start feel heaty and few days later, I got few ulcer in my mouth.. >.< eat too much durian pancake..

Shang Hai Fried Noodle
 I forgot the dish's name.. agak agak is called shang hai fried noodle. very tasty! never eat this before.. the noodle is very different taste..  highly recommend!
 Unknown name. This dim sum isn't list in the menu. The boss recommend us to try this. So, we just order and try. well, not to brag, but this is awesome! very very nice also!

Everything that we ordered here.. so fattening!
the rest is normal. I feel that the xiao long bao here is nicer than ding tai fung, but Eric prefer ding tai fung xiao long bao.. the rest is comme-ca comme-ci only..

Total is around rm40 for two of us

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Honeymoon + The Curve + PD

My Honeymoon is a dessert cafe. The first time I dine in their outlet is at Pavilion. That time is my first time to taste Durian Pancake. After that, I can't find it back at Pavilion anymore because they shifted to Kota Damansara edi. However, we try their other outlet which is at Sunway.The taste is soooo amazing.
At Sunway Outlet

So, after seeing dentist, the next day we went to Kota Damansara to eat the Durian Pancake. This outlet is abit sunyi. No customer there at all. But in Sunway has quite alot of people. I think is the location problem. So we order 4 desserts and all is sooooo tasty. But their dessert is very pricy! 4 desserts for rm40+ after tax rm50+

From top left: Mango Pancake, mango + dunno what edi, Durian Pan cake, and dunno what's d name edi
haha.. these 4 things.. quite expensive lo! Among the four, I can say I like all of them! really very tasty. especially their durian pancake. Their mango also very sweet! It's not papaya, it's mango. If compare to Snowflake desserts, Snowflake is much cheaper. Oh ya, I saw the Snowflake shop there which fully seated and long queue.. lol.. so much different! Yum Yum!!! wish I can eat more more more!

Then after finish there, decide to go The curve jalan jalan and have our dinner there later. Most of the Restaurant are expensive for me, and there's alot western restaurant, bar, pub. I dislike western food, so, we dine in at Xing Ding Wei Restaurant.

The environment is good and I love their waitress. Why?? not because they are handsome or pretty, is because they are very alert!! I simply raise a hand with the other hand holding my ipod, within  3 sec, there's a waitress approach me and tell me the password without i asking them. Then after finish selecting the menu, we raise hand again, and so fast they reach us and take our orders. They are sooooooo alert!

Their recommended Cod Fish set
Pumpkin + dunno what edi

Fuo Tiao Qiang

The Fried black pepper chicken + Lemon
Cod Fish will always our favourite, but due to it's price, I seldom eat it. Happy to have chance to eat it. Hehe.. Then the fuo tiao qiang not bad, but not very nice also. In French, we said comme-ca, comme-ci. hehehe.. And the pumpkin things, recommended in the menu, but not tasty lo!

Then, we decide to go PD again! hahaha.. I'm driving there again.. really nice feel to drive outstation at night. less car.. moreover it's highway.. hoho..

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Ok.. I hate dentist alot cause they cause me alot of pain after seeing them. But this time, I force myself to help a dental friend by being his patient. They need to fix alot of teeth and get marks in order to qualify themselves to graduate. They fix for free, but the requirement is you need to comply with their free time and you need to go alot of time there. This is because they have very limit time on each section and they need to do the whole set. first is help u examine teeth, then xi ya, then screen your teeth and let u know which part you didnt brush and teach you the technique to brush your teeth. Currently I have done all the above and get my x-ray to fix my cavity. Still havent complete, but the major problem has been fixed, which is a big cavity on my right bottom tooth.

I have no idea how it grow that large coz this cavity is there since i was a kids(can't remember when at all).

The first time I reach their student clinic at Hospital University Malaya. Quite advance if compare to the Hospital Kajang that I went when I was kiddo.

we are given the sun glasses to avoid the light shine on our eyes.
The cavity initially was filled with almagam. My dental friend suggest me to change it because almagam only can stand for 15 years. I guess this almagam is already there for atleast 10 years, so i decide to be his guinea pig. The whole process wont be pain and he did it quite well. lucky! and he also keep ask me to let him know if pain so he wont make me feel pain at all.. hehe..
big cavity

after taking out the almagam, he told me there's alot carries there, so he start clear it up and filled it with other composite..
still have few section more.. now i'm thinking whether i should pull out my wisdom tooth anot. His lecturer advise me to pull out.. 100% confirm will be very pain after pull out, but now it's d best time for me to do it instead of wait me till getting older. hmm... should i do it? my sister last time went to private clinic do it and cost our thousands.. O.o.. now can free le.. keke.. should i or shouldn't!!