Friday, April 8, 2011

Dragon One Dim Sum SS2

Dragon One which is located around famous Murni ss2 that row of shop lot. Their dim sum wont as expensive as Ding Tai Fung those, but still a little expensive. Order alot and found out that they have Durian Pancake too!
Durian Pancake
 For their durian pancake, I would said that their durian meat is more tasty than Honeymoon(maybe they buy from ss2 durian stall... keke) but the portion between the durian flesh and the "cream" isn't good. The cream is too much edi. After eating this, I start feel heaty and few days later, I got few ulcer in my mouth.. >.< eat too much durian pancake..

Shang Hai Fried Noodle
 I forgot the dish's name.. agak agak is called shang hai fried noodle. very tasty! never eat this before.. the noodle is very different taste..  highly recommend!
 Unknown name. This dim sum isn't list in the menu. The boss recommend us to try this. So, we just order and try. well, not to brag, but this is awesome! very very nice also!

Everything that we ordered here.. so fattening!
the rest is normal. I feel that the xiao long bao here is nicer than ding tai fung, but Eric prefer ding tai fung xiao long bao.. the rest is comme-ca comme-ci only..

Total is around rm40 for two of us

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