Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Honeymoon + The Curve + PD

My Honeymoon is a dessert cafe. The first time I dine in their outlet is at Pavilion. That time is my first time to taste Durian Pancake. After that, I can't find it back at Pavilion anymore because they shifted to Kota Damansara edi. However, we try their other outlet which is at Sunway.The taste is soooo amazing.
At Sunway Outlet

So, after seeing dentist, the next day we went to Kota Damansara to eat the Durian Pancake. This outlet is abit sunyi. No customer there at all. But in Sunway has quite alot of people. I think is the location problem. So we order 4 desserts and all is sooooo tasty. But their dessert is very pricy! 4 desserts for rm40+ after tax rm50+

From top left: Mango Pancake, mango + dunno what edi, Durian Pan cake, and dunno what's d name edi
haha.. these 4 things.. quite expensive lo! Among the four, I can say I like all of them! really very tasty. especially their durian pancake. Their mango also very sweet! It's not papaya, it's mango. If compare to Snowflake desserts, Snowflake is much cheaper. Oh ya, I saw the Snowflake shop there which fully seated and long queue.. lol.. so much different! Yum Yum!!! wish I can eat more more more!

Then after finish there, decide to go The curve jalan jalan and have our dinner there later. Most of the Restaurant are expensive for me, and there's alot western restaurant, bar, pub. I dislike western food, so, we dine in at Xing Ding Wei Restaurant.

The environment is good and I love their waitress. Why?? not because they are handsome or pretty, is because they are very alert!! I simply raise a hand with the other hand holding my ipod, within  3 sec, there's a waitress approach me and tell me the password without i asking them. Then after finish selecting the menu, we raise hand again, and so fast they reach us and take our orders. They are sooooooo alert!

Their recommended Cod Fish set
Pumpkin + dunno what edi

Fuo Tiao Qiang

The Fried black pepper chicken + Lemon
Cod Fish will always our favourite, but due to it's price, I seldom eat it. Happy to have chance to eat it. Hehe.. Then the fuo tiao qiang not bad, but not very nice also. In French, we said comme-ca, comme-ci. hehehe.. And the pumpkin things, recommended in the menu, but not tasty lo!

Then, we decide to go PD again! hahaha.. I'm driving there again.. really nice feel to drive outstation at night. less car.. moreover it's highway.. hoho..

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