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APK Day!! - M.E. Corner

Our Banner
let me explain again..APK day is something about Hari Keusahawanan. For this semester, i took this subject, so we have to group up and open booth on that day(26-27 of March 2009) to earn some profit.some other group sell shirt, some sell EasyPhamax, some sell J.Co Donut(rm2 each only) , some sell Big Apple and alots.. all booth run by the students.


That's our shop name and slogan. M.E. stand for Mechanical and Electrical engineering. we use this because our group member consist of 3 mechanical guys and 23 electrical kia.. haha..

On our very 1st day(26 March), we start our preparation at 4am. there's only 9 girls in our group and nine of them are our cousemate. we divide into two group for two shift. 1st shift start from 4am - 6am consist of Hui Ying(our main chef), sook lin, wan ting, li hong and me. second shift are yan hui, yan xian, shin yuan, yanny n hui ying..
the 4am morning shift gang(include photographer wan ting)

it's so difficult for us to wake up coz really tired.. our raw food bought from yesterday night n we keep it in some big pail with lots of ice in it. 4am, we start our preparation of food. sook lin cook egg, i cut the cucumber, n the rest hav their own task too.. though all of us feel sleepy, but we feel very fun!.. haha.. especially tat time we cook for ourselve for breakfast.. sooooo tastyyyyyyyy~~~~ keke.. n the most funny part is our Sausage.. lol.. while the sausage are being boiled, we keep chatting there, and suddenly hui ying shout"OMG.. c the HOT DOG!!".. n we all "wahhhhhhh" haha.. y is it so impressing, lol.. check out the photo..

haha.. tat's the sausage i meant!at 1st all inside the pot, suddenly all boost out!n so fat!

finally change shift.. so i get back room and start playing pet society coz usually d connection willl b much faster if on early morning. after tat sleep awhile and then 8am get down Dewan Makan eat breakfast again and start grab our stuff to KPS(abit far from my college, about 10 minutes walk).

when we are there, the guys half way done to set up our booth. then we gals start preparing our food. We sell 3 food. first is "KIMBOB SUSHI", 2nd is "GOLDEN BREAD", 3rd is" BUBBLE ICE"..we make kimbob suhi by ourself. we learn that from our seniors.the Kimbob Sushi is a korean style sushi.. golden bread are prepared by the 3 mechanical guys and my course rep and the bubble ice is from a pasar malam store(we share to profit).

Our Goldren Bread... yummy~~~
Our Kimbob Sushi.. hehe..

The Bubble Ice.. has few flavour.. It's our Hot Sale when the weather is hot

our price list
so, whole day staying there sell stuff. so tiring! some of us give out flyers, some cook, some publishing and some keep money.. we met alot difficulties such as short of current and raining time.. we use electrical stuff instead of gas to cook our stuff. when short of current, we quickly book a place inside the kps building(lots of ppl get their stuff n cook at there too).
Our Treasurer.. sook lin and qian youPart of the sushi master(from left, yan hui, yan xian, hui ying, sook lin, li hong wan ting) wan ting act cool again.. relly beh tahan her..haha..

we, who in charge wif food keep curi makan.. haha.. dunno is it too starve or wat, feel soooo tasty! our sushi might not able to compare wif sushi king, but still very nice. and the goldren bread soooooo crispy.. there are two flavour, 1 is sausage and another 1 is crab stick. yummy~~

while raining time, sook lin, li hong, wan ting, hui ying and me stay in kps building, so we dunno how mess is in our booth during raining time. wat i noe is we are sooo tired till we sleep in kps building.. the post we sleep is quite funny.. we sit on a row n all of us sleeping there.. haha..
about evening time, we pack our stuff after rain then we get back to hostel.

Cook inside KPS building
scene took while raining in the booth..all look exhausted..while raining, we stay in kps.. haha..haha.. sook lin tak tau pakaimyself sitting beside sook lin. we 5 ppl sit in a row sleeping.. this picture is took while sook lin n me wake up jor.. all so tired ler.. aih...ugly post.. wakaka.. gotcha!
for the second day, we dont hav to wake up tat early.. so,, we get there about 8.30am and start sell till 12pm. we didn't sell till evening because according to our treasurer, we already get back our initial and today all the income will b our profit. we actually dun really mind to profit coz we just want to complete this project.. haha.. so.. the 2nd day, actually many booth aso didnt open. me myself also keep sitting at 1 place n makan.. coz lazy work liao.. haha...

but i'm not totally didnt do anything, haha.. suddenly remember this.. the kimbob suhi ran out of egg, so li hong n me go n cook some egg.. funny... li hong start cook 1st, n it look nice. so i try.. lol.. my egg is soooo ugly!!!! yucks.. yet many ppl surround me to see they way i cook.. awful... soooo embarassing! haha... tat time feel so much 1 2 hide a side liao, coz dunno y suddenly many guys come n c i cook the egg.. eeeeeeeee.....

our 2nd day shirt, PKUM shirt. we dun hav 2 KPS building cook, juz go in front stall cause they didnt open booth..
finally we have done our projects.. YEAH!!!!!
our crew.. somebody not there :(

p/s: a BIG THANKS TO ALL who support our food that day.. thanks

SeConD ColLegE ChOIr Team.. ConGRatZ!!

Congratz to all the choir member as they did a great job! they emerge as 1st runner up for the competition among the college in UM which held at DTC(Dewan Tuanku Chanselor)!

first of all, i would like to clarify, i'm not the member of the choir team, and i didnt go and support them tat night because i'm tat night i have to sleep very due to the preparation for APK day on the next mornng 4a.m.

My roommates Cherry and Siew Yee are the choir member.. haha.. heard they say that the choir team heroes hav trained very hard. they started their training program since last semester till now ! train hard during night time.. it's must be very tiring yet fun for them..their hardwork finally gave them d biggest rewards! heard seniors say, 2nd college last year only get 5th place. and this time they get 2nd place! GONG XI GONG XI!!!

too bad i din join coz i see my roommates seems very enjoy with their training.. when siew yee back to room after training, she always act very funny n keep sing "i will follow u~~~" or "tanah air ku~~~~" lol.. really cant tahan her..

by the way, if u r interested with their performance, you can go search their video at youtube.


Friday, March 27, 2009


Our SUPER BLACK STAR on wednesday (25/3/09)... Dai Jie @ Lai Sook Lin.. wahaha.. why do i say so?? let's c..

actually that day i was abit upset because of some friendship problem again.. however, soon i found someone is more unlucky than me.. haha...

hmm... Let's begin with her first case.. very early in the morning, our Digital System class had been postpond to 9.45am. so actually we can wake up late abit. but she thought we hav to get down to DTC to help our group member for the APK day, so she carry the bag n came down for breakfast... * this is not serious cause after that she found 2 buddy accompany her to pass up C++ tutorial instead.

2nd: during our digital system, suddenly our coursemate shout because there's a caterpillar behind sook lin shoulder.. lol.. i have no idea how come a caterpillar can crawl to her shoulder.. haha.. mayb she's just so "lucky"! haha.. thanks to our lecturer mr faisal to help her "shoo" away the ceterpillar n kill it.. lol..

3rd: After digital system class, we went to library for our KM class. This subject is kinda boring, usually we just surf the net while lecturer lecture there.. so we don't know much about this subject since it's not important for our final exam. somehow, today our lecturer call her to answer some question.. haha.. and we all laugh at her coz she's so "lucky"...

4th: after KM class we all walk to sastera faculty to collect our letter for APK day. sastera is quite far from our college.. once we get there, the staff told us we have to collect the letter at the DTC parking lot.. gosh.. so tiring, so we head to DTC.. unfotunately, we cant found any place for collecting the letter.. tat time is a sunny day, all of us soooooooo pik chik!

5th: we faster rush back to college eat lunch, that time left few minutes more for our next class (Calculus tutorial). hmm.. i think there's nothing happen at calculus class. so after class, we finish up our KM project and then head back to library to pass up our project. when we pass up the project, the staff told us we hav to pass up 2gather with our previous section of project.. lol.. sook lin so "lucky" because she din bring the previous one. haha..distance between our college and library is quite far away.. haha.. and so we quickly call our coursemate wan ting to bring her file here when she come library(coz she told me she 1 2 pass up today too), but too bad~~~ we all flood her hp, but she never answer.. tat time we thought tat wan ting purposely don't answer the call cause sook lin din answer her call this we keep wait at d library, but still ... swt..

sook lin busy call wan ting...
6th: without idling time, we ask her to pass up tml. ask somebody help her pass up. so li hong, me, hui ying n sook lin again walk to DTC to find our letter while li hong go n buy the bus fare. haha.. luckily we found the counter, but unfortunately, we waited for sooooooooo long yet there's no letter there! government stuff is really slow is doing things.. swt.. tat time we keep tease sook lin to go back college coz we guess she's too unlucky today n mayb affect us cant get the letter too.. haha.. n keep on teasing her whole day.. haha...

i guess that's all.. haha.. after back to college, li hong kena her bad luck too.. haha.. she lost her room key, n find for so long time only find out that somebody took it wrongly.. haha..

that day must be a unlucky day for us, but, sook lin is d worse.. poor sl.. haha..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Festival Seni at DTC UM ConGraTZ!!

22,March 2009. That day is our Festival Seni competition among the college which will be held at our Dewan Tuanku Chancellor (DTC), UM. Our college Chinese culture had organize a “trip” to giv our support to our Tarian Cina. All my roommates are going too.

Actually I’ve plan not going since most of my course mate not going. However, when I back to hostel from home(around 8pm), suddenly Jia Hui(my roommate) came in the room and invite me to go cause she and Samantha are going now. Feel intrigued, I quickly change my pants n get there with our mini mart worker’s car.

One of our college banner. We are "secholian". SECHOLIAN POWER!
another banner on top. Second "2nd" college
Phew.. lucky we manage to watch our representative performance in time. It was really amazing show! Their dance look more cool type..suddenly feel it’s worth to pay rm3 to watch all this performance. Most of the dance look nice with their costume. Quite impressing in fact. Heard my fren say today is only for the tarian cina and tarian india competition. Tarian melayu will b on the other day.The most unforgettable dance is the indian dance(dont know from which college). the guys performer mostly is big size, yet, they dance really intelligence and look funny! love it! too bad they juz manage to gt 1st runner up

One of the chinese performance..another chinese performance using tang lung.. got big n small.. heheAnother chinese dance with kipas
Indian most cute n funny dance(though they juz 1st runner up), but i love this team
After finish all performance, it’s photo section. That time feel very funny coz those performer suddenly become a pop star.. everyone wanted to take photo with them(include me!).. haha.. for the girl, they do add on wig while d boys, they hav 2 sacrifice to cut their hair. It’s cute for them to cut tat hair style. It’s look like Na Zha.. wahaha…

This is our college performer. c their hair? those are real hair. they cut in this shape.. hehe
These are the girl dancers with my coursemate kuan yuan. haha.. he look so funny in this photo

After photo shooting, then it’s the winner announcement. Our tarian cina get 1st runner up. Too bad.. coz they aim for champion. Actually I feel like their performance is the best, but for this type of competition, it always tat subjective and bias. Heard seniors say the judges love 5th college style(champion) and I don’t really see their performance is tat special like ours.

their ending post! dam nice!!!

After tat, we went back to room and tat night don’t know why, our roommates relation suddenly becom every good.. haha.. we chat till 2am and drowse off

All supporter(include x-secholian) came to support our heroes!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009



just came back from my family dinner.. suddenly something inspiring me to write something about family. this article doesnt concern with my university life, but i just wish to share my opinion about FAMILY.

hmm.. where to start.. well.. first of all, let me intro abit about my family background. when i was a teenager, i used to hang out alot wif my friends since primary till secondary.. till the time.. i finally realize the importance of a family.

being the youngest, u might think the youngest always get spoilt.. n u envy it.. it's true.. i always become a spoilt child.. yea, i hav 2 mum, both of them very sayang me.. n i have lots of sibling who treat me very nice n good. i hav b very happy when i'm a kids!

but sometimes i feel sad.. since i'm d youngest,sometimes i feel very lonely when every1 has grow up. some of my siblings are married and hav kids, and some of them having date. i remmeber i'm so sufferng when suddenly all of my family members seems like doesnt concern anymore, most of them busy with their part of life.and pai seh to say, i did cried lots of time in front of my mum about this b4.. haha..

nowadays, i really happy with my family.. they seems like back to normal.. both of my sister still very sayang me.. my 2nd bro aso.. they always make me feel comfort n happy.. off course my parents too.. haha..(peace, not showing off)

well.. here's d point.. in my university, everyone know I'm a PBSM(Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu), and yea... i'm quite famous of it, coz whenever i take a big bad walk in d campus, they sure will say "jia nee, go back home arr.. " haha..

yea.. i really back home, coz i enjoy back home. at d same time, i hav too many reason to back home. you may say, because i'm a little princess who cant live without a family or anything... i don't mind. coz i know wat's my true reason.

being d youngest, i always feel i have missed out lots of time wif my family. mayb u think family is not important for u, and u very difficult to communicate wif them or so watever.. it's true some time.. but do u noe, sometimes u more willing to find a way to communicate with ur friends instead of ur family members?do u feel sometimes u treat ur friends much better than ur family?

raising a child isnt a easy things. your daddy has sacrifice himself to work so hard to raised u up. but in d end, u blame him for not spending time wif u or watever. your mum wake up in d middle of night to comfort u when u r kid, in return u blame her n scold her when she juz advise u or do something make u unhappy. both of them work hard n sometimes do something which u think embarassed u.. and u hate them. hav u ever think their reason doing this?

i wish u all understand,in a family,"forgive and forget" hav 2 b practise all d time. dont tell ppl ur parents like to mumble or any -ve image. u should noe why they r doing this.instead, u should tell ppl u r proud to hav them, coz they r d ppl who most sayang u in this world.

by here, i also wish u all can appreciate what u r having now. most of the things n entertainment r came from ur parents. they are the one who fight so fiercely and desperately so that u have a better home n life.

the most important things that i 1 2 convey is, pls appreciate ur family. whenever u hav time, back home n communicate wif them. your parents will feel very much hapiery when there's a family reunion. n that's wat my siblings trying to work on for us. and i always appreciate n happy when there's a family occasion.

sometimes it's really difficult for us to choose btw family n friend. but for me, i believe "charity begin at home".

for some of my friend who think sticking wif family means u r not independent, i hope u undertsand, independent is judged by d way u do ur things. staying outside doesnt mean u r very independent, coz some of my fren still like to depend on others though they staying outside.

god is fair. whenever we gain something here, we will lose something there. n it's true. unless u r very powerful till u can gain everything.. haha..for now, i believe u should have already understand that in ur life, u hav choose ur fren or family.

please dont change our chinese culture. chinese always take family as very 1st priority.n that's y we hav "tuan yuan fan". i don't mean you hav to sacrifice ur life with fren. but atleast, back home once awhile. share your story with them. bring them out. do whatever u think it should b done to ur family. n do much better.u wouldnt noe, somtimes ur little effort will make them fly in the kite. i believe, ur parents will proud to have u as their child.

p/s: though i seems like abit psycho.. which doesnt look like me, but i really wish everyone can appreciate their family. my mum told me, sometimes she feel sad when she found tat none of her child willing to accompany her. what u think?

MoToR ExtreMe Performance In UM???

one of the motorist

ya.. that day (20/March/2009) i drive back to UM and attend our calculus class replacement.

aih.. feel stupid to attend d class coz i didnt listen to what the lecture saying.. as usual, he like 2 call d student out n "ACTION!!".. HAHA... i always say he like do act in a movie..

but something make me feel worth to drive back is i manage to see motor extreme in the account faculty(opposite of engineering faculty). the motorist usually is foreigner.

Cant capture clearly coz lots tree blocking.. but we can c very clear they do some pattern in the air

quite alot ppl at d account faculty cheering there while we juz stand on the engin fac n see after our class over. there are 3 motorist. 2 will b doing stunt in the air while one is only play pattern on the road(but very nice aso la..).. haha..

since tat time i only hav n73with me, only manage to capture some lousy video n picture.. if u interested, can take a look.. haha..

it's really amazing coz i never see a real extreme as we always watch at tv only.. haha.. yeng ooo!!!

after see it, i went back hostel n suddenly our of current.. so i went to jogging n explore um wif li hong n her roommate xiao yun(don't want go back home yet coz traffic very jam around tat time).. then go sentosa eat wif li hong all roommate.. hehe..then back home..

so sienz... coz on d way, d dam sg besi toll still jam.. swt

APK(Asas Perdagangan Keusahawan) Preparation

hmm.. one of my subject for this semester is APK.. it's something about business, it seems like everyone compulsory to take this subject.

there will be a hari keusahawana at my university on 25-26 March. our group consist of 20 members hav 2 set our business plan on that day and sell something.

on that day, my group will be selling kimbob sushi, bubble ice, and golden fried bread.. haha.. sound delicious??? in fact, i'm hungry now.. keke..

Our group leader(green shirt) Yeep. there all discussing business plan

that day, most of the EE 1st year gals went down to 2nd college DU to start taste the food..meanwhile, i start discuss d business plan wif my department..

2nd years senior teach them make kimbob sushi

tat day li hong sick jor n cant play wif d food, so i replace her n start curi makan all d time.. haha...

hope our sale will be good on that day!

ESQ Training Program

This article doesn’t do anything with my uni activities. Just think it’s quite interesting and memorable for me, so I just post it.
It’s a training program which is ESQ Mahasiswa training program. ESQ = Emotional & Spiritual Quotients. This program isn’t host by UEM scholarship, instead, it’s a program that our scholarship send us to. The training program held on 14-15 march 2009. However, our company ask us to check-in the hotel on 13 march 4pm. Guess what.. the hotel is a 5 star hotel and it’s a very well known hotel name Sheraton Imperial Hotel. At first I thought it will be more or less d same like other hotel, but when get there.. lol.. AMAZING! Haha.. most of the guest here are foreigner! Can be say 90%! I barely can found any local ppl here..
Lobby of the hotel. very comfortable!
I arrive there with LRT and taxi on 3.30pm. then I check-in and get my key(a card). Then I try to reach my room on 31st floor. It’s weird because when I get in d lft and try to press the 31st floor, it failed. I just heard the computer is saying what fail fail fail and I was thinking that the lift is spoilt. So I change to another lift, and the same thing happened. I’m so curious! How come a hotel is like that? Haha.. then I follow a foreigner get in d lift, and I c they put in their key to d slot then only they press the floor button. That time I only understand, the security here is really different. Only guest are allowed to get up! I was so malu that time n dare not tell others.. haha..
I’m d 1st to get in my room. Lol.. it’s a twin room, but my room hav 2 pack 3 ppl because girl is odd number. At 1st I thought another Chinese girl(UEM scholar) will be my roommate, who know they separate us.hmm.. the room is really really nice! The bed is very soft n comfortable! There’s a sony bravia plasma too! And their wardrobe is a build in type. The toilet is cool! Haha.. and one thing very special is the room has lots of mirror.. even the toilet too.. haha..

haha.. see my name there? once i get in room, straight away feel proud. lolThis is their plasma.. Sony Bravia series
So I quickly take my bath and get down for a briefing on 5pm with all other scholars. Then we are told to settle our dinner ourselves. Jessie(one of the UEM scholar, studyng in UKM), is the person which I can get close cause among the 13 scholars, both of us r the only Chinese.a first those malay suggest to go maju junction settle their dinner, but Jessie told me there had lots malay food, so we decide to go KLCC by our own. We get a map from the reception, then we start walk to KLCC. At there, we choose to eat at Mdm Kwan Restaurant. It’s my 1st time to taste the nasi lemak as this is the most famous food in mdm kwan(according to my fren). A plate of nasi lemak RM15+. While eating, amirah(not a pure Malaysian, my roommate, another uem scholar) text me n say want to join us, so we wait her. Then we start walk around. She look rich and Jessie n I start doubting why this kind of rich ppl can get a scholarship. Haha.. but she’s talk active and nice. Glad she’s my roommate. Then we start taking photo around there and walk back to our hotel, before we get back our hotel, we aso went into the Renaissance hotel and look around.
This is me, Amirah and Jessie.. 3 of us are 3 of the 5 UEM Renong scholarshipJust think that this is fun and nice!Photo took wif one of the chandelion in Renaissance hotelSwimming pool at our hotel. too bad we didnt bring swimming juz cuci kaki. haha..
The hotel gym room. very nice! most of the machine has a monitor, ppl can watch the tv while exercise!
Get back room and get know my 3rd roommate name Farah.. a very cute and chubby girl. Not a pure malay too(grandma is Chinese). She’s rich, but no idea why she can receive scholarship too.. lol..
The next day morning, we take our breakfast at the hotel. Lol.. the restaurant is very very nice!!! The environment, food.. wow… haha.. there’s a lot nestle yogurt, strawberry & honey dew & pineapple compote, salad, corn flake, few types of milk(4gotten what type), a lot bakery stuff…, waffle, pancake, omelet and noddle soup can be order since the chef is there and ready take order from u. moreover, there’s Chinese,malay,Indian cuisine.. got roti canai, dim sum, nasi lemak, lots of fruit, fruit juice and so on.. haha.. amazing! But I like the environment there. Really nice.
from left: Farah, Amirah, me, Jessie, Najwah
Then we walk to maju junction 1oth floor to attend our training program. At first, I thought it will be like a program that separate us to few group and ask us do this n that, cheers.. who noe, it’s a more Islamic training! Lol.. I really swt that time.. the whole training only Jessie and I are Chinese.. lol! I dun1 to condemn anything or describe anything here about the training program, if u want to know more, juz ask me directly when see me. Haha.. I guess u all will feel like this is crazy and silly if u were here(the training program). So Jessie and I keep try to find way to escape from this training program and back to hotel.oh ya.. have to let you all know, this program… lol.. it charge each person RM550(this money exlude our accomodation) for this 2 days program.. ROFL!!!!I have no idea why this program need RM550 as our activites is only “watch show”. Haha.. And we also get know that some or the participant use their own money to attend this training! Omg!!! I wish that UEM will juz use their money wisely.. maybe get me a better laptop ad mine now it’s abit spoilt.. sad..
The program end on 7.30, then we straight away go to sogo Restoran Krung Thep Thai to have dinner with our big boss.. the dinner is not really my favourite because most of the food are very spicy! Jessie and I also cant stand it, but we just consume some of it. Then we back hotel room and I start take picture with my roommate.
one of the photo we took in the bath tub. there are my roommate
The next day morning is the same, but Jessie and I become more brave and start skipping the training program more.. haha.. then around 7.30, we find excuse to cabut as they are still activities there..

The Swimming pool.. hehe

one of the view at the swimming pool!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

mY UM 1sT medal!!!!

yea... this is my very first medal in University Malaya. It's the SUKMUM competition. Like i said in last time, i've joined chess competition and badminton. I won 1st runner up for chess and 4th for badminton(both competition not individual, with team member.. hehe)..

didnt manage to capture my badminton medal, brought it back home n show off to my mum edi.. haha... very happy to see this prize lo... especially badminton.. the most exciting game i ever have there, wif a group of secholian.. wahaha!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

JusCo DaY = my k.o. day

hmmm...come to blogging again after sick and addict with pet society in facebook.

that day is Jusco members day. heard my roommate siew yee and jia hui say that many things sales.. on first day night(24/2/2009), then bought alots grocery things.. and the next day(25/2/2009) i went with jia hui after my KM class. we take taxi there, then go buy movie ticket. watch the new release movie "kung fu chef"... this movie is kinda boring, however, the most interesting part is when the chef cook.. the ending of the story not very nice..

before we watch that movie, we take our lunch at oasis Midvalley(oh ya.. the jusco at midvalley).. n we are so lucky because we found a italian stall has promotion 50% for all type food and only for that day.. haha.. then we decide eat that... we order alot and most of them quite worth to eat. spaghetti form rm4.50, something i forgot the name aso cost around tat price.. everything is very cheap!!!and we believe the food is cooked by italian coz we see the worker doesnt look like local ppl.. eat till feel like 1 vomit.. haha.. then we also order portugese "ikan bakar".. yummy~~
my spaghetti

after the movies, we went to jusco and start shopping.. haha.. since i more comfortable to shopping alone, so we separate and start hunting our stuff.. wakakaka...both of us dun own a jusco card, so we lend from our fren n get in there shopping.when members day, they only allowed member get in the shop
that day i bought alot.. already spend about rm200 for clothes.. and redeem a rm10 voucher only..

after shop till i drop, then we bought some food and get back to hostel.. tiring day.. after back, i straight away "k.o." coz start feel like i'm fever.. so take panadol and sleep.