Saturday, February 28, 2009

!!RoOmmaTe BiRthDAY!! H@pPY BirtHDAy!!

my roommate Jia Hui. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
that day 23/2/2009 is my roommate jia hui birthday(exactly the same day i gotong royong wif siew yee)!!haha.. after gotong royong, we rush my homework. suddenly siew yee call me and ask me bring this bday girl down to second mamak without let her noe the purpose. i try hard to think our silly reason, but still she knew it! haha.. she say don't go down so early 1st, let them wait her. haha.. so i just contnue my work. till about hald an hour, siew yee call her n ask her go down, n only then we get down there!

at mamak there, mostly are GACC members n seniors. i straight away feel pai seh coz i only can stick wif my roommates s i more close wif them.
4 cup of the "birthday cake"
so, here's the special cake bought by her fren to her. 4 cup Haagen Daaz ice cream! gosh! my favourite.. haha.. but it's not my favourite flavour. so some1 go take a candle(extra from the mamak fridge) and make it like a birthday cake. and we start sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG.

here the funny thing, after we finish singing, suddely theres few GACC member come down for mamak too. we thought they are late, so we punsh 4 of them sing birthday song for jia hui. n so they sing n whole mamak look at them. haha.. after singing, they explain, actually they juz come down eat n never thought of celebrating birthday.. wakaka...4 innocent kia.. haha.. 4 ppl sing bday songeverybody looking at them.. hehe..
feel straving tat time, but because dun1 get fatter, so i din order any food and sit there chat. after tat back room alone to rush my homework again... T_T

roommate family photo
siew yee, jia hui, cherry, me

E307 GotONg - RoyOnG

I always hate involving myself in gotong royong activities.however, this time I’ve been force to join in!

That night siew yee come back and then suddenly say 1 gotong royong our room. Tat day actually I was quite busy my home homework , but.. aih no choice lo.. suddenly ppl got heart clean up.

Since jia hui bday n went to ukm edi, cherry went to MATB2 project meeting, so only left we 2 ppl to clean up d room. So, I don’t know by how siew yee suddenly pop up a lot of “weapon” to clean up this room. Since I taller than her, then I clean d fan while she help me change water, then we start rearrange our furniture(actually juz cherry wardrobe). While we clean, we only realize actually our room is soooo messy all d time, and the dust s soooo thick, yet we still never care it. Haha.. u can imagine how lazy is 4 of us! Haha..
our weapon
then we sweep the floor, clean the table, wardrobe, rearrange the items, and clean the floor.. when we clean up, our door open big big because siew yee say 1 air flow in. but so pai seh lo! everyone pass by then show a surprise face to us! haha.. tat cai jin aso!

So, finally we have done within half an hour. then i c in our floor, some room aso start cleaning. lol.. And I faster get back do my homework.. my room is clean now! Hehe.. =.=

p/s: I have to say sorry to certain weapon owner because for some reason. Sorry.
p/s: since recently i sick, news and event in Uni will b posted up late abit.

Friday, February 27, 2009

PTB 49- BloOd DonATIoN

Sook Lin donating blood(our hero who save the world!)
PTB49 stand for Perayaan Tuanku Bahiyah 49 (my college 49th birthday). there's a lot of activity and event held during this celebration for a whole week. These event including talent search competition, blood donation, dota competition and so on.

that day 18 feb after class, sook lin n wan ting decide to go for blood donation, so i just follow to look the actual process to donate blood. i didn't donate because i scare the big needle, my mum actually disagree i donate and lastly is because that day evening i have badminton competition match.

1st , they fill in d form, they went to blood test. sook lin pass but wan ting fail because not enough of iron or hemoglobin. then they hav 2 test their blood type, weight themselve. then they sit on d chair n start donate blood.its my 1st time to c a huge amount of blood flow out! make me feel very disgusting and starting feel weak.. haha.. lucky still can fool around there..

have to mention is, sook lin donate 450ml of blood and her blood flow so fast! within 10 minutes than done! haha.. then she grab d chance to eat the free food and take the free gift(a photo and certificate).after donate tat huge amount of blood, she still look strong! impress! coz i remember when in secondary times, most of my fren look extremely weak after donating(like a vampire who thirst of blood).

after tat back to room and sleep n prepare for my badminton match

Sunday, February 22, 2009

IcE SkaTinG at SunWay PYraMid

7 of us go only..
19 February 2009.
since whole week feel very down, so that day (i think is tuesday), i suggestto go for ice skating at sunway pyramid. i thought they will say no, coz my coursemate usually dun skate or go out 2gather,who noe, li hong keep say ok ok ok.. haha.. make me so happy! because li hong seems like a dai ga jie, when she say ok, i guess many of them will follow.. wahaha.. really 1 thanks li hong for making this trip on! haha..

so after our field theory class on thursday till 3pm, we take taxi to sunway. used rm10 for 4 ppl. then we start walk around to look for bread and then we go skate.
so.. in the whole group, i think only haw wooi and me can skate normally. first i keep ask them to tie their shoes tightly or else u will injured ur leg. then we start get down to the ice rink. most of them seems can stablize themselve except our da jie, sook lin. haha.. poor sook lin, she can even skate a quarter of the ice rink, and i c she already start sweat.. n i keep try my best to hold her to avoid her drop. the rest of them juz learn themselve.. smart looo

then it's time " car wash" then we go take a rest. after half an hour, we start our game again. this time sook lin seems better. atleast she can finish few round of the ice rink. and i can skate freely~~ haha.. i's been a time for me to skate.. really fun! while li hong n yan xian learn to skate, there's are pro guy confront them and offer help to them..(wahaha.. i guess they so pretty till the guys was attracted, so sad no one come n offer help to me :( ).. that guys really pro.. use his own shoes to skate, muz b very often skate. yan hui n her bf haw wooi do their couple skate. haw wooi teach her, while i teach the rest.. really impressing when i c most of them can skate well!(for ur info, all of them 1st time skate only).. really impressing! during skating, most of them aso fall.. haha.. all kena their buttock... haha.. except yan xian, she really geng lo! no even fall b4 though she's 1st time! god.. tat's crazy!

while skating, li hong n sook lin get noe a new boy fren.. haha.. this boy really geng aso.. he aso 1st time skate, but now i think he can skate edi.. that boy i think just about 9 years old.. cute~

actually i wanted to learn some style like back cross or forward cross or single leg skate, but fail to learn it, i guess next time hav 2 train more on it.. hehe..

we played from 4pm till 7.45pm, then they say go back um eat mamak.. i was like "swt.."=.=.. haha.. but lucky for me coz my mum coming to fetch me back, so i decide to go home da bao some nice food eat lo.. (but i think when they go back um, they din eat aso. all diet.. haha)

hmm.. next time i hav 2 dress really pretty and make myself fall so ppl will offer help to me edi.. wahahaha... (jk)
sook lin(middle) very difficult to stable herself to take photo le.. haha..
take our rest n eat something while "car wash" section

Friday, February 20, 2009

CNY celebration at Bukit Jalil

15 February 2009.Another cny celebration.. lol.. this year cny really hav alot celebration as u can c from my blog archieve.. haha.. this time, this celebration is not organize by UM, till not i still not sure who is d organizer, but i know is those minister minister, and we stand a chance to join this dinner via our wakil mahasiswa Lian Chun.

so.. we hav 2 bus, 1 is senior bus, and 1 is junior bus. when get there, it seems very funny because most of the attendence wear something very simple but we all seems like abit ... haha.. because that day i juz receive a bad news from my fren, and whole night i actually very down, but still hav 2 force myself like nothing happened to enjoy with them, snap photo with's a hard night for me actually..
before gt in stadium, we still very exciting for the free meal! haha..

let's get back to topic.when we r there, feel abit shock with the condition there. it seems like alot of ppl might be coming and we can see this dinner is not something like we sit down on a table n let ppl serve us,in fact, is a"Huge public buffet"!

Before the dinner start. These tables are reserved for those minister and other "big ppl"

we seems very early, so b4 it start, i actually sat in d stadium n unwilling to walk to anywhere. oh ya.. before we get our nice seat, we all walk in so many doors in d stadium to look for a better place. lol.. after awhile, i really thirsty, so decide to go out get some drinks, and wan ting n shin yuan follow me. so we walk around this bukit jalil stadium and snap some photo. we aso seen the other group of ppl out there taking breathe instead in d stadium.
Qian Shou Guan Yin (took outside from d stadium)
The another group that i saw when i go out wif wan ting n shin yuan. nice post!
Shin Yuan and me

so the dinner start. i was very shock when i c that huge amount of ppl fighting for the food! that time i really not in mood to fight and decide to pay money at mamak stall eat. however, i noe my fren wont do that. so i hav 2 stick with the majority. feel like myself like a beggar n fight for food. duh.. really down that time.. however, i manage to find a smarter way to get food with wan ting. haha.. seeing all ppl fight, but we get our food so easily, make me feel i'm much smarter.. wakaka..

while eating(there's no table for us),there are some performance like lion dance,chinese drum, multiracial dance and so on.. but those not caught my attention at all..coz tat time i juz feel very much to get back home(not um)..
when the dinner start, so crowded! "ppl moutain ppl sea"
before we go home, we snap a "da he zhao" in front of d stadium and Qing Yuan start lead us shout "wish everyone happy chinese new year.." haha.. idiot yet fun.
Da He Zhao. Took at d entrance of d stadium

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My BadMiNToN CompeTitIon for SUKMUM

supporter and my teammate during final.(photo capture by chek ko)

after a week of struggling, finally we emerge as 4th place in SUKMUM competition.. in this competition, i really gain alot of experiences especially the moment when i play with those state player. i know i have no chance to win them, but i really learn alot skill n tactics from them.

since primary, i rarely play badminton badminton because i was busy with other society during my secondary time. now i have the chance to play again. really happy when i can run around the court(though really tiring as i play single player).

by the way, i really want to take this chance to say THANK YOU to all the supporters. they really good in cheering and "psycho" the opponent.. haha.. really happy when u guys cheer for me when i played. Thanks to all who keep encourage me to play well especially Shi Ni, Chek kor, Janice, etc.. really appreciate their supports!

the final stage is the best game i ever had. i really consume all my energy to fight for the last. though still lose, but i very satisfied when everyone tell me my performance really good..(pai seh.. haha..)!

thanks everyone.. i really happy to have you guys b my teammate!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

oUr CourSe ReP BirThdaY

13 February 11.50pm, we walk to fifth college to celebrate our course rep birthday which is on 14 feb(valentine's day). fifth college actually quite far from our college, but nvm, cause that night i went out eat with my fren till very full. i guess walk is what i need b4 i drowse off.

on the way to fifth college, we start joking. when we walk, someone find out that the way we walk seems like the guys carrying a girl(coz d girl(wan ting) stand in d center of 2guys and 2 girls) and go married(it's a chinese tradition marriage). haha.. and coincidently, sook lin and i holding a fan and look like a "mei ren po". haha.. and li hong, yan xian, dai lou and shin yuan look like those who play chinese thrumphet and we r going to the groom house. haha.. n we keep crapping there.. really stupid that time.. all gila gila edi..

finally we arrive there,like usual, we go to their mamak stall there and order our drinks while wait for the birthday boy with a birthday cake.then we start joking, talking, chatting, tiub-ing.. haha..

what make me surprise for this birthday celebration is we just get to meet our course rep gf. haha.. then during the celebration, we ask them to kiss... haha.. i thought we just having fun to scream "kiss kiss kiss..." but who know, his gf really kiss him though so many of us here. haha.. cool and impressing(sorry, i may sound abit consevative, coz i'm really a conservative girl).. haha..

after footing all the bill, then we walk back to our college again(around1.30am).
p/s: pai seh.. cant remember what have we done when going back hostel. haha..
p/s: course rep = course representative
The birthday boy is sitting beside me
just simply snap for fun.. hehe.. yanny seems look more fair than me ler.. argh...
this is juz part of the table. cant snap all.. all busy gossiping.. haha..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Second CNY celebration

12 February 2009. Today is our CNY celebration(though chap goh mei already pass for few days) in second college. Our Chinese Culture Club(CC) had organize an event in our dewan makan(D.U.). thanks for the co-o for sacrificing their sleeping time to prepare this wonderful celebration.

Since that night I have competition match, I just join this event for half night. When I get there, everyone seems very happy to play a game which I called it 半斤八两。Which mean once the organizer say out the price, we have to use our fake money and combine with others to achieve the exact amount, no more no less. Once I join, holding a big number rm0.50 cause me so difficult to get the amount like rm1.67,rm1.63. so my group get punish for once. Haha..
all sit by group to accumulate the amount
Then they start the very famous dance – chicken dance.though it look stupid, but everyone seems very enjoy it. Haha..

The next game is 情人桥(couple bridge). At first, the mc require us to form a guy and a girl team, but seems many ppl reject, so they form their lesbian and gay team. This game is very difficult to describe, so I not mentioning details. But our da jie(sook Lin) and chek kor get punish to eat mandarin orange. Haha.. and they had become a well known husband and wife. Haha.. really funny man! I form a couple team with Anson, and lucky didn’t get punished. But after I noe the punishment is eat mandarin orange, I terus say”dam it.. I should lose!” haha.. coz tat night I very hungry(haven’t take my dinner since badminton competition). Haha..
these guys juz squatting there and wait for girl to invite them for the couple bridge game.

The famous couple! sook lin and chek kor..haha..
grab my madrin orange! argh!!

After that, there’s a band performance. Quite nice! Really enjoy their performance.. so rock and roll! Haha.. somewhere there, li hong and me start curi curi go behind eat some food(it’s illegal) coz we are too starve. Haha.. once we makan almost full jor, then the event only start makan. All go rebut, and our EE girls again rebut the most makanan!!! Wahaha,, we got so much kari puff and others!
Band performance. Sing alot Jay song.. love it!

The following is gift exchange section. before we attend this event, we are asked to prepare a atleast rm5 gift.We give our gift to the organizer n they will giv us a number, we collect other gift base on the number we receive. And I receive biscuit.

Li Hong wif part of the gift.

The event end wif photo shooting on stage.

One of the MC(li hong) with me.. hehe.. so liang moi le she..our Choi San Ye~ haha..part of the us.

Friday, February 13, 2009


SUKMUM is one of the big sport event in University Malaya which stand for Sukan Mahasiswa University Malaya(if i'm not wrong). It is a competition among the twelve college/hostel in UM. There are many sport com[etition such as swimming, badminton, chess, bowling, tennis, futsal, hand ball, volley ball, basket ball and so on..(really too much till i cant state out all).

for this event, i've take part in chess competition and badminton competition.

for the chess competition, my team won 1st runner up. This team consist of me, shu ting, and a malay girl. lucky for us to get this trophy because we are the 1st year team(other college mostly sent out those senior to compete).

for the badminton competition, currently still in progress for girl category. for guys, congratz to them for getting the 4th places. they are really a tough team! i salute them alot!Jack kor is our girl team coach! he really play well! impressing! too bad i think i had disappoint him
for girl, there's still a match on monday! we have compete with 9th college and 1st college. we lose to 9th and win 1st college. the next oppenent is 4th college. dam scare! coz one of the player is the malaysia matriculation KAKOM 2007 badminton champion. i guess i will be the 1 to compete wif her to sacrifice myself. Hope we can win this! GO GIRLS!SECHOLIAN FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!hehe...
My team(Mei Fong, Wen Qi, me, Jack kor, Shi Ni, Ai Ni)

Guys team

Thursday, February 5, 2009

-SpeCiaL- 扫把头

haha.. this ain't any special occasion in um. but this is what special things happen. this 4 fellows has few common when we attend our field theory class:
1) they are women
2) they wear dark black colour shirt
3)they are coursemate
4) notice their hair. all already rebond
5) almost the same length hair

since they get me a nickname for my hairstyle(lion head), then i will called them as 扫把头(broom's hair).. haha..wanna noe who they are?

answer:from left: Shin Yuan, Yanny, Hui Ying, Wan Ting

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Electrical Engineering Reunion Night

3rd of February 2009 is our Electrical Engineering reunion night. tonight, except for final year senior, most f them will attend this fabulous night which located at c park. this reunion night is organize by 2nd year ee seniors.(sorry i cant remeber the restaurant name, anyone can post the name in d comment box?)

that night, we are ordered to wear red shirt which make me feel very frust because i don't have red shirt. Finally i decide to wear my old shirt there with a short pants. haha..when reach the restaurant, 2nd year seniors give everyone a door gift(an angpow, inside wit a handmade bookmark).then i find a sit n wait. we are so hungry that time because we have to wait some others(they seems got lost). during the waiting time, SL seems very unhappy, neither me, because my stomach really really hungry! and there's yee sang on the's exactly like 望梅止渴。haha.. but it wont help, i get even more hungry.

We start our 1st meal "yee Sang" around 9pm or 9.30pm. haha.. i'm d one who get alot yee sang since i grab it fast! wahaha.. so sorry to hui ying who sit beside me because she cant get any yee sang. since i'm so kind, i sure donate for her(wahahaha..). then meal coming 1 by 1. oh ya! our table have 9 ee 1st year girls and a 1st year ee boy(guan yuan). however, our table seems the fastest finish all the food! all greedy girl!! wahaha...

then we have our yum seng section start from 1st year scream, 2nd year scream n finally third year. but 3rd year seems so lame coz they scream not united at all.. lame... wahaha..

after that, our courserep arrange celebrate our course mate, Jin Jian birthday (4feb). then li hong n me start crazy shouting sook lin n rong qing..haha.. really funny..
and so come to the end.

1st year all EE girls (9 girls only)This is our Yee Sang!Yum Seng section. Dai Lou so high! hahaOur table yum cha section.. haha.. that's d only guy in our tableBirthday boy Jin Jian(100% chinese) with his buddy(red shirt)haha.. everbody notice d most right hand side girl(wan ting).she always act cool, but c this time laugh till like that wa.. wakkaa.. get caught!All 1st year Electrical Engineering Juniors(total 37)All 2nd year Electrical Engineering Seniors (total ??)Part of 3rd year Electrical Engineering Seniors (total ??)