Saturday, February 28, 2009

E307 GotONg - RoyOnG

I always hate involving myself in gotong royong activities.however, this time I’ve been force to join in!

That night siew yee come back and then suddenly say 1 gotong royong our room. Tat day actually I was quite busy my home homework , but.. aih no choice lo.. suddenly ppl got heart clean up.

Since jia hui bday n went to ukm edi, cherry went to MATB2 project meeting, so only left we 2 ppl to clean up d room. So, I don’t know by how siew yee suddenly pop up a lot of “weapon” to clean up this room. Since I taller than her, then I clean d fan while she help me change water, then we start rearrange our furniture(actually juz cherry wardrobe). While we clean, we only realize actually our room is soooo messy all d time, and the dust s soooo thick, yet we still never care it. Haha.. u can imagine how lazy is 4 of us! Haha..
our weapon
then we sweep the floor, clean the table, wardrobe, rearrange the items, and clean the floor.. when we clean up, our door open big big because siew yee say 1 air flow in. but so pai seh lo! everyone pass by then show a surprise face to us! haha.. tat cai jin aso!

So, finally we have done within half an hour. then i c in our floor, some room aso start cleaning. lol.. And I faster get back do my homework.. my room is clean now! Hehe.. =.=

p/s: I have to say sorry to certain weapon owner because for some reason. Sorry.
p/s: since recently i sick, news and event in Uni will b posted up late abit.

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