Monday, February 16, 2009

Second CNY celebration

12 February 2009. Today is our CNY celebration(though chap goh mei already pass for few days) in second college. Our Chinese Culture Club(CC) had organize an event in our dewan makan(D.U.). thanks for the co-o for sacrificing their sleeping time to prepare this wonderful celebration.

Since that night I have competition match, I just join this event for half night. When I get there, everyone seems very happy to play a game which I called it 半斤八两。Which mean once the organizer say out the price, we have to use our fake money and combine with others to achieve the exact amount, no more no less. Once I join, holding a big number rm0.50 cause me so difficult to get the amount like rm1.67,rm1.63. so my group get punish for once. Haha..
all sit by group to accumulate the amount
Then they start the very famous dance – chicken dance.though it look stupid, but everyone seems very enjoy it. Haha..

The next game is 情人桥(couple bridge). At first, the mc require us to form a guy and a girl team, but seems many ppl reject, so they form their lesbian and gay team. This game is very difficult to describe, so I not mentioning details. But our da jie(sook Lin) and chek kor get punish to eat mandarin orange. Haha.. and they had become a well known husband and wife. Haha.. really funny man! I form a couple team with Anson, and lucky didn’t get punished. But after I noe the punishment is eat mandarin orange, I terus say”dam it.. I should lose!” haha.. coz tat night I very hungry(haven’t take my dinner since badminton competition). Haha..
these guys juz squatting there and wait for girl to invite them for the couple bridge game.

The famous couple! sook lin and chek kor..haha..
grab my madrin orange! argh!!

After that, there’s a band performance. Quite nice! Really enjoy their performance.. so rock and roll! Haha.. somewhere there, li hong and me start curi curi go behind eat some food(it’s illegal) coz we are too starve. Haha.. once we makan almost full jor, then the event only start makan. All go rebut, and our EE girls again rebut the most makanan!!! Wahaha,, we got so much kari puff and others!
Band performance. Sing alot Jay song.. love it!

The following is gift exchange section. before we attend this event, we are asked to prepare a atleast rm5 gift.We give our gift to the organizer n they will giv us a number, we collect other gift base on the number we receive. And I receive biscuit.

Li Hong wif part of the gift.

The event end wif photo shooting on stage.

One of the MC(li hong) with me.. hehe.. so liang moi le she..our Choi San Ye~ haha..part of the us.

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