Sunday, February 22, 2009

IcE SkaTinG at SunWay PYraMid

7 of us go only..
19 February 2009.
since whole week feel very down, so that day (i think is tuesday), i suggestto go for ice skating at sunway pyramid. i thought they will say no, coz my coursemate usually dun skate or go out 2gather,who noe, li hong keep say ok ok ok.. haha.. make me so happy! because li hong seems like a dai ga jie, when she say ok, i guess many of them will follow.. wahaha.. really 1 thanks li hong for making this trip on! haha..

so after our field theory class on thursday till 3pm, we take taxi to sunway. used rm10 for 4 ppl. then we start walk around to look for bread and then we go skate.
so.. in the whole group, i think only haw wooi and me can skate normally. first i keep ask them to tie their shoes tightly or else u will injured ur leg. then we start get down to the ice rink. most of them seems can stablize themselve except our da jie, sook lin. haha.. poor sook lin, she can even skate a quarter of the ice rink, and i c she already start sweat.. n i keep try my best to hold her to avoid her drop. the rest of them juz learn themselve.. smart looo

then it's time " car wash" then we go take a rest. after half an hour, we start our game again. this time sook lin seems better. atleast she can finish few round of the ice rink. and i can skate freely~~ haha.. i's been a time for me to skate.. really fun! while li hong n yan xian learn to skate, there's are pro guy confront them and offer help to them..(wahaha.. i guess they so pretty till the guys was attracted, so sad no one come n offer help to me :( ).. that guys really pro.. use his own shoes to skate, muz b very often skate. yan hui n her bf haw wooi do their couple skate. haw wooi teach her, while i teach the rest.. really impressing when i c most of them can skate well!(for ur info, all of them 1st time skate only).. really impressing! during skating, most of them aso fall.. haha.. all kena their buttock... haha.. except yan xian, she really geng lo! no even fall b4 though she's 1st time! god.. tat's crazy!

while skating, li hong n sook lin get noe a new boy fren.. haha.. this boy really geng aso.. he aso 1st time skate, but now i think he can skate edi.. that boy i think just about 9 years old.. cute~

actually i wanted to learn some style like back cross or forward cross or single leg skate, but fail to learn it, i guess next time hav 2 train more on it.. hehe..

we played from 4pm till 7.45pm, then they say go back um eat mamak.. i was like "swt.."=.=.. haha.. but lucky for me coz my mum coming to fetch me back, so i decide to go home da bao some nice food eat lo.. (but i think when they go back um, they din eat aso. all diet.. haha)

hmm.. next time i hav 2 dress really pretty and make myself fall so ppl will offer help to me edi.. wahahaha... (jk)
sook lin(middle) very difficult to stable herself to take photo le.. haha..
take our rest n eat something while "car wash" section

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