Wednesday, February 18, 2009

oUr CourSe ReP BirThdaY

13 February 11.50pm, we walk to fifth college to celebrate our course rep birthday which is on 14 feb(valentine's day). fifth college actually quite far from our college, but nvm, cause that night i went out eat with my fren till very full. i guess walk is what i need b4 i drowse off.

on the way to fifth college, we start joking. when we walk, someone find out that the way we walk seems like the guys carrying a girl(coz d girl(wan ting) stand in d center of 2guys and 2 girls) and go married(it's a chinese tradition marriage). haha.. and coincidently, sook lin and i holding a fan and look like a "mei ren po". haha.. and li hong, yan xian, dai lou and shin yuan look like those who play chinese thrumphet and we r going to the groom house. haha.. n we keep crapping there.. really stupid that time.. all gila gila edi..

finally we arrive there,like usual, we go to their mamak stall there and order our drinks while wait for the birthday boy with a birthday cake.then we start joking, talking, chatting, tiub-ing.. haha..

what make me surprise for this birthday celebration is we just get to meet our course rep gf. haha.. then during the celebration, we ask them to kiss... haha.. i thought we just having fun to scream "kiss kiss kiss..." but who know, his gf really kiss him though so many of us here. haha.. cool and impressing(sorry, i may sound abit consevative, coz i'm really a conservative girl).. haha..

after footing all the bill, then we walk back to our college again(around1.30am).
p/s: pai seh.. cant remember what have we done when going back hostel. haha..
p/s: course rep = course representative
The birthday boy is sitting beside me
just simply snap for fun.. hehe.. yanny seems look more fair than me ler.. argh...
this is juz part of the table. cant snap all.. all busy gossiping.. haha..

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