Friday, February 27, 2009

PTB 49- BloOd DonATIoN

Sook Lin donating blood(our hero who save the world!)
PTB49 stand for Perayaan Tuanku Bahiyah 49 (my college 49th birthday). there's a lot of activity and event held during this celebration for a whole week. These event including talent search competition, blood donation, dota competition and so on.

that day 18 feb after class, sook lin n wan ting decide to go for blood donation, so i just follow to look the actual process to donate blood. i didn't donate because i scare the big needle, my mum actually disagree i donate and lastly is because that day evening i have badminton competition match.

1st , they fill in d form, they went to blood test. sook lin pass but wan ting fail because not enough of iron or hemoglobin. then they hav 2 test their blood type, weight themselve. then they sit on d chair n start donate blood.its my 1st time to c a huge amount of blood flow out! make me feel very disgusting and starting feel weak.. haha.. lucky still can fool around there..

have to mention is, sook lin donate 450ml of blood and her blood flow so fast! within 10 minutes than done! haha.. then she grab d chance to eat the free food and take the free gift(a photo and certificate).after donate tat huge amount of blood, she still look strong! impress! coz i remember when in secondary times, most of my fren look extremely weak after donating(like a vampire who thirst of blood).

after tat back to room and sleep n prepare for my badminton match

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