Friday, February 13, 2009


SUKMUM is one of the big sport event in University Malaya which stand for Sukan Mahasiswa University Malaya(if i'm not wrong). It is a competition among the twelve college/hostel in UM. There are many sport com[etition such as swimming, badminton, chess, bowling, tennis, futsal, hand ball, volley ball, basket ball and so on..(really too much till i cant state out all).

for this event, i've take part in chess competition and badminton competition.

for the chess competition, my team won 1st runner up. This team consist of me, shu ting, and a malay girl. lucky for us to get this trophy because we are the 1st year team(other college mostly sent out those senior to compete).

for the badminton competition, currently still in progress for girl category. for guys, congratz to them for getting the 4th places. they are really a tough team! i salute them alot!Jack kor is our girl team coach! he really play well! impressing! too bad i think i had disappoint him
for girl, there's still a match on monday! we have compete with 9th college and 1st college. we lose to 9th and win 1st college. the next oppenent is 4th college. dam scare! coz one of the player is the malaysia matriculation KAKOM 2007 badminton champion. i guess i will be the 1 to compete wif her to sacrifice myself. Hope we can win this! GO GIRLS!SECHOLIAN FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!hehe...
My team(Mei Fong, Wen Qi, me, Jack kor, Shi Ni, Ai Ni)

Guys team

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