Thursday, February 19, 2009

My BadMiNToN CompeTitIon for SUKMUM

supporter and my teammate during final.(photo capture by chek ko)

after a week of struggling, finally we emerge as 4th place in SUKMUM competition.. in this competition, i really gain alot of experiences especially the moment when i play with those state player. i know i have no chance to win them, but i really learn alot skill n tactics from them.

since primary, i rarely play badminton badminton because i was busy with other society during my secondary time. now i have the chance to play again. really happy when i can run around the court(though really tiring as i play single player).

by the way, i really want to take this chance to say THANK YOU to all the supporters. they really good in cheering and "psycho" the opponent.. haha.. really happy when u guys cheer for me when i played. Thanks to all who keep encourage me to play well especially Shi Ni, Chek kor, Janice, etc.. really appreciate their supports!

the final stage is the best game i ever had. i really consume all my energy to fight for the last. though still lose, but i very satisfied when everyone tell me my performance really good..(pai seh.. haha..)!

thanks everyone.. i really happy to have you guys b my teammate!

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