Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear John

Just finish watching the movie "Dear John" after finishing my vector paper

Love this story and really touching all the time(and my tear keep rolling in my eyes)
There's a very sweet couple in there

hmm.. kinda dun like the ending, because quite blur and i don;t understand. no sure whether both of them get 2gather at the end anot.
but, i would said, the girls really made a big mistake
i understand loneliness do really kill us all the time
and when your bf are away
and he didnt appear to be there when u need him
it will be really sad and disappointed

if i were the girls
i would choose to wait
only if
i know he didnt give up on me
why should i turn it bad when i know he still belongs to me?

we should know
when we are distanced
both of us are suffering
so, it's really unfair when you made the choice
because that decision wouldnt make anyone feel better
unless you are the selfish one
because of loneliness and u move on with others?
u really sucks

Monday, April 26, 2010

nonsense from me.. :p

How r u there??
I think u really make me crazy now
Never thought this will happen to me
Whenevr I watch those movie
I thought they r exaggerating
N it make no sense

Until now
I realize
This is real
It really make us irrational
No more logic statement
You drive me crazy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Up And Down

After thursday paper, my next paper will be on Monday and the following is tuesday.
So i decide to stay in hostel to study instead
After 2 days has passed, i found that i really made a wrong decision
i should have go back to home on thursday!
i have no idea how unlucky am i
whenever i decide to stay at hostel, there must be something wrong
most of the is the connection problem.
this time too
worse to worse, i cant online though i went to faculty
i have no idea why my laptop cant connect through, but the laptop beside mine can
d download speed of her connection even reach 800kb/s
saturday was my real real unlucky day!
everything went unsmooth
try to online for the whole morning, press this and that, still cant work out
almost break into tears
then my roommate bought me a chicken rice for lunch,
then feel better,
then went out try to online
yea! able to online,
but i cant login to my flyff game.. i was really mad
and more unfortunate things happened is the drinks accidentally spilled on my clothes and my notes
duh.. unlucky day
then i text my sis told her i 1 2 go home very badly
but she refuse to fetch me as she just back from puchong(i understand its quite tiring if 1 2 go out again)
then she told me sunday morning we can go pavilion eat breakfast then fetch me back
so i quickly rush back home
though in d train i almost suffocated
but everything is worth

when back, quickly on my game and play
then went out dinner at serdang as mum didnt cook
very very delicious meal~ yum yum~
i eat alot because i really very hungry...
when lying on my bed, i feel sooooo extremely happy!!!
comfortable, happiness, exhilaration, cloud nine...
told myself stop thinking exam, i should relax, exam is juz a small matter in my whole life.. cukup makan then ok la.. keke

next day morning, went to Pavilion breakfast.
sis brought us go Palace there eat dim sum
this is the same restaurant with the one we ate at Jaya Palace(in PJ) during CNY LOU SANG
cost rm150+ for 5 of us..
then we go jalan jalan n shop awhile
coincidentally, there's a car art deisgn exhibition
with 4 Lamborghini in it. cooool~ never get so close to see this car!!
wish to continue shop,
but i should back to hostel and study edi
as i really havent touch the notes yet
quite panic n worried :(

and today.. i screw my mechanic paper due to stupidness & laziness

Monday, April 19, 2010

my life=boring

Recently view alot fren's photo in fb and make myself feel that... Why my life is not as colourful like them?? Most of them start working freelance.. From their photo, they can experience so much alot new,outgoing,funny and crazy fren..and u can see they really made alot new friends out there..clubbing, pub, joining explore team, some big events, and so on..

And look where am I now?? Still stuck in d book in my life is so boring..after graduate, I will be busy with my working will be the exact day for me to fool around??

Some frens that receive JPA aids went oversea and enjoy so much there..seeing them explore the new country with new friends,make
me so envy...why my life so boring?

I dun see what I'm doing now will have a better future.what am I doing s everyday study n assignment, for what ?? Somehow I feel like I'm not going to work in engineering field after I graduated, yet I still push myself to study this course. I think I really wasting my time..

I wish I can have a very happening life during my youth time.after wasting five days of study time,I dun feel guilty, I just feel like I'm not concern with my result anymore.

Really wish I have a new life out there...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nicole Kidman - Unusual Way [NINE OST]

In a very unusual way,
one time I needed you.
In a very unusual way,
you were my friend.

Maybe it lasted a day,
maybe it lasten an hour,
but somehow it will never end.

In a very unsual way,
I think I´m in love with you.
In a very unusual way,
I want to cry.

Something inside me goes weak,
something inside me surrenders,
and you´re the reason why,
you´re the reason why.

You don´t know what you do to me,
you don´t have clue.
You can´t tell what it´s like to be me looking at you,
It scares me so that I can hardly speak.

In a very unusual way,
I owe what I am to you.
Tough at times
it appears I won´t stay,
I never go.
Special to me in my life,
since the first day I met your.
How could I ever forget you,
once you had touched my soul?
In a very unusual way,
you´ve made me whole.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Same shoes?

recently notice that my coursemate has broke up wif her gf.
from what i have seen in fb, i guess:
the girl request to broke up
with reason "want to concentrate in study"
or dunno whatever reason
until my coursemate still believe that she and he still have chance
and he's counting day by day for the return of the girl

hmm.. let me recall back my previous dates..
as far as i know,
in this situation, usually there's no way to get back
i believe
if you really love somebody
you wouldnt break up with d others due to any funny or "for ur own good" reason
all those reasons are just let yourself feel better

i so wanted to tell my coursemate to giveup
but i'm not sure whether we r in the same shoes
after a year plus
i only realize that time the break up reason is just a stupid excuse
that i believed so much
he's totally a jerk a liar!
i know, he and me will never be friend anymore

stop thinking.. argh~ study for final dong!

Monday, April 5, 2010


i got my new hairstyle now.. hoho..
everybody is laughing at me.. and looking at me like i'm a freak.
wanna see my new hairstyle?
come n find me lo..
aint going to upload my picture

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Disappointed 21st Birthday Celebration with Family

this weekend, wt, hy and yanny came to my house and stay over9.
After that, my family told me they going to celebrate my birthday at saturday night. at first, dad said treat me eat at a simple restaurant situated in Bangi. Then I was a bit shock and straight away ask him why dont celebrate at hotel. :( his answer is funny. he said because next weekend we whole family going to my cousin wedding dinner. and he will giv big ang pow for them and consider celebrate my birthday too. =.= ..

So, i told them just do steamboat at home then ok lo.. coz i remmeber last time my 17th birthday wes celebrated with steamboat too.. and that's so much fun!!but 2nd sis recommend us to go mahkota cheras eat steamboat.Thought it will be a nice place, who know, the food just not as tasty as the menu. some even not fresh :(.. kinda lost appetite and try to be happy.

then my 2nd bro make me feel piss too.. coz it has been two years he celebrate my birthday without really care. he's like just come and attend my birthday ceremony. no heart at all..this year even worse, didnt get me birthday cake or treat me watch movie or a present!

Secret recipe cake again. didnt feel much more excite and happy than last few years, coz kinda boring with secret recipe cake edi.. after all, feel like it's a cheap cake where i can get it easily. :( that cake was bought by my sis's bf with my favorite flavor, New York Cheese. then my 2nd bro ask why he didnt buy durian cake for me(tat's my very favorite cake after taste it with my 2nd bro at damasara jaya coffee shop, tat durian cake is hand-made by the tau keh). my 2nd bro even giv him d business card and ask him to contact  d boss if 1 2 buy. deep in my heart, i was thinking:" why u r d 1 ask ppl to buy for me? arent u have the responsible to buy for me! wtf bro r u! so sucks!my sis's bf have no responsible to buy cake for me ok! stupid hell!"
in fact, i quite wish to have a cake from the Lavender shop which my sis bought for my mum n nephew birthday cake.

after eating, thinking to sing k or watch movie. then go look for movie. who know all already full. and sing k? rm46++ per person. and there are 10 of us there. so.. takkan we paid rm500+ to sing k mer.. i rather ask them treat me eat la.. end up, all balik aso..

my very sucks 21st birthday celebration with family end up so sucks. make me no mood to celebrate my birthday anymore. maybe i will just simply spend over 7th of april.

By the way i really glad my 2nd sis make d effort to ask my siblings(except my 2nd bro) to buy a necklace from lazo diamond. a very beautiful necklace! and i aso receive my earlier birthday present from my elder sis which is an ipod touch.

feel bad when i compare my previous birthday with this year. really disappointing.
18th: steamboat with family + eye on malaysia with friends
19th: Haagen Daaz Birthday Cake from my 2nd bro
20th: Hotel meal + hotel cake cost about RM1k
21st: boring steamboat