Sunday, April 25, 2010

Up And Down

After thursday paper, my next paper will be on Monday and the following is tuesday.
So i decide to stay in hostel to study instead
After 2 days has passed, i found that i really made a wrong decision
i should have go back to home on thursday!
i have no idea how unlucky am i
whenever i decide to stay at hostel, there must be something wrong
most of the is the connection problem.
this time too
worse to worse, i cant online though i went to faculty
i have no idea why my laptop cant connect through, but the laptop beside mine can
d download speed of her connection even reach 800kb/s
saturday was my real real unlucky day!
everything went unsmooth
try to online for the whole morning, press this and that, still cant work out
almost break into tears
then my roommate bought me a chicken rice for lunch,
then feel better,
then went out try to online
yea! able to online,
but i cant login to my flyff game.. i was really mad
and more unfortunate things happened is the drinks accidentally spilled on my clothes and my notes
duh.. unlucky day
then i text my sis told her i 1 2 go home very badly
but she refuse to fetch me as she just back from puchong(i understand its quite tiring if 1 2 go out again)
then she told me sunday morning we can go pavilion eat breakfast then fetch me back
so i quickly rush back home
though in d train i almost suffocated
but everything is worth

when back, quickly on my game and play
then went out dinner at serdang as mum didnt cook
very very delicious meal~ yum yum~
i eat alot because i really very hungry...
when lying on my bed, i feel sooooo extremely happy!!!
comfortable, happiness, exhilaration, cloud nine...
told myself stop thinking exam, i should relax, exam is juz a small matter in my whole life.. cukup makan then ok la.. keke

next day morning, went to Pavilion breakfast.
sis brought us go Palace there eat dim sum
this is the same restaurant with the one we ate at Jaya Palace(in PJ) during CNY LOU SANG
cost rm150+ for 5 of us..
then we go jalan jalan n shop awhile
coincidentally, there's a car art deisgn exhibition
with 4 Lamborghini in it. cooool~ never get so close to see this car!!
wish to continue shop,
but i should back to hostel and study edi
as i really havent touch the notes yet
quite panic n worried :(

and today.. i screw my mechanic paper due to stupidness & laziness

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