Monday, April 19, 2010

my life=boring

Recently view alot fren's photo in fb and make myself feel that... Why my life is not as colourful like them?? Most of them start working freelance.. From their photo, they can experience so much alot new,outgoing,funny and crazy fren..and u can see they really made alot new friends out there..clubbing, pub, joining explore team, some big events, and so on..

And look where am I now?? Still stuck in d book in my life is so boring..after graduate, I will be busy with my working will be the exact day for me to fool around??

Some frens that receive JPA aids went oversea and enjoy so much there..seeing them explore the new country with new friends,make
me so envy...why my life so boring?

I dun see what I'm doing now will have a better future.what am I doing s everyday study n assignment, for what ?? Somehow I feel like I'm not going to work in engineering field after I graduated, yet I still push myself to study this course. I think I really wasting my time..

I wish I can have a very happening life during my youth time.after wasting five days of study time,I dun feel guilty, I just feel like I'm not concern with my result anymore.

Really wish I have a new life out there...


  1. juz b satisfied with wat u have~u r lots better than d othz~

  2. compare too much only make u suffer
    live ur own life nicely then ok liao lor :)

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