Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Gathering

Yesterday went out yum cha with SC and Bryan.. Both of them are the one who go the australia trip with me. after the trip, i think this is the 1st time we meet togather again.

We yum cha at secret recipe there at 3pm. So i ordered a cake named Pecan Butterscotch.  Never try before, and it's tasty!Then we start chatting.

Really happy we meet again. Because I think after this, we might have no chance to meet 2gather again. This is because SC is going back to Australia while Bryan is waiting the acceptance to do his Master of Fine Art in USA. Which mean, after this year, they might come back in different time already since they have different summer break time.

To me, SC is some people who always there for me when I feel not good. Besides, I got a feel that we are having a same problem in certain things. Bryan always is a good listener. Since he's a millionaire son, I always amazed by his story, because he seems living in a very different world in contrast to me. His world is very extraordinary and syok! And also many the rich story came out from him.

I don't know why I feel abit sad when thinking that we might not have a chance to gather again. It's funny because sc and i actually not very close to Bryan. It just does.

All da best to you two in future.!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day

What so special with my day?
Valentine day usually is a curse day for me. In fact, I don't really love it because most of my relation breakup before this day. lol..
Let's forget about it.. This year my Valentine quite awesome and I love it so much though quite rush for me(I have class from morning till evening).
First, I set that we must wear a couple shirt. I don't really like those shirt that have connection (like the picture connected between the guys shirt and the girls shirt), I quite like my sister couple shirt(superman! don't think it's cheap, it cost rm200+ for two pieces). So, I told Eric that I like to have a couple shirt with my favorite brand, which is Armani Exchange! hahaha...
Our Armani Exchange shirt
Then, we dine in at Delicious. Why this place? Personally I wish to eat dim sum more than other food. But he said it's funny to eat dim sum during Valentine, so does the Japanese food. So, both out! Then we think of western food - steak! hmm.. I don't really like though that could provide better environment. So, suddenly I got a feeling! Craving for cheese!! yea! so I thought of Delicious carbonara! so we dine in there.and Mr. Eric ordered a plate of cod fish. Both of us love cod fish a lot, but I don't eat quite often coz it's too expensive!!

Oh ya, what's my valentine gift? hm.. I told him I hate teddy bear and flower and chocolate. and still, he give me a panda bear from China, and a bouquet of flowers. >.<....... feel like cry out.. why waste money on such unlovely stuff..
My Panda bear and flower
Then, he bought an Baskin cake and we eat it in Putrajaya. Lovely place and so windy under the bridge. Many family or friends picnic there.

Then, back home. Both of us K.O. edi.. too tired.. but lucky it's public holiday for the next day. hehe...

I love these photos

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Show Off sikit la~

just want to share out this picture. why?
Because I'm wearing my favourite shirt and jeans.
My very first Armani Exchange shirt
My Levi's jeans
and My Converse shoes..

*stop showing off jen!!!*