Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mobile Phone

Recently has a strong feeling to change my phone or my ipod touch. That's because whatsapp doesn't allow me to use on my ipoh touch anymore. and Viber doesnt send me notification.

People asking me to use those on my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant but I don't like to cause it lag my phone and my battery die faster. recently this Samsung gone crazy, feel like want to kick it's ass!

Aidui..pik chik! Feel like want to change both ler.. darn!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali Eve Celebration at Ampang Look Up Point

Last year, while Eric is courting me, he brought me to Look Up Point to chan toi kiok. I don't think he has choose the deepavali eve on purpose. Just coincidentally that time was Deepavali eve and we manage to get a real good seat (the top and center seat of Look Up Point). That time, we didn't expect there's firework at 12am. And I was surprise because the whole city are lighten up by these fireworks for more than 20 minutes!

This year, Eric brought me to Look Up Point again. I have my supper while he has his dinner there. I didn't notice what is the Restaurant's name. We just dine-in to our old place and this time, w/o RSVP, we manage to get back our good seat again!

Eric and I on our old seat
So, we wait up till 12am again. This year, from 11.30pm, some people start playing fireworks until 12am. I'm so sleepy though but I wanted to see the view again
Took this picture before 12am (Before KL Tower and KLCC Off light)
Too bad YH and ZS not able to come out, otherwise we can enjoy this view together. After 12am, the city every where also fireworks! Really alot! and some place play those big fireworks. From my view, I can see that firework is very huge and also heard the crack sound ! We notice at the left part, the fireworks really non stop played for 15 minutes. We take a guess that is the Indian street. After 15 minutes, many area become very smoky. They still continue putting all the firework but it not that visible anymore coz become very smoky.

After 12 am Fireworks everywhere
Picture above doesnt show much fireworks cause I capture on 12am and then my battery die. Forgot to charge it up.

After 15 minutes seeing the view, I cannot tahan anymore, so Eric and I back home sleep since tomorrow we need to go Genting. 

I wonder in next year, will we be here again? Hehe..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Silver Lining

Yes! Every cloud has a silver lining!

Thanks. I have my new toys right immediately I posted my previous post.
Thanks. I have my favourite durian to quench my thirst
Thanks. I have someone to share my problem with
Thanks. I have you all to cheer me up

I'm in the awesome state! 

Happy Deepavali and Happy holiday~~

Want A New Toy

Recently really not in good mood. Probably every night not enough sleep.
Wish to get a new toy to cheer up myself but what would it be?

I have run out of idea. I want get a new toy!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Gei Dak Sek 记得食 Dessert at SS2 PJ

Looking back our photo, I found this. I'm so hungry and craving for dim sum or dessert now! This few days has become quite kuat makan!

Few weeks ago, when Eric back from outstation, we went to Gek Dak Sek , a quite famous dessert at SS2. They not only selling for dessert, also sell some mee or fry rice and other. 

It's not our first time dine-in and we always prefer this desert in SS2 rather than Tian Pin Ge Ge cause this Gei Dak Sek always full house and their dessert really worth and nice

Mat Dou Lou (mix everything)
 This Mat dou Lou wont be very sweet, the mixture wont be odd. I won't say very special if compare to others that we have tried. But still it is nice.
Siew Mai with the Special sauce
 This is very very nice Siew Mai with their special sauce. I don't know what sauce is this, but it really nice to eat with siew mai! must try!
Not sure, remember got Xue Yu 雪耳
 Since recently abit heaty, so I choose to drink this hoping that I wont get sick. :P

Japanese Fried Cheong Fun with Wasabi Sauce
 This Japanese fried cheong fun with the wasabi sauce is normal. the wasabi sauce won't be very spicy. The overall of this plate of snack is ok. But if you want to try something new, I recommend this.

Unknow name
 I forgot what is this called. But as far as I remember, i eat this with the siew mai sauce. but if eat alone also taste very nice.
Porridge 皮蛋瘦肉粥
haha.. this porridge is quite famous. They put alot ingredient in it and make it really tasty! RM8.90 for one small bowl if not mistaken.

The whole meal cost us RM40++ That night I happened to be very hungry though I took alot for my dinner.

I think I should instantly jot down all the name so that I wont forget their name. Hahaha..
Oppss.. Hungry now.. T.T

Monday, October 3, 2011

ben's at Pavilion KL

Last few week went to Pavilion. Well, this place has become my common dating place. 
This time we tried this ben's restaurant. It's a western restaurant with nice decoration in it. Most of the time, I can see inside the restaurant full of youngster. 

Inside, I like the wall deco with different type of frame

That's the waiting seats
 Ok, so what do we eat..
I ordered a carbonara spaghetti (my favourite as always). Thought wanted to try how nice it is in here. Turn out it little disappoint me. It's just a normal carbonara. Not much tasty as I thought
Carbonara Spaghetti RM20.90
 However, Eric wanted to try something special there. So he ordered Macaroni & Cheese. If not mistaken, it's a mixture of few different type of cheese. At first I wanted to order this, but decide to try their carbonara.

Ok, this Macaroni & Cheese is really tasty! Both of us love it so much! The cheese taste is yummy! And the vegetable is fresh and tasty!
Macaroni & Cheese RM21.90
I didn't manage to finish my carbonara.Not sure is my problem or the food problem. haha..
My leftover
I have try my best to finish it, but really can't. Felt so sorry about it. Waste food.. >.<

OK. That's the end. I don't think two of us can try out their special menu unless we always visit them. Maybe next time. ^^

Sunday, October 2, 2011

His Be-lated Birthday Gift

Actually I never thought I will DIY something for him, but when I saw my housemate SL make something very nice for her ex-roommate aka bestie, I quite like it. So I decide to make it for him. Though its late, but, I think it's ok. hahaha..

So, that day went to Pavilion and I bought him a wallet at Braun Buffel wallet. I get to know this brand through my friend and some google works. It's an affordable brand with good quality.

Braun Buffel Wallet
After buying it, then we went to Greenbox to sing K. from 9pm-3am. Just two of us.. We sing till no stamina and it's sooooo freaking tired! But I like it cause I can sing or listen song. Don't need to queue.. hahaha..

Then I gave him this surprise. My DIY gift
A Gift box handmade by me

When you open it, that's how it look like. The red light will blink
This gift box is all handmade. I bought the component, solder it all in the circuit board, photoshop the picture, get some free materials and recycle it into this gift box.

Actually I quite hate to do artworks because I have always screw it up though I put lots effort in it. My art talent is soooo low.. >.<
But this one I'm quite satisfied though it's not as perfect as I expected. Took me for like 3 Days to complete these gift. Hope he like it.